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Meanwhile, the State has a World Occupation of its own: NATO!


From its very roots, the Occupy movement that had its start by revolts in the Middle East in the so called “Arab Spring” and a failed attempt in June 2011 in New York, there have been people working in the background and those on the periphery that are directing the course of the masses getting involved. Appearing as spontaneity, there is actually a leadership of the movement, but that has been blurred and confused as to who it is. They range from fundamentalists, Anonymous, Tea Party politicos, Stalinists, Nazis, the Zeitgeist movement, 9-11 Truth, The Freemasons, the Illuminati, the secret police, FBI, CIA, on line trolls and shills and others. Of all of them, the most curious is the group called Anonymous, a “hacktivist” anarchist organization, who claim, “We are anonymous, we are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget, Expect us!” They are all jockeying to get to the head and bend the movement in an opportunistic direction in a bid to obtain power, obtain a few reforms and benefit from the very people they all claim to be against; that is, the bankers and big corporate heads. There is even the suggestion being fielded that they are going to run candidates for the 2012 election in the US. Occupy Wall St. Is made of middle class, students and unemployed workers who have been disaffected by the economic crash and the late coming supporters. There are some indication that they are forming an alternative political party to the Republicans, Democrats and independents. The people in the actual occupation get to decide on actions, platform and policy via a cumbersome method or reaching consensus though the low tech “human mike” with mike checks where people talk in unison to make points to the floor. This is a slow process and consensus is difficult to reach. As “democracy in action” this is virtually at a kindergarten level of political process and this is where it ends for most. This is brought into clear focus as we learn that the “Arab spring” is more about entrepreneurship than democracy. In other words, the reform is about getting those loans to run for a chance to get rich in business.


It is true that the Occupy Wall Street movement has been manipulated by a lot of conflicting interests since the very day they took to the streets on September 17, 2011. Some among their members are refusing to be identified with any of the various movements attempting to co-opt the people. Since the troubled beginnings on Sept. 17Th, 2011, they have been harassed by the NYPD, lack of media attention and later joined by unions such as the Teamsters, the IWW, the Pilots' union, students, local workers such as cleaners in Wall Street buildings and others. Though they claimed that the Marines and the army were going to join them, only a handful of vets and a couple of retired Marines showed up in New York and San Francisco. The retired marine in New York chased away 30 cops has become something of a hero. A month into the occupation, more than a thousand cities in Canada and the US have sprung occupy movements of their own. There are more in Britain, Canada, Australia and the US, but in the UK like Greece, there are general strikes against austerity going on as well that had their beginnings in early 2010. France in the same year set the example by occupying oil refineries, airports, communications and other crucial facilities until the union leaders got them to back down. For a couple of months, France was in a condition of dual power. But this is missing from the current occupation movements. Instead, we see people en masse exposed to the elements and the brutality of the rioting police who have hit them with everything except bullets. The occupation movement has also cut deals with city politicians, business people and the police elsewhere to buy peaceful protest in legal protest zones. This one fact demonstrates that the path of reform rather than revolution is being taken despite claims of being part of a global revolution.


There is one certainty that has emerged out the chaos of the various views and news that have emerged, first from on site recording and submissions to Youtube and then the corporate media, and that is that there is plenty of disorder and a rudimentary statement of demands. We have seen video of police rioting on the peaceful protestors, particularly when the wonder out of “legitimate” protest zones defined by the state and usually away from the point of action. In New York, this is off Wall Street in a small park renamed “Liberty Park” nearby. In Vancouver, the zone is on the Art Gallery north lot. In Britain it is in front of a cathedral instead of the financial district. Further, the occupations are on the street and not in the venues that are being targeted as the reason for the occupation to begin with. On Wall St. where the stock market continues to gamble in the world wide casino economy, and JP Morgan -Chase, AIG, the Federal Reserve and other big economic concerns continue to do their thieving business unimpeded. At the moment, there is almost no threat to the 1% by the 99% safely tucked away in the protest zone and harassed by the police that are protecting the bankers and big CEOs,


The 99% as they identify themselves in all occupations in every city, are protesting the erosion of civil liberties, the huge loss of jobs, foreclosures, unplayable student loans, lack of new jobs, increasing totalitarianism, imperialist adventurist wars for resources and a lot else. They are also protesting the massive multi=trillion dollar bailouts for banks “Too big to fail” while the people get the street and nothing while both political parties dither. As the state ends welfare as we know it for pensioners and poor under austerity, big banks and corporations need to experience end corporate welfare as we know it. The fact that they are segregated in the protest zones all over the country while the police attempt to move them out over and over again shows the weakness of their tactics. This will not be revealed to the protesters though as they are taken through this merry dance. This is all part of the design to make it look like they are having an effect when really, they are under almost total control.


