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Rising Discontent and Potential Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

Five years ago, people were fed up with the ruling government in post soviet Kyrgyzstan. Since early April 2010, fed up with the
replacement, they have once more hit the streets, seized the media
and overthrown the replacement government because of the failure to
contain rising prices and unemployment. There is now a provisional
government in place, but no clear certainty how long this will last.
Currently, the people have the police on the run who are fleeing in
mass cowardice. The US and Russia see Kyrgyzstan as strategic as it
lies north of Afghanistan, Pakistan, west of China and south of
Russia. Iran also happens to be close by to the west. The US has
bases in Kyrgyzstan. Some say that the US is directly involved in
order to destabilize the region due to its being strategic. Though
this scenario is possible as it is going on in Iran, the proletariat
can gain the upper hand if led by an aware vanguard.

Here is an opportunity for the people to establish a proletarian government and begin the process of correcting the economy away from
profit making motives to one that is a planned economy for the
benefit of all. The road ahead is difficult because of logistics, but
the proletariat should be able to carry it off instead of trusting in
unworthy leaders who serve the beck and call of their US and Russian
overlords. The people will have to build under the pressure of
economic embargoes just as Cuba, Haiti, Iran and N. Korea now endure
under US censure. But the road ahead has to be decisive, not just for
Kyrgyzstan, but for the rest of the world proletariat. Kyrgyzstan
people need our moral support right now and this has to be extended
to revolutionary activity in our own regions.

How much more deprivation are we going to accept from the rulers who bail themselves out of trouble with trillions of dollars while they throw
hundreds of millions around the world to the wolves? How much more
shameful ostentation are we going to witness while our own children,
family and friends suffer want in a land bulging and overthrowing
with plenty? How many more of our people are we going to stand by as
we watch them committed to torture and genocide? We need to rally in
support of the proletariat in Kyrgyzstan and start overthrowing
corruption, lies, theft and murder at home, just as the proletariat
is now engaged in within Kyrgyzstan.

In the meantime, we have much to accomplish in our own part of the world to throw off the shackles of Friedman capitalism run by a furtive
group of oligarchs who export torture in order to steal everything.
We have to in essence rid ourselves of self appointed gods.

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