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A “New” Security Order: Guardian Angels, Volunteer Scab Paramilitary

Security professionals look out! The Pope wants your jobs and has a volunteer paramilitary force called the Guardian Angels who volunteer to do patrols, safe walks, assisting people and performing basic first aid. They are currently going through a massive expansion with the goal of doubling their manpower by the fall of 2011. They began this expansion in June/July 2011. They are noted by their bright red tunics and berets. As for the rest, they can wear their own pants like blue jeans. On the back of their bright red jackets is the Guardian Angel logo. They do much of the work of security guards that are paid a wage and have to hold a valid security license after taking BST and AST. It is not too well known if they have these provincial requirements. According to one source, they are not all that professional and appear to be green and not knowledgeable. The neophyte description is understandable given the sudden expansion into territories once patrolled by a long term and experienced security organization noted for events and special projects. This same security organization is now shrinking dramatically in lock step with the expansion of the Guardian Angel volunteer paramilitary, Catholic Church sponsored security organization. Another aspect of this development is the possible collaboration between the government and the Catholic Church in a co-operative cost cutting measure and a means to deal a blow against working people in general. Given the seriousness of the economy today, this could be a method to reduce costs under increasing austerity.


The new aspect of the Guardian Angels is not so new. It is curious that they are organized out of the Catholic Church of that name as their central office in the West End of Vancouver at Davie and Broughton Streets. Their patrol covers the West End as of June 2011 and has been in effect in East Vancouver for longer (2007), at least according to their advertizing. As they are expanding and are aiming to double in size by the fall.


We wonder how these volunteers support themselves in the face of no income and how much time they put into the patrols. Everyone has to eat, shelter, drink and sleep and this requires some form of income, usually from work. So if they are working for a paying security company, such volunteerism is counterproductive.


The Workfare concept and why people bought into it


Nobody likes to work and see others idle about with an income that is given without lifting a finger that is similar or in some cases even higher than what they get for hard work. This is what welfare looks like to those who work hard for a living and receive little more than those who collect welfare payments. In fact, this is the prevalent view in the work place that this is the case and that tax money is being used to support the bumming lifestyle off the sweat of the workers' labour. At the same time, there is little critique of the more than 100 times that being spent on military war efforts off-shore. Governments being concerned about these perceptions and fanning them too, have proposed a solution that most people buy into, that is, that welfare recipients should work for their stipend. Never mind that the stipend is designed to pay landlords who then pay the banker's mortgage on their holdings whether high end or slums. Most people on welfare do not have enough to eat as well as pay the rent. Decades ago, this shortfall was answered by the then cited “temporary fix” of the food bank. This food bank is the equivalent of the US food stamp program. None of it addresses the real situation, which is the fact that a shortage of jobs and high competition serves to drive down all wages. This is referred to as the surplus army of the unemployed and their real purpose is to drive down wages through the artificial device of insufficient available work. The situation is augmented with every technological advance that displaces people and multiplies the production efforts of those still employed. But, working people were easily convinced that the welfare recipient should work for their well below legally defined minimum wage stipend. Thus the concept of workfare was adopted and has become by and large the expression of the social safety net with plenty of restrictions. Workers were initially glad that tbese bums were put to work for their welfare income. Those on welfare are now expected to volunteer to “gain valuable job experience” that may never actually lead to a job for the following reasons. These jobs are anything from janitorial work, computer work to security. Thus, an outfit like the Guardian Angels actually displaces security professionals who earn a living and are now joining the ranks of the unemployed. This self feeding cycle is being exercised in a number of areas and bosses are saving and pocketing a bundle.


History of workfare in BC


British Columbia bought into the workfare concept well before many other regions. First, during the 1980's recession, the mass food bank was introduced as a way to feed a mushrooming army of the poor who ended up in the then pervasive safety net of social assistance or welfare. As this temporary fix became the norm, the government then existing decided to roll back welfare payouts and restrict some access. By the late 90's and early 21st century, huge numbers of people were simply disqualified, whether or not they had any other support. This led to a surge of homelessness. Workfare came in gradually, beginning in the 90's through volunteerism. At that time, volunteers could expect an additional $50 bonus for twenty hours of volunteering a month. That translates to $2.50/hour compared to the minimum wage of the same era of $8.00/hour. Since then the $50 bonus has been eliminated, but not the volunteer aspect, which has become mandatory for single employable people and many single mothers where the children are 2 years old of over. For the toddlers, there is no free daycare, so they are left alone while mother works at one of these enforced volunteer jobs the risk of being accused of being criminally negligent of their young children.


Unemployed licensed security “professionals” as a source of volunteers under workfare.