The New World Order is busy taking over every country that will not comply to the bankers' demand of becoming the only economic control. The use of NATO and alliances of “pro-democratic” military of the US and UK as the police force against so called rogue nations that are totalitarian is also a convenient excuse required to get the backing of the misinformed taxpayer. This amounts to a take down of non banker controlled countries. The non NWO banker controlled countries such as Cuba, N. Korea, Iceland (newly independent after arresting their bankers), Iran, Sudan, Venezuela, Congo (and until recently, fallen Libya). There was briefly eight countries outside of the control of the Rothschild banking empire that has a financial stranglehold on every other country. Now the total stands at seven again with the fall of Libya and the death of Gaddafi. The reason why there is an interest in taking over these countries is to bring them into the fold of one world economy. The Rothschild banking empire will then be total with the takeover of these remaining countries.


We have heard a lot about Libya of late with two sets of information; one being that the regime was totalitarian where people were tortured and had no rights under an absolute dictator for the last 41 years. The other is from Libya itself where Gaddafi, though being the ruler for the last 41 years, provided free electricity, free health care, home for all, free education, zero percent loans and other amenities. Gaddafi was attempting to unite Africa and using the dinar based on a gold standard to extend the Libyan program. But on the pretence of taking down a ruthless regime, The US, UK and NATO invaded to put a stop to this and obtain access to natural resources. This is what the 99%, the global revolution, the organized workers in Greece, France, Spain and Italy are fighting as well as the bankers agenda for the world at large.


What we are allowed to see is either wittingly or unwittingly (to most of the occupiers) just how this whole business is being orchestrated. Considering all the various pieces in this massive puzzle, we have to conclude that this whole business is an organized charade to get a very frustrated population to vent their energy in an exercise of futility. The entire concept of the occupation is wrong as all the bankers and oligarch bosses are safe with the police protecting their interests. The military, as observed by many people, have been making many relocation of their staff and ordinance in the event of some major event. They are being concentrated in the north east and the west where trouble appears to be most likely. During the early part of 2011, we are told from military sources that the armed forces have been put on an 18 hour standby. In addition, the Canadian and US military have been placed under and order by Harper and Obama to go to Canada or the US in an exchange program where they are needed to quell any uprising. About the same time the Occupy Wall St. Started, Obama passed the super congress of 12 representatives and himself to speed up “essential” legislation, bypassing the house of representatives that some see as the US equivalent of the enabling act of Hitler.

The occupation, laudable as the actions of the individual members, has been lead, or is going down the wrong path and the charade has been accepted as having an impact. It is a show and only that. This was most effectively demonstrated when the NYPD lead a part of the protesters onto the Brooklyn bridge and summarily arrest them including the children. There will be trouble down the line, unless the people in all the protest zone occupations wake up and begin the real occupation. This has been hinted at in slogans like “Occupy Everything”. But thus far, except for temporary skirmishes in the Federal Reserve and Citibank that were occupied by SWAT and drove them out, the occupation of Wall St. has continued as it started in a park near Wall St. People have been told to draw their money out of Citibank, but there has been a stop on this by way of arrests of those who attempt this. The real occupation must be, as stated, of everything, all the means of production, transport, communication, administration and armouries. If the occupations are to really effect a global revolution, they have to begin by abandoning the charade of street occupation and occupy everything else. They have to put the bosses on the street instead, but hardly anyone will tell you this, preferring to lead people down the path of legitimate protest in designated protest zones. In the mean time, the state is quietly tightening its noose around them.


The elite and their tool of the state apparatus and armed police state has been prepared for a long time and have learned the lessons of history while keeping the workers and everyone else in the dark and ignorant. That preparation is demonstrated in history with detention camps where the transients, Japanese and others have been detained. They also have a lot of people in their control, such as big union leaders who they can rely on to do the “right thing”. There is much discussion of using FEMA camps for protestors as well as refuge for victims of natural and man made disasters. So far, there is no information about arrested protesters being taken to any of them, but the potential is their. As the oligarch rulers of the world have extended their dominance by either getting people to be debt slaves, or to subject them to the shock doctrine if they are unwilling, the possibility of seeing such action on home turf is quite possible. When countries break away, default on their debt to the IMF and nationalize, then the bankers employ the armed state of a compliant country to supply jackals to take out the political leaders and the Monroe doctrine to extend pain compliance to the whole country. Such a policy was recently practised on Libya for reasons mentioned. The world is sold on the idea that Libya was being liberated for democracy, the typical excuse used for invasions, past, present and future. There are several countries “in waiting” to be democratized. In the cases of N. Korea and Iran, it is the threat of nuclear weapons and the necessity to remove communism and an fundamentalist Islamist regime respectively. Cuba is already in the process of folding and caving in to the demands of the Rothschild banks after over 50 years of sanctions and blockades.


As the banks are in trouble in every major capitalist sector, one way to forestall the inevitable, is to capture new clients in order to cover toxic assets with new loans at interest to new clients to keep the profits rolling in. When the whole world falls into their dominance of the bankers, then growing space will run out and eventually the economic crises will emerge to its full potential.




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