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The Climate Change rally and march of Sept. 21st, 2014 was held around the world and for the most part was peaceful with no confrontation with the cops, unlike other rallies of the past such as Occupy Wall Street and Casseroles. It was reported that New York saw 310,000 people march. Vancouver's march had a few thousand, which is the largest march since the early period of Occupy Vancouver. Even so, almost everyone else in Vancouver (over 99%) was involved in typical weekend activities such as shopping, going to the beach in our extended, hot summer and watching sports in the pubs. As the rally and march was held on Sunday, when most people are off work, including the government and CEOs of the likes of Kinder Morgan and climate change denying lobbyists, only those on the street and those who watch alternative media get to see the building resistance to the effects of carbon pollution. We all experience it one way or another first hand, but those whose priority is a profitable bottom line, such as in the war industry, do not care one iota about the effects of fossil fuel driven wars to seize fossil fuels for profit. Those who suffer from the effects are primarily poorer nations with the loss of land to sea rise and desertification and the increasingly more frequent and severe weather events globally that do not discriminate by amount of one's bank account. The lobbyists of the CEOs hire the governments we are deceived into voting for, expecting change that will not come through them. We are organized by the same forces into collective popular fronts to vent our energy in marches, rallies and petitions that effect little except to get our names on a terror watch list of the NSA. Meanwhile, business runs as usual with an accelerating increase in carbon in the atmosphere and most of us still buy into it, despite the availability of alternatives if the price we are willing to pay is right. But most of us are too poor to compete with multi-trillionaires who own the corporations, the banks, the lobbyists, the government, the courts and the police, the muscle of their world wide fascist regime. Much of this carbon spewed first into the sewer called the atmosphere, gets into the oceans, acidifying them and making life difficult for shellfish and corals. Some of these are now on the verge of extinction. Once these foundation species die off, the collapse of the entire ecosystem and food chain will follow in rapid succession. The acidic ocean then dissolves the calcium carbonate, adding even more carbon in a vicious feedback loop that accelerates the whole problem. Add to this, the release of methane, also triggered by a warming world. A warming world allows the Russians to now freely roam the Arctic in search of resources, like gas and oil; a thing impossible even a couple of decades ago. This alone stands as proof of a human made warming trend. The new front line for oil and gas is in the Arctic, brought to you by the likes of Exxon and BP (of Gulf oil spill infamy) and our continued consumption of their products!

Clearly something has to change, both on the production and consuming ends. As has been stated before by us, rallies, marches and petitions effect as much change as voting for the same criminal trouble makers over and over and getting the same results when different ones where promised. We should know by now that the whole process is one of distraction, deceit and division. The fact that such tactics are still in use, demonstrates that we have not learned anything in the main. The real solution is an end to the current regimes as they exist around the world. For that, the entire working class of the planet has to seize their destiny and oust the criminals that are ruining the planet. As we have our hands on the levers of industry, we need only take the initiative to take command. Only then will true innovation place carbon consumption into negation.

We have already crossed some serious tipping points, which it now seems unlikely to recover from, even with a total shut down of all coal, oil and gas consumption. We have not yet seriously begun to launch real alternatives. A 5% solution is nothing compared to the fact that in 2013 alone, carbon production into the atmosphere increased over 2%! There are plenty of ways that alternatives can be financed, but it is going to take the might of the working class to force industrial changes that war mongers for profit are unwilling to do. They would rather engage a civil war upon us, than give up a single penny of their massive profits. They would rather spend trillions on war to keep us in our place by getting us to fight one another and force us into the privations of austerity to pay for they crimes they commit. One way or another, we pay to torture others and produce a lot of carbon in the process.

There is yet another threat and that the hired goons and trolls will invoke every practice they know of in order to prevent us from organizing effectively and dumping all the pollution producing parasites off our collective backs. They are everywhere and have effectively destroyed almost every movement that threatened the existing paradigm. They may be employed by the state, the corporation or the police. Their goal is the same; to destroy any threat from inside, unlike the obvious state threat that pressures from the outside via strong arm police and military tactics, which may also be in use. Thus, among our tasks as an oppressed class, we need to be at least aware of this and take counter measures, especially of anyone who attempts to turn the movement against itself by internal conflict of any kind among the bona fide membership. If and when at last, real change is affected that will seriously address our common problems, we will have to decide and deal with these criminals against humanity and nature and every single person who supports them in their endeavours. They will not be quiet simply because they have been defeated in a battle. The old war of classes will still be on until one class exterminates the other and the war is on right now to exterminate the 99%! We need to wake up to the fact that the wars that rage on around the world are actually the class war that has been fought by us, one against the other as orchestrated by the elite for their gain out of our collective spilled blood. We are fighting their battles for them and against ourselves. We need to join in an united front against our common enemy and avoid the trap of the popular front that seeks to gain their unwilling cooperation or the granting of a few reform sops that can be snatched away later. At this time, we, the workers of the world, appear to be on the losing team, but that can turn around in a flashpoint instant. We have barely begun, but the absolute distance we must go! To stop at this point will bring the extinction of all life on earth including those elites who brought us to this worst of all brinks.


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