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July 2012 Blog Posts (5)

Queer for Capitalism: Queering the Gay Pride Week

Gay rights are human rights and are not special rights. To say that gay rights are special rights means that human rights are special rights, which not one will accept as true. The gay community and gay rights struggle has been co-opted for something more capital friendly and that does not care for rights except the right to exploit for profit. Here is an article containing something of gay rights history since 1969 and how that got lost over the next several years. Now Gay Pride is more…


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Our Private War: It has been going on for More than a Decade

We are on the warpath and here is a detailed account as to why. Today was the breaking point. The account sounds like something out of a movie plot, but every part of it is true!

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Planned Obsolescence and Engineering Failure

We have had a very busy and negative day. Here is a taste of what we now have to endure by the likes of capitalist profiteering.

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The Liberation Social Bible: What almost all Christians don't know and/or won't tell

Here is the link to the pdf of the Liberation Bible Dictionary with references to a lot of social questions that are not addressed by the churches and ministers in existence. Those that dare to use these quotes risk a lot, like excommunication and assassination. This is a work in progress and categories are being added almost daily. This is the current link:…


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Arresting the Banksters and Ending Their Cabal: When and How

Iceland has done it, but so far no action has been taken in the rest of the Capitalist world, especially in the UK and US where corruption continues to be rife and obvious. There are petitions circulating calling for the arrest of the banksters, but this so far appears to be within the context of capitalism and as a result is a futile request and an impossible reform. It could not even be a transitional demand because to effect this, the working class is going to…


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