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Paywalls and Targeted Assassination Dressed as Suicide

Bullying People to Death in the Year of the Devil 2013!

Pay up or get out is the dictum under post modern imperialist capitalism today. Everywhere there is a move to privatization and away from public services that were once free to the tax paying worker (paid out of income taxes), but are now being turned to private corporations that set up payment schemes. This runs across the board and now includes intellectual “property” including research papers done centuries ago on which there is no longer any copyright. But privatization means that once free for the reading resources are re-copyrighted, setting up a trap for anyone doing research, writing or seeking to distribute once free material.

We have all seen the banners at the beginning of movies, videos, songs and what have you posted by way of warning by the FBI about copyright infringement that can net serious prison time and/or heavy fines of $250,000 or more. Pirates who ignore that, copy and distribute it anyway, often charging fees for copies. However, until recently, or it may be still in the planning stage, intellectual research papers done as long ago as the time of Newton, are now subject to such laws with the same consequences. This is what in essence what Aaron Swartz faced before being found dead, apparently from his own hand. But that is not free and clear as controversy surrounds his death, especially considering the intense state bullying he endured before his death, threatening the 26 year old Swartz with 35 years in federal prison and four million dollars in fines (1). This was not only an attack on him, but an attack on anyone and everyone seeking access to scholarly information without having to encounter a paywall, which would filter out the majority of students and working people of the world. It is a kind of pay up or be censored and condemned to remain in ignorance. Swartz's releases were not a Wikileaks type of exposure as no state secrets were exposed such as by the jailed Bradly Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange now currently holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

We do know that he downloaded and distributed intellectual material from JSTOR among perhaps other such sites that was free for the downloading from the said sites. JSTOR has not pursued nor pressed charges at any time. To the antithesis, JSTOR posted a letter of condolence upon his death to that effect. This is a purely police state attack mediated and funded by a secret cabal of what can be called racketeers. He and a co-coder developed the RSS internet technology that allows for cross net information sharing from documents, photographs, videos and the like. In a large way, we would not be able to share all the kinds of things we do on social media and e-mail without him and his co-developers and supporters. As a result of this, he allowed greater access to research done by tens of thousands of intellectuals over the centuries and millions of articles. Until the threat of SOPS and PIPA, that many including Arron Swartz and the author have been fighting, there was little contest. But as of two years ago, he came under intense attack due to a move toward privatization and censorship. It was also in 2011 that all kinds of censorship threats emerged that triggered an across the world response in the so called democratic free world. Suddenly, the “democratic” internet was to be policed and controlled as if we were all in China, N. Korea or Iran. Protests emerged and anti SOPA and PIPA signs popped up even in Occupy Wall Street (OWS), that had its leaders in the cross hairs of FBI assassins (2). This recent release shows what the police state is prepared to do to anyone who complains about issues such as the sub-prime economic collapse, homelessness, poverty, imperialist wars and the like. OWS even got listed as a terrorist organization.

As to Aaron Swartz's death, it has been suggested that this was a targeted assassination disguised as a suicide and is as such a noteworthy event as it displays the states intent on anyone who would block the privatization for profit agenda. It means that any one of us can also be “suicided” in a secret and targeted assassination (3, 4). Indeed, Iran and MIT weighed in with Iran stating that Aaron Swartz was a targeted assassination under Obama's new kill legislation and MIT calling for a thorough investigation (5).

What does the foregoing have to do with the rest of us. The answer is simple. The imperialist new world order run by a secret cabal of oligarch criminal elite will tolerate no opposition whatsoever and will liquidate any threats actual or perceived. Aaron Swartz fell under the perceived threat category and was terminated with extreme prejudice. Actual threats such as OWS were in the cross hairs of the FBI and some have disappeared, also likely liquidated with extreme prejudice (6). Any truthers, leftists, protesters against imperialist agenda (21) take note. The class war is hot and the working class must be wakened and wrenched from the hands of their misleaders. What Aaron Swartz, Julian Assange, Bradly Manning and others of like action have done is only a beginning. We must grab the ball and run with it toward a working class revolution to put down the murderers of mankind and the planet. No to the NWO dictatorship! Yes to the dictatorship of the proletariat! Forward to international revolution and a working class world order!








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