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Gendercide: It's Not What We Are Led to Believe

There was a petition not so long ago asking for support against gendercide. On the surface, it appeared to be a cause that asked for support for the mass murder of girls and women in societies that favored women less than men. But alas, that is not so. This appears to be a mask that pro-lifers have adopted to trick people into the anti-abortion bandwagon. Many good intentioned people have been unwittingly drawn into the camp that they would not have joined had they known what the new buzz word gendercide actually meant. Gendercide is not what it sounds like, but actually references women who take free choice over their bodies and unwanted births such as those triggered by rape, or in situations of poverty where they cannot afford to raise a baby. We support the woman's freedom of choice in all circumstances and in particular for the foregoing reasons.

To the tricky entangling language that attracts well meaning people who do not wish to see selective sex birthing; that every child born should be a wanted child and have support by the mother, family and the state, actually draws them into the pro-life fundevangelist bigoted mindset. That same mindset is against welfare that would support the unwanted child after it is born, leaving it abandoned to a life of poverty. As far as pro lifers are concerned, we ask, if they are so pro-life, why don't they support anti-war as fervently as pro-life. Those who march in anti-abortion rallies, assault, doctors and clinics, are never seen in anti-war and anti-occupation rallies. Indeed, in some circumstances they are actually rather warring. Thus, the foetus they so fervently fight to preserve is abandoned the moment it is born and left the devices of a ravaging state that may be targeting them for drone strikes. And, what of the foetus that turns out to be gay? Would their support last to that conclusion? Base on what we see in France of late, we think not!

Don't be fooled into thinking gendercide is a cause to prevent genocide against girls and women in third world countries; it is not! It is actually a disguise for anti-abortion, pro-life bigots who don't give a damn about the baby once it is in the world and needs support in your own town in the developed world! We demand that women continue to have freedom of choice over their own bodies! We are against any lying attempt to sway peoples minds into believing that gendercide is anything but what it is; a buzzword for pro-life!

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