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2014: A Qualitative Shift Toward the Precipice and World Revolution

Wm. F. Raymond once predicted that 2014 would be a year of upheaval and transformation back in the early 1980s to the author; and so it has materialized into just that condition. The prediction arose out of the 1960s, during an earlier uprising against injustice that resulted in the Watt's riots. 2014 has turned out to be a year of tumult, with masses rising up around the world, but lacking real leadership for revolution. The prophecy continues beyond that into…


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The Real Struggle for Gay Rights Continues

The apparent acceptance of gay rights with the support of the LGBT Pride events and Pride Society is not based on anything solid or real. It is actually based on economic exploitation, nothing more and nothing less. This point was driven home recently like a coffin nail, when we learned that a struggling and poor gay person was evicted into the streets. The person's worldly possessions…


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Idle No More; Where to Now?

As the Idle No More is divided on some issues and Stephen Harper suggests that he will look into First Nations concerns, we have to wonder what next;

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Arresting the Banksters and Ending Their Cabal: When and How

Iceland has done it, but so far no action has been taken in the rest of the Capitalist world, especially in the UK and US where corruption continues to be rife and obvious. There are petitions circulating calling for the arrest of the banksters, but this so far appears to be within the context of capitalism and as a result is a futile request and an impossible reform. It could not even be a transitional demand because to effect this, the working class is going to…


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Occupation Drift to Pop Front Class Collaboration Reformism

No Clear Vanguard Leadership Results in Drift toward Unconscious Support of the State


If we are to take the slow build up to Occupy Vancouver as a sign of former events elsewhere, then we can say that there are misleaders in the mix that doom the movement to failure…


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In Answer to Zeitgeist

Technocracy has not been, nor is, nor will be the panacea for the betterment of humanity. Although the concern for the equitable distribution of resources is paramount in the solving of human problems, there remains an encumbrance to the effecting that necessity. That encumbrance is the conservative, hide-bound power elite and their military structures entrenched around the world in…


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Class War

This updated article is now located at;

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Street Cent$'Two Edged Sword issue 24 is out

The latest issue concentrating on political lies and their consequences is found at;

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UK: First it was Immigrants. Now it's the Poor

There is an election fever building in Britain during this time of economic stress brought about first in the US with the Sub-prime crisis of the

fall of 2008 and now it is the shut down of the economy brought to us

by nature in the form of a volcano in Iceland. The British have just

been going through a hysterical anti immigrant phase due to a strong

downturn of the economy. The consensus is…


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The Long Standing Structure of the Ruling Elite and What it Means for Us.

Here is a link for you to check out, provided by one of our members. You need to take a look at this as there is at least in part, a great truth revealed. Check;

We have the knowledge to overcome the enemy of nature and human kind. This is primarily what this group is about and one of the ways to prepare is to know just what is going on and its history. One of our chief enemies is ignorance. Another is… Continue

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Reform and/or Revolution

There is a divide between reformers who support and fight for various single issue causes and revolutionaries who want to change the political order of the entire world including all the singular issues that various reformists support. Real revolutionaries want to replace the capitalist imperialist world order with one that has a planned economy that provides for all in a socialist society. Chief among the reform issues for the last decade has been the environment and global warming due to… Continue

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