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To all who proclaim to be Christian and those who are self identified as the progressive left

To all who proclaim to be Christian and those who are self identified as the progressive left, here then is my challenge. The mark of the true left progressive and the real Christian is the stand they take on the economic question. That economy is clearly outlined in the Bible for all those who care enough to investigate it for themselves. The concept is simple and twofold. The prophets and Jesus were against usury/interest. Source after source and many passages in both testaments are soundly against usury/interest to further one's own life at the expense of others through loan and debt devices. The Bible also proclaims the economic program called the Jubilee; the year of release and forgiveness of debts. There are two Jubilee cycles detailed in the Bible, particularly in the books of Moses, the Pentateuch, the Torah. These are the seventh year and the 49th, 50th year Jubilee of Jubilees. Among the things expected in a Jubilee were the following conditions for leveling;

  • The forgiveness of debts (as also stated in some versions of the Lord's Prayer)

  • The setting free of all slaves and prisoners

  • Return of land and property to the former holders/owners

  • Leaving all fields fallow for the entire Jubilee year

Nowhere in any existing mainstream Christian denomination, nor in any left organization is there any indication of this economic plan. Thy all have a vested interest in things as they are. Thus this means that almost everyone who identifies themselves as a Christian are in fact apostate on this question and thus unwittingly support the economics of interest gathering of the beast system. The left mimic the right in relying on interest gathering loans and taxation systems. There is almost a total absence of the concept of leveling as described in the Biblical Jubilee system and what some anarchists proclaim.

The first day of the Jubilee year is announced with the blowing of trumpets and then the rites of the Jubilee proceeded thereafter for an entire year.

The forgiveness of debts means the cancelling of the indentured condition that many folks and countries fall into during the course of events and find that they are unable to pay, especially if encumbered with interest/usury. Interest on loans often mushrooms into a non payable trap, rendering the borrower perpetually into an indentured servant or debt slave. The lender on the other hand gets enriched either from the accumulation of money and/or the collection of collateral, including people, for defaults on loan payback. We will not expound on the intricacies of this system here as this has been covered very well in many other sources. The faults of non payable loans, often gathered into trading packages, are laid bare with a general and cascading economic collapse when trust fails. The banking interests like to keep the entire process going and impose austerity upon their clients, aka, indebted loan holders and payers. Nature appears to supply a natural Jubilee that recurs cyclically in response to this endless interest created spiralling debt. This collapse brings misery instead of liberty, which is what a Jubilee is designed to create. There are appointed times when Jubilee is to be carried out and this has been running for thousands of years according to the Jewish calendar. Interestingly, beginning Sept. 23Rd, 2015, a Jubilee year, there were some Jubilee type actions, such as the release of prisoners in the US, and eleven poorest countries got their debts forgiven by China. Otherwise. Jubilee actions are totally absent in what is described as “The acceptable year of the Lord”. Most Christians are unaware of Jubilee and almost all leftists could not care less.

The Jubilee should see the release of all slaves and prisoners, including any who are debt slaves or indentured servants. We would like to think that most people are in prison because they deserve it and have broken some law. But what law have they broken? Is it a human law like possession of a herb, marijuana? Is it due to some economic crime like a bank robbery? Perhaps it is a sentence for stealing food due to hunger and lack of funds. Bear in mind that all things that folks value are now controlled substances, meaning if you lack the cash, you go hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked and shivering in the dark. Laws made bu humanity change and often include things that back popularized prejudice. Or, did they break a law of God? Did they kill someone, steal, lie, interfere with established relationships, dishonour elders, worship false gods and so on? Putting someone in confinement is serious business and much of it is economically based. A prison camp needs attendants, infrastructure and everything else needed to support life. The methodology is often wrong too, based on terror, torture, punishment and depravation instead of attempting to heal. If prisoners are to be released in the Jubilee, then it is mandatory to use the healing method instead of terror. Doubtless to say, there will be some that are beyond healing and redemption. These include mass murderers and serial rapists. These for reasons of community safety may have to be kept imprisoned or closely monitored. As for the alleged stealing of food; do we jail mice and monkeys for taking what they need? A person who needs to steal food is an indictment of the current economy for failing its own citizens that forces them into desperate measures. Theft turns out to be a property rights issue, often enforced by threats and terror. I has been said that “property is theft” and this leads to more theft. The issue is complex and does require study and discussion.

The property issue is also handled by the Jubilee, insofar as that all things return to the former holder. This has huge ramifications. For starters, if the lands of all the Americas were returned to the former holders, this would mean that first nations indigenous people should all receive back all their lands at the sound of trumpet beginning the first Jubilee and every Jubilee thereafter. This one single act far outperforms even the wildest speculations and acts of even the French and Russian revolutions. Nor is it limited to lands, but all valued items that might have been lost through default and foreclosure. Isaiah proclaims in his chapters that people will build houses and inhabit them. They will not labour in vain for someones else's benefit. They will live in peace. The best resolution of all appears to be the idea that no one owns the land, but that the land owns them. This was the attitude of many so called primitives and nomads who did not lay claim to land ownership. It was the advent of agriculture that brought forward the idea of land holding and ownership. The world ha not been at rest ever since.

Modern agri-biz is involved with factory farms, GMOs, massive mono-culture agriculture and the economic bottom line. There is little or no concept of biodiversity, crop rotation and leaving lands fallow to recover from intensive growing. In the Jubilee concept, lands are used for six years with a surplus set aside for the seventh year where no planting at all was to be done. The Jubilee set aside every seventh year and 49th, 50th, years to leave the fields fallow to recover. This has not been done with the result of soil depletion has produced food of increasing inferiority as far as nutrition quality goes. This depletion is slowed ostensibly with the use of fertilizers and chemicals. But it continue and this nutritional lack is passed on to food animals and humans. In addition, the fields are less and less able to produce anything, eventually turning into hard pan and desert. With bio-diversity and a seven year cycle of letting land recover, produces far less serious impact with nutritious food available in perpetuity.

No contemporary politician or Christian has proclaimed and/or backed such a plan in present history! The challenge to them to prove the contrary! This then is the road laid down to failure in the long road as all things converge on a single point where everything fails and collapses.

We invite you to join up with like minded folk in the 144k site, read their manifesto, watch their videos, listen to their radio and TV programs.

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Comment by William Prest on October 23, 2015 at 12:16am
Comment by William Prest on October 23, 2015 at 12:17am

I'd like to direct your attention to a book called "Today, Tomorrow and the Great Beyond" by John S. Fox, first released in 1939. One of the parts deals with the Jubilee economic program in Chapter 13, part 2. Obtain and read the book, particularly the chapter named. On page 367, there is a sub chapter on the release of all debts every seventh year. Thus, Jubilee is a two staged affair, with the seventh consecutive Jubilee on the 49th year, is celebrated over two years.

Comment by William Prest on October 23, 2015 at 12:18am

A point of clarification is required at this time. The seventh year "Jubilee" is actually called the Lord's release and it bears some points in common with the 49th year Jubilee, mainly the forgiveness of debts and returning of lans taht are to remain fallow on the Lord's release. The book, Today, Tomorrow and the Hereafter, details this with clarity, describing in detail, matters of mortgages, loans, etc. done without usury/interest. The 49th year Jubilee is the seventh of seven series. The 50th year is the reset year for a new cycle.


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