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Arresting the Banksters and Ending Their Cabal: When and How

Iceland has done it, but so far no action has been taken in the rest of the Capitalist world, especially in the UK and US where corruption continues to be rife and obvious. There are petitions circulating calling for the arrest of the banksters, but this so far appears to be within the context of capitalism and as a result is a futile request and an impossible reform. It could not even be a transitional demand because to effect this, the working class is going to have to do the arresting and not done by any agent of the state. The police will not arrest their own bosses and financiers.

In a world run by corporatists and oligarchs, almost everyone else falls under their employ. On a company planet, there is a hierarchy that descends from the “owner-boss-CEO” at the very top of the societal pyramid down to upper level management, administrators and high level bureaucrats such as the governments, broken into tiers of the national, provincial-state and regional-city level. The boss makes all the rules that everyone else has to obey. The elite boss is immune from the laws, but no one else is if the boss says so. After this comes the assets management system that includes all banks, stock exchanges, insurance corporations, credit bureaus and anything related to finance such as real estate and hard assets like houses, ships, food, water and trains. The next level of management is security that comprises the military, the police, secret services such as the FBI, CIA, CSIS and like organizations and at the lowest level, security guards. There is also the public relations branch that covers all media including public relations and propaganda. Religion plays an important part in misdirecting attention of the masses. Religionists profit handsomely from deceiving the working people when they get to “educate” and instruct them from an early age to believe in a fantasy as real and the real as sinful and illusion.

Can we reasonably expect that the security forces employed at the highest levels will be arresting the banksters simply because the working people who have been massively swindled by them say that they should be arrested? In fact the swindles are still going on in this banksters world level Ponzi scheme. Hundreds of Billions in assets have been swindled through bogus charges as revealed in the case of Barclay's bank in London, England according to BBC News. Yet, no one has been arrested or so much as called up on the carpet to give an account. The same kind of thing has been going on in the US for years since the great real estate sub-prime collapse of 2008 where many homes were foreclosed illegally, in some cases by more than one claimant bank. This was enough to stir Barrack Obama from his usual torpor concerning the bankster cabal to whom he granted bailouts to the tune of trillions. Not one of them have been arrested outside of Iceland.

Why were banksters arrested in Iceland? Iceland had a total economic collapse shortly after the sub-prime crisis reverberated around the world, throwing more than a hundred million out of work and tens of millions into homelessness in the US. Icelanders took a novel solution and decided collectively that they could run their own economy without bosses and banks. They organized at the local level all across the country. They held assemblies to draft and ratify a new constitution. They stopped any payments to their inflated Euro debt. Banks were closed and some bank heads were arrested and thrown into jail for fraud and related charges. Other bankers fled the country in droves. All debts of any kind were forgiven and written off the books as finalized. The economy today is run from the bottom up by the participation of the whole working class without bosses, banksters, police and all the other arrangements the rest of the world still suffers under and lives with. It was the working people of Iceland that arrested what bank heads they could catch and not anyone else.

So, when it comes to arresting the bank heads and smashing the corrupt and swindling bankster cabals' casino economy and their massive Ponzi schemes anywhere else, can we expect their employees like the police and security to do it? There is no chance that this can happen! Merely calling for it and signing petitions will not do it. At best, a petition can serve as a rallying point to organize those of like mind for far more stringent activity in future. The only reasonable expectation that such a thing can occur is when a working class based revolution overthrows the established capitalist order and some employees turn their attention to the bosses instead of the working class to arrest these same bosses on behalf of the working class. Otherwise, it will be the workers organized into local councils who will be doing the arresting, court examinations, prosecutions and jailing of these parasites and no one else. It can only happen if there is a revolution to overthrow the existing capitalist company planet with the chief CEOs at the head. On that day, as in Iceland, all of the offenders that can be caught will be dealt with as harshly as they have dealt in their dealings with everyone else prior to the revolution.

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Comment by William Prest on July 14, 2012 at 1:16am

This just in concerning Iceland and the hunt for banksters involved in fraud going back to 2009.


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