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"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."


Events unfolding around the world are reminiscent of the 1930's that saw the greatest world depression until the present (2008-09) and the rise of fascist states. The hyperinflation and high unemployment led to the development of Fascism in Italy and Spain and the rise of Nazism and Hitler’s genocidal megalomania in Germany.

Recent news coming out of Europe shows a drift toward a united European fascism and increasing attacks on immigrants and gypsies from Britain though to Eastern Europe. British workers are being courted by "keeping jobs for British people first". In Belfast, Romania 100 gypsies were set on by thugs, their homes and property destroyed. The gypsies fled into the protection of community centers and churches. About 20 families were sheltered in tennis courts while fascists outside made motions like they wanted to cut the throats of the gypsies and some gave the Nazi salute. The attack began the week of June 7th after an anti-racist rally supporting migrant rights triggered days of attacks by local fascists.

Tensions are rising all across Europe as the economy worsens and more migrants pour in seeking work due to worsening conditions in their home countries. The far right is exploiting this in order to drum up anti-immigrant hysteria and violence. The far right parties picked up a lot of seats in the European Parliament in the latest election, just as the Nazis did in Germany in 1933.

In 1933, the world economy was in tatters and Germany fared the worst due to conditions imposed by the Versailles Treaty enacted after WWI. This proved to be fertile political ground for Adolph Hitler who popularized the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany (NSDAP or the Nazis) that was not for workers so much as it was for an elite in power plays in Europe. Minorities all suffered under the Nazi regime that targeted gypsies, Jews, communists, anarchists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gay people, Poles, Slavs, the handicapped and political opposition. The Nazis went on to "liquidate" these populations in a genocidal pogrom, with the tacit agreement of world capitalists and power brokers and the world, starting with Europe was dragged into WWII.

The current situation unfolding in Europe bears a lot of the same earmarks and worse; it is spreading around the whole world. The difference between then and now is that our weaponry and methods of killing are much more terrible and efficient. Hitler could only wish for what we now have today; that is, nuclear weapons, sophisticated bio weapons, beam weapons, lasers, stealth bombing, smart bombs and a lot more. Today, the oven can go to the people instead of dragging people to the ovens.

The failure to learn from history has doomed the world to a nightmare future of world fascism. Every single minority has everything to fear from massive genocidal pogroms. Many will be worked to death as captive slaves were worked to death by Nazis in Peenumunde and Mittlewerk. Many will suffer the torture of medical experiments or just torture "for the fun of it". Others will be harvested as a supply of blood and body parts. Undesirables will be slaughtered en masse. All of this ongoing now and some of this have been going on for decades, such as in Africa.

Eventually it will end and then the next round of terror and misery will begin with greater intensity; that is, unless we the workers of the world bring it to a halt! It’s revolution or continued rounds of misery in the history of the future. Learn, organize, and stop the genocidal oppression. Overturn the oppressors!

Addendum: Avoiding the cycle of mere repetition

The ruling class learns from history and the slaves, peasants, laborers, beggars and criminals learn a censored version riddled with myth that raises the ruler to the state of infallibility and absolute perfection, like a god as defined in myth. The ruler knows and learns the lessons of history and makes sure that these lessons are kept from the ruled, who are doomed as a consequence to repeat errors almost on a generational cycle. The rulers do everything they can to keep from repeating historical errors; they learn from mistakes! The rulers pass on their knowledge to heirs and the "worthy" among them take forward this torch to keep in ruler-ship and the ruled in the dark. In fact; historically, some rulers have elevated themselves to the status of self appointed gods, demanding worship of the ruled on pain of death. The history they learn and the history they give to us are two different accounts of past events that lead to the common present moment of class division. More than at any time in history, the secret history is being revealed and the ruled must learn this time and have an understanding equal to the oppressor. This way the battle field of understanding will be on a more real, materialistic and balanced playing field than ever before.

Historically, those who ruled, whether church, aristocrat, bourgeoisie or tyrant, did not even want the people to have the ability to read or calculate. Famous in this regard is the Catholic Church that conducted masses in Latin and made no Bibles available to the masses. It took the Luther revolution of printing Bibles in the people’s language and the rising bourgeois who learned to read to put an end to the dark ages of ignorance under the Catholic theocracy, where even kings had to bow. The masses were kept ignorant so they could be more easily manipulated. This basic fact is still true in the class war of opposing classes; the exploiter and the exploited.

Another example is the destruction of the First Nations people by "re-educating" the children away from traditional values of their own parents. This created an ignorance of the old ways and total dependency on the exploiters, who as it turned out, were in no way dependable. This separation between generations allowed a reprogramming and the destruction of entire cultures and civilizations for the benefit of the conquering exploiter, who used desperate, equally ignorant settlers to force open the "new territory". Settlers usually formed the front lines in the Indian Wars against the First Nations.

From youth on up, we among the proletariat are raised in patriotism which is the other side of the coin of xenophobia, upon which all wars and divisions are based. Wars of course make huge profits, but they are also tools of pain compliance by example, where the healthiest youth are murdered, injured or driven insane. This leaves the weak and sick to reproduce, weakening the exploited as a class in entirety. It is the furtive side of eugenics on an international scale. Eugenics and racial hygiene were invented to justify genocide, which has been going on virtually since 1492 in the "New World". It really picked up in 1540 and thereafter in the first of the Indian Wars. From there it spread to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and beyond in a world wide program to keep people at war with one another. This divide is artificial and forms the boundary between those who know the truth and those who know falsely by what they are taught. Therefore, herein is presented a series of axioms that can be applied to society to ascertain the truth and formulate what we are to do as a result.

