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October 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Canada Violates Charter - G8/G20 and the Occupy movment in Canada

This piece from last years publication, Street Cent$ and Two Edged Sword was revived here owing to a question directed to me at Occupy Vancouver concerning the Canadian Charter of rights. The article itself came from the events of the Toronto G8-G20 meeting. Now, as then, I explained that the Charter is counter balanced by the Criminal Code of Canada. The rights and freedoms given in one can be quickly removed by the other. Below is the article where some of this is covered.…


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Occupation: Crushed in the Bud

Meanwhile, the State has a World Occupation of its own: NATO!


From its very roots, the Occupy movement that had its start by revolts in the Middle East in the so called “Arab Spring” and a failed attempt in June 2011 in New York, there have been people working in the…


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Occupation Drift to Pop Front Class Collaboration Reformism

No Clear Vanguard Leadership Results in Drift toward Unconscious Support of the State


If we are to take the slow build up to Occupy Vancouver as a sign of former events elsewhere, then we can say that there are misleaders in the mix that doom the movement to failure…


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Socialism for the Elite; Slavery & Death for the Masses

The elite, the rich, the CEOs of big companies like Private bank CEOs, Wal-Mart, Google, Microsoft, Shell Oil, Exxon, GM et al already live in an international society where they are free to go anywhere and do anything at any time without risk to their safety. They live in an international socialist paradise that provides for all their needs from cradle to grave that is not shared out to the people they exploit in…


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A Open Letter to the Canadian Spartacist Movement

A Personal Historical Analysis & Critique

The following is minus the photographs which appear to be unsupported in this format. These are found in the PDF format.

For a revolutionary political movement that is to be objective, scientific, Marxist and Trotskyist in approach, they have behaved in a bureaucratic and subjective handling of our numerous attempts to join the movement. Is this not akin to Stalinism? Indeed, they appear to demand blind obedience from their… Continue

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THE MILITARIZATION OF LABOUR: The Unionization of Security Guards (an article revived from the vaults of 2006)

Communists, Socialists, Leninists, Trotskyists and other left leaning organizations

and groups on the whole take a dim and negative view of security guards. The Security

Guard and Security professional is lumped in with the police, fascists, theocrats and right

wing extremists as enemies of the working class and the people, to be dealt with in harsh

terms and excluded from left organizations. Though one can certainly find fascist

elements within security organizations,…


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Support & Build the Occupations of NY and Dozens of Other Cities

Extend Occupations to Takeovers: Arrest the Oligarchs, Try Them in Peoples' Tribunals


Since September 17th, 2011, people began an occupation of Wall Street that has been building ever since and has extended to…


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