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Twice in July the state has moved against their "domestic enemies". Iranians were first to be attacked, and beginning on the 25th, the FBI and agents of the anti-terrorist security moved in, rounding up anarchists, occupy leaders and environmentalists, and sequestered them in a grand jury with no access to a lawyer or habeus corpus. Since then, round ups have continued with the seizure of literature, computers, black clothing, masks and other items. We just learned about it from…


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Occupation Drift to Pop Front Class Collaboration Reformism

No Clear Vanguard Leadership Results in Drift toward Unconscious Support of the State


If we are to take the slow build up to Occupy Vancouver as a sign of former events elsewhere, then we can say that there are misleaders in the mix that doom the movement to failure…


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Support & Build the Occupations of NY and Dozens of Other Cities

Extend Occupations to Takeovers: Arrest the Oligarchs, Try Them in Peoples' Tribunals


Since September 17th, 2011, people began an occupation of Wall Street that has been building ever since and has extended to…


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Rising Discontent and Potential Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

Five years ago, people were fed up with the ruling government in post soviet Kyrgyzstan. Since early April 2010, fed up with the

replacement, they have once more hit the streets, seized the media

and overthrown the replacement government because of the failure to

contain rising prices and unemployment. There is now a provisional

government in place, but no clear certainty how long this will…


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Occupation in Greece

The enforced march of Greece to austerity by the ruling elite speaking through the Greek government both nationally and internationally has been blocked for the moment by Greek Communists who are currently occupying the financial ministry since early Wednesday March 3rd, 2010. This is a clear message that Greek Communists at least, if not more of the population are not willing to accept the enforcement of…


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