The first axiom of coming to a true understanding therefore has to be; "question everything you have ever been taught and are told" on the popular mass media, in books and from those who "mean you good". Ask those who want to inform you of their truth, about their references and whether or not they are prepared to "open the books" for your penetrating inspection. Seek out the truth and test what you learn and avoid falling into "too good to be true" traps. Faith in the faithless or unfaithful is worse than useless!

The second axiom follows in that "you must assume you are being lied to unless you have direct and concrete proof to the contrary". A corollary to this is, “just because someone says they are telling you the God’s honest truth does not make it so”. The world has gone mad with profiteering at others expense, swindles and scams and you really have to be on your toes. Some accounts suggest that 98 percent of the internet is phony and scam centered. This pervasive problem extends out into society at large, where shoddiness prevails and business openly lies to sell polluting products as green and Earth friendly and things already broken or non-working fresh off the shelf. The record of big companies rapped with fraud charges is extensive. The real value and the added on value are two different things and the latter is usually much steeper in price and usually fictitious.

The third axiom is; "there is a free lunch!" The rulers have been providing one for themselves at your expense for the sum of written history; even to the cost of your health and life. Nature is the biggest free lunch going. Any animal instinctively knows this and lives accordingly. They eat, drink, sleep and procreate at their whim and leisure without any legislation to guide or restrict them. They live in a true freedom after necessity is taken care of, in a natural anarchy. Though alpha males may dominate for access to females, the rest is left alone for all to share. We have been raised in a lie to believe in the opposite, that we have to work almost to death just to cling to a miserable tired existence and to thank the gods for our torment. The alpha person not only expropriates sex partners, bet everything else to boot, leaving the rest virtually nothing. Just two percent of the world’s wealthiest people claim ownership of 98 percent of the world's resources and property including that which animals take for granted as free access.

The fourth axiom is that "the true history of life and the world is written in nature for anyone to learn by observation and from scratch on their own". The real truth cannot be hidden, but we can be alienated (separated) from our natural roots and end up in confusion over everything, especially in civilized existence separated from what is actually real. This is expressed in restlessness and a feeling of groundless emptiness that religious proselytizers fill with their versions of reality, which by and large has degenerated to groundless myth also alienated from nature; a lie attempting to quell the dissatisfaction of the lie of alienated existence.

The fifth axiom is that "nothing is permanent;" not even the current order of society that fights to maintain its eternal existence. In a blind rage of maintaining security of their rule, they ignore the damage they have done to the planet, the exploited and even to their own psyche. Sooner or later, by one cause or another, the paradigm of everything everyone knows will shift, often in great catastrophe. The unprepared will be swept away and those who are ready may just weather the mega-storms. It has happened before and two instances stand out in recorded history of such a thing that crushed mighty civilizations. This of course is not what is taught to us, but is recorded in the geological record that is more truthful than anything written by man. We are only now coming to terms with these mighty shifts of paradigms of the past. It will happen again; guaranteed!

The sixth axiom is that "we can learn from mistakes" and should do so, striving to avoid the shaming and the failure complex others attempt to impose on us. By learning from mistakes we can turn a negative into a positive. We are all different, unique and special and working together can do wonders as evidenced in the contemporary world, even though in an alienated way.

The seventh axiom is that "even your greatest strengths can be turned against you to make you weak and visa versa". Turning a persons strength around to enhance your own position is the essence of martial arts. The intellect of people can actually be used as a detriment to their advancement by holding them back because of reasonable considerations. This can make a person dilly dally when decisive action is required. In this way, strength blocks progress allowing those in power to maintain it or for more spontaneous people to move ahead. So called "beginners luck" works in the opposite way where the weakness in the understanding of or lack of all the facts serves to allow someone to be decisive and win the day seemingly by sheer luck.

The eight axiom is that "there is no proof of anything except of the material world". Everything that can be proven is related to the material, even the invisible forces that guide matter. Matter and energy are interchangeable as now accepted by the scientific mainstream and can be proven independently. Things once mysterious are now commonplace and that which is still mysterious lies in the undiscovered realm awaiting revelation Thinkers like Engels, Hegel and Marx would agree with these findings.

The ninth axiom is that “God is neutral". The statement that “God is love” is a hoax considering the tortures of damnation hereafter according to many systems and within this world order. “God” is all of material nature. With nature as our guide, we can account for everything from the serene to the brutal. Though no single person can understand and grasp the whole, as a whole species we can approach understanding the whole.

The tenth axiom is that “money is not the be all and end all”. Money is merely a trusted universal value and a means of exchange; that is all. Unless it has use value in its own right, such as gold or silver, then it is likely to be virtually worthless on its own, especially if it is paper script issued by banks and governments as promissory notes. Marx stated it best when he defined a range of values and capital in his seminal work “Kapital”. But most have become in thrall to this new god and are obsessed with money, which can be manipulated to furtively steal real value from people. In the natural world, there is no money per se. For most of history people did not use anything like money either.

The eleventh axiom is one that has already been documented and this is the theory of the permanent revolution. In short, if someone makes a discovery, they can pass it on to others who then are not required to go through all the same steps that the discoverer has done to be in an equal position. An example is the supplying of flintlocks and later semi-automatic rifles to the First Nations by the various European competitors who supplied them in the war efforts against one another. Thus the Indians did not have to go through all the procedures needed to make rifles as they were literally handed to them to use by the Europeans. The same applies to learning the lessons of history. If you learn and important lesson, this is something that can be carried forward by others who are instructed in a permanent revolution.

These points, to which others will be added will help you in your liberation; but by all means; verity this independently for yourself!

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