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Since September 17th, 2011, people began an occupation of Wall Street that has been building ever since and has extended to many cities in the US, the UK and in Canada. It started with a few thousand people and has now extended to over 100,000 people in New York alone. It has gained the support of unions such as the New York Transit Union, the IWW, the Teamsters, the Airline Pilots' Union and others. On Saturday October 1st, 2011, 5,000 broke off and surrounded the police headquarters because of the police assault of peaceful demonstrators with pepper spray. Another contingent occupied the Brooklyn Bride bringing traffic to a halt. Police arrested 400 people on that location alone. We have no idea where they are holding them as prisons are already overflowing with all those arrested for marijuana possession. The occupation as of Oct. 1St, 2011 is involved with over 70 cities world wide and shows no signs of slowing down. One extremely positive development has occurred in Tampa Florida insofar as that the army and marines have joined the people in the occupation. This is the baseis of a peoples' militia, essential for class war.


The roots of this protest run deep, all the way back to Sept.-Oct. 2008 when the sub-prime fiasco triggered the current world recession. Out of that, 100 million people lost homes, jobs and dignity. Many wound up homeless and almost 45 million in the US are now reliant on food stamps. However, in Michigan alone, some 1.2 million are not getting enough to eat. So many people have been adversely affected by the plunge to the bottom, that the middle class is being dragged down too. A few times in 2011, the government either threatened to shut down or default. The UK is a quagmire of defaults and the only answer that the rulers have is to tax the poor and enforce draconian austerities. People are beginning to wake up that there is no future for them when the banks and CEOs get bailouts, while they get increased taxes, shrunken income, austerity, homelessness and starvation. These are the roots of the occupation and the upcoming Oct. 15Th, 2011 World Revolution movement. But there is a problem in the way that it is organized.


The movement has no leadership and it is in danger of being co-opted by corrupt bureaucrats such as the Teamster Union leadership. It is formed along the lines of the peace movement and anarchist elements. In addition, good as the occupation is in some applications, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, there is room for improvement and that is where effective proletarian leadership is required. Street occupations only put the people at risk from the armed police state. We need to extend the ideas of the Brooklyn Bridge and Tampa Florida to the rest of the movement all over the world. Further, we need to borrow lessons from France in the summer of 2010, where the workers occupied the means of production such as all the oil refineries and distribution points, bringing France to a halt for over a month. Unfortunately, misleadership directed the people away from occupation and dual power and saved the necks of the French oligarchs. This is one lesson that needs to be learned and applied to the current unfolding world occupation. Billions are relying on some of us getting everyone to do this right this time.


As the proletarian citizens of the world, we need to organize into peoples and workers councils by regions and cities. We need to occupy every single facility where we work or worked in the past. This means all power production, manufacturing, communication, armouries, transport, warehouse, mines, grocery stores, hospitals, banks, office towers and anything else of use has to be occupied with the concept of no one gets in and no one gets out. These are the first and very necessary steps to the frontal challenge of dual power as an act of class war against the oligarchs and all their minions such as the armed police of their state apparatus. This state apparatus has to be smashed and can only be done in the context of control and armed might with a peoples' militia. We must extend the occupations to takeovers. When we have control of the means of production, no matter how they are described, then the oligarch will finally take notice and attempt to negotiate. But as a class, we are not interested in negotiation. We are only interested in their immediate and unconditional surrender so that the peoples' and workers' councils can try them for in tribunals for crimes against humanity and nature that have been conducted in the name of God and democracy for centuries. Forward to the challenge of dual power! One united people for economic democracy. Resources for the needs of the people and not for profit!


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