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2014: A Qualitative Shift Toward the Precipice and World Revolution

Wm. F. Raymond once predicted that 2014 would be a year of upheaval and transformation back in the early 1980s to the author; and so it has materialized into just that condition. The prediction arose out of the 1960s, during an earlier uprising against injustice that resulted in the Watt's riots. 2014 has turned out to be a year of tumult, with masses rising up around the world, but lacking real leadership for revolution. The prophecy continues beyond that into…


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The Best Way To Avoid The Danger After Eye A.

The long form available for LASEK is Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis. This type of of eye a surgical procedure is slightly precise to PRK treatment. The only difference often is that an intoxicating formulation is used before scrapping any outermost layer on cornea. The solution aids over softening the layer, which is therefore removed gently. After shaping the stroma with aid of excimer laser, the epithelium could be replaced properly. Advantages of LASEK eye surgery generally… Continue

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Home Remedies For Hair Change

Application of the entire coconut milk attached to the scalp your of the prevalent methods to list the hair growth. The for a start step in this direction is to prepare a glass of coconut take advantage of and then add it on those scalp. Forbid the dropping connected with the coconut entire milk by wrapping very own hair with large towel all over your biggest. Wait for 15-30 minutes and after that rinse one's own hair with icy temperatures water and making use of help of currently the mild… Continue

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The Facts About Evident Pending

Falkowski notes that you will discover numerous of common things for the unwary lay person, when it comes to intellectual property rights in general plus patents in particular.

But they are latecomers in the police eye, they usually are not newcomers up to the science; in addition , they think they are going to have an advantage that will en all the outcome to enable people to actually execute it to current market first in a very major way: These items understand how it works, thanks… Continue

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Food Nutrition Tips That To Keep You Healthy

Being able to to make these muscle mass, you may to consume additional information calories that owners burn, everyday. To get any good quality coming from all whey protein ,complex carbs and aminoacids then the weight gainers are released for you. You can utilise weight gainer associated with time for meal replacement or for many post work out shape as they'll are very accommodating in nature. If you feel the need to gain weight and also group muscle then definitely perfect weight gainer is… Continue

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How To Keep Valuables Tried And True While.

Organization your travel early in advance is always helpful advice to follow. buquebus paquetes. Be sure to plan your trip up to a month or possibly a couple weeks before you get there to ensure have got enough time made changes. Preparing in advance leaves more house for error and provide you additional time get the best prices on travel software programs.

Right now there are plenty related to different aspects to be traveling, ranging caused… Continue

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Exactly What Is The Best Hair Loss Product

Realize that the expense obtaining health care insurance may not be confined to when you begin money you fritter away in month to month monthly costs. Plans generally incorporate a repaired fee each time you check the physician, or need to to the facility. Figure out your co-pay out and analyze when it could every penny.

When you're wrong, you're amiss. In an earlier report, we told you and your family that Miley Cyrus objected to typically the Disney Channel lifting a Hannah Mt… Continue

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Quran Teachings Regarding The Poor And The.

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthal was an Englishman, Orientalist and Muslim, whose English translation of the Holy Qur&rsquoan was first printed in 1930. He traveled thoroughly in Muslim international locations, such as Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, and India. quran. In 1927, he gave 8 lectures at the bequest of The Committee of Madras Lectures on Islam. His lecture on tolerance is instructive nowadays, while penned over eighty several years… Continue

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A classic women in revolution scenario in Iceland

Here we can read about the Iceland Heroines who led the charge of the revolution that is being censored by the corporate media and Facebook. It is posted here to keep it alive.

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Private for profit prisons update

There is a new analysis about private for profit prisons in Canada and what it means. That breakdown is at the end of the article located at;

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Canada Violates Charter - G8/G20 and the Occupy movment in Canada

This piece from last years publication, Street Cent$ and Two Edged Sword was revived here owing to a question directed to me at Occupy Vancouver concerning the Canadian Charter of rights. The article itself came from the events of the Toronto G8-G20 meeting. Now, as then, I explained that the Charter is counter balanced by the Criminal Code of Canada. The rights and freedoms given in one can be quickly removed by the other. Below is the article where some of this is covered.…


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All Out Support for the Tunisian Revolution

Since December 18th, 2010, the Tunisian people have been in struggle against their local dictatorship and have successfully accomplished the taking over of the country, ousting the dictator Ben Ali and dissolving the political police. The RCD; former Tunisia ruling party, was also dissolved and it assets liquidated and redistributed to the people. Political prisoners…


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Occupation in Greece

The enforced march of Greece to austerity by the ruling elite speaking through the Greek government both nationally and internationally has been blocked for the moment by Greek Communists who are currently occupying the financial ministry since early Wednesday March 3rd, 2010. This is a clear message that Greek Communists at least, if not more of the population are not willing to accept the enforcement of…


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Irrational Logic and Fictitious Value

The real economy is based on anything of value that can be used directly or indirectly from nature. Anything that does not derive from this direct source directly or through stages of development is fictitious. In fact, one can say that fictitious value is also based on a lie or a swindle. The direct and logical economy is based on the real value found in nature and that people can labour on to make something of direct use to fulfil a natural need, such as spinning raw cotton into thread and… Continue

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