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Paywalls and Targeted Assassination Dressed as Suicide

Bullying People to Death in the Year of the Devil 2013!

Pay up or get out is the dictum under post modern imperialist capitalism today. Everywhere there is a move to privatization and away from public services that were once free to the tax paying worker (paid out of income taxes), but are now being turned to private corporations that set up payment schemes. This runs across the board and now…


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Occupation: Crushed in the Bud

Meanwhile, the State has a World Occupation of its own: NATO!


From its very roots, the Occupy movement that had its start by revolts in the Middle East in the so called “Arab Spring” and a failed attempt in June 2011 in New York, there have been people working in the…


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Occupation Drift to Pop Front Class Collaboration Reformism

No Clear Vanguard Leadership Results in Drift toward Unconscious Support of the State


If we are to take the slow build up to Occupy Vancouver as a sign of former events elsewhere, then we can say that there are misleaders in the mix that doom the movement to failure…


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Flash Mob: A Scenario

Modern smart phones are providing a means to create sudden and unexpected change. One of the most interesting thing about the flash mob is the rapidity in which it can develop, deploy, complete its agenda and then disperse. The flash mob originated by a corporate CEO as an advertizing stunt. Flash mobs then started appearing for things like a street occupying dance, pillow fights, music, art and other expressions.…


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In Answer to Zeitgeist

Technocracy has not been, nor is, nor will be the panacea for the betterment of humanity. Although the concern for the equitable distribution of resources is paramount in the solving of human problems, there remains an encumbrance to the effecting that necessity. That encumbrance is the conservative, hide-bound power elite and their military structures entrenched around the world in…


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A “New” Security Order: Guardian Angels, Volunteer Scab Paramilitary

Security professionals look out! The Pope wants your jobs and has a volunteer paramilitary force called the Guardian Angels who volunteer to do patrols, safe walks, assisting people and performing basic first aid. They are currently going through a massive expansion with the goal of doubling their manpower by the fall of 2011. They began this expansion in June/July 2011. They are noted by their bright red tunics and…


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Class War

This updated article is now located at;

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