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Modern smart phones are providing a means to create sudden and unexpected change. One of the most interesting thing about the flash mob is the rapidity in which it can develop, deploy, complete its agenda and then disperse. The flash mob originated by a corporate CEO as an advertizing stunt. Flash mobs then started appearing for things like a street occupying dance, pillow fights, music, art and other expressions. When the internet was shut down in Tunisia, the people learned to use cell phone technology to organize in a hurry and with considerable success in thier own form of a flash mob. From there we jump to the British riots of early August 2011. The same kind of thing occurred and police were stymied to keep up with the flash mob riots breaking out, looting and dispersing before the police even arrived. One area would be hit and than several others in rapid succession. The latest occurred in a 7-11 store where a flash mob descended and looted several hundreds worth of good and dispersed before the police could arrive.


Look around: Everyone's got one and some of them can do anything. It's the now ubiquitous cell phone that has become a permanent fixture in many peoples' lives. They text and tweet, they photograph and make Youtube videos and upload them on the fly, they surf the net, connect with social networks, play video games, download and watch movies and a whole lot more! Many people admit that their high end cell phone can be very addicting, often spending hours doing everything they are capable of. The latest thing, inspired by an advertizing stunt is instant organizing of a whole lot of people for any conceivable activity. The author has read an account of parent flash mobs organizing to rampage downtown, swarm and publicly spank any teenager they encounter. Unfortunately, this has a blow back angle as young people are far more adept at using these tools than most adults. We can see the potential of a flash mob that organizes for a mass theft to one that organizes for a home invasion to target parental flash mobs. This has the earmarks of another all too human response to attack the innocent as well as the guilty. But there is also a plus side as we learned from the Tunisian people. The police and state are now concerned and now have an agenda to correct this problem. Time is thus short.


Flash mob this while the time is open for it. Those of you who know that the state as an oppressive apparatus of the banksters and the corporatist oligarchs with their armed state, organize flash mobs to take over and occupy a factory, a banking or trade center, Retail and warehouse food outlets, water control stations, a mine, an oil refinery, a military installation, all media broadcast centers, a shipping port, an airport, a railway head or station, transit hubs, a factory farm, an agri-business, an office tower, a power facility, a police station and many more facilities. This should be viral and every source of economic function should be occupied and shut down to a standstill completely for an indefinite period, no exception anywhere on the planet. Cross organize to keep essential food and water moving between the world's people who are involved and no where else. Form armed defence brigades to deal with expected state violence. Shut out the bosses, the financiers, the landlords, the military brass, the political mis-representers, the lying and cooperative corporate media and all their hirelings and security forces however they are defined. This is to stand until they come begging for mercy. When they do this after getting the medicine they have dished out to humanity and nature collectively as long as anyone can remember, demand their immediate and unconditional surrender! When they do as we ask if they are not shot first, then they are to attend working peoples' councils to decide their fate based on their proven guilt in crimes against humanity and nature. We already have the records, we merely need to engage in that act that will seize our destiny and snatch victory from the rapacious jaws of the NWO!

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