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Twice in July the state has moved against their "domestic enemies". Iranians were first to be attacked, and beginning on the 25th, the FBI and agents of the anti-terrorist security moved in, rounding up anarchists, occupy leaders and environmentalists, and sequestered them in a grand jury with no access to a lawyer or habeus corpus. Since then, round ups have continued with the seizure of literature, computers, black clothing, masks and other items. We just learned about it from poster asking for solidarity and support for the newest POWs of the AmeriKKKan fascist regime. No one that we are aware of, has reported this round up anywhere in these pages. It took the lack of receiving our subscriptions to prompt us to go to a store to see what the cause was and the store was not even open. Posters were put up in the intervening time since the last rain, about two weeks ago explaining what had gone down and what is going on. Since the july 25th start, there has been more raids in the west US and in Canada under the NDAA and the Omnibus bill of Harper. Here is some of the latest;

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