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2014: A Qualitative Shift Toward the Precipice and World Revolution

Wm. F. Raymond once predicted that 2014 would be a year of upheaval and transformation back in the early 1980s to the author; and so it has materialized into just that condition. The prediction arose out of the 1960s, during an earlier uprising against injustice that resulted in the Watt's riots. 2014 has turned out to be a year of tumult, with masses rising up around the world, but lacking real leadership for revolution. The prophecy continues beyond that into…


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Nelson Mandela is no More and South Africa is Set to Detonate

Was Nelson Mandela made into a CIA MK-Ultra puppet?

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The Messiah Returns: TROTSKY LIVES!

Max Eastman (1), Trotsky's translator of “The History of the Russian Revolution” and other writing, is quoted as making the statement that Trotsky was the most Christ Like figure in history since Jesus Christ himself 2,000 years ago. Trotsky is also seen as a prophet in the eyes of Issac Duetcher who wrote a series of books on Trotsky titled “Trotsky, The Prophet Armed”, “Trotsky, the Prophet Unarmed” and “Trotsky, the Prophet in Exile”. These form the best…


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How Cuba Wound Up Going Green due to the US Blockade

We recently attended the Che Guevara Conference on the Revolution in Cuba, International socialism of socialism in one country. This three day conference is important insofar as this allows information to get to us over the blockade imposed for the last 52 years. Very little gets in, and real information about the state of Cuba is censored. In one session, we learned more in 30 minutes than in the previous sum of the year prior to the conference.…


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The Reality of the Permanent Revolution

The concept of the permanent revolution has been around for over a century and a half in various forms and in action through history for a lot longer. Briefly, the idea of the permanent revolution holds that whatever is invented or conceived by one person or region can be applied already formed in the minds of others and in other regions without having to go through all the previous steps. Materialistically, we see this when First Nations people got fire arms that…


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Arresting the Banksters and Ending Their Cabal: When and How

Iceland has done it, but so far no action has been taken in the rest of the Capitalist world, especially in the UK and US where corruption continues to be rife and obvious. There are petitions circulating calling for the arrest of the banksters, but this so far appears to be within the context of capitalism and as a result is a futile request and an impossible reform. It could not even be a transitional demand because to effect this, the working class is going to…


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A classic women in revolution scenario in Iceland

Here we can read about the Iceland Heroines who led the charge of the revolution that is being censored by the corporate media and Facebook. It is posted here to keep it alive.

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Iceland workers have set the example that the rest of us should very seriously consider

The link to news from Iceland can be found here. In one of the articles, we learn once more that women are leading the revolution.

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Revolutionary Liberation Gospel is NOT About Aspiring Capitalists in MLM type Schemes!

To all new members,

You may wonder why your posts are being deleted. The reason is simple. This platform is about serious political and economic issues and is not about the latest MLM money making craze. We welcome anyone who wishes to address the serious issues of the day of which there are many. I understand that many people are in difficult economic straights, but the solutions presented here are about the transformation of society via a working class revolution, which we can back…


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Support & Build the Occupations of NY and Dozens of Other Cities

Extend Occupations to Takeovers: Arrest the Oligarchs, Try Them in Peoples' Tribunals


Since September 17th, 2011, people began an occupation of Wall Street that has been building ever since and has extended to…


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All Out Support for the Tunisian Revolution

Since December 18th, 2010, the Tunisian people have been in struggle against their local dictatorship and have successfully accomplished the taking over of the country, ousting the dictator Ben Ali and dissolving the political police. The RCD; former Tunisia ruling party, was also dissolved and it assets liquidated and redistributed to the people. Political prisoners…


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Rising Discontent and Potential Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

Five years ago, people were fed up with the ruling government in post soviet Kyrgyzstan. Since early April 2010, fed up with the

replacement, they have once more hit the streets, seized the media

and overthrown the replacement government because of the failure to

contain rising prices and unemployment. There is now a provisional

government in place, but no clear certainty how long this will…


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Reform and/or Revolution

There is a divide between reformers who support and fight for various single issue causes and revolutionaries who want to change the political order of the entire world including all the singular issues that various reformists support. Real revolutionaries want to replace the capitalist imperialist world order with one that has a planned economy that provides for all in a socialist society. Chief among the reform issues for the last decade has been the environment and global warming due to… Continue

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Theory of Manufactured Deficits

In order to manufacture a deficit, everything must become a controlled substance. This fact has emerged as a result of the invention and use of a universal commodity; money that acts as a surrogate for the desired item that can be traded directly. Today, if one does not have this universal commodity, they cannot trade for a real commodity, unless in the rare circumstance, they can arrange a direct barter. Otherwise, they must hunt for “free commodities” in the wild. This fact of a controlled… Continue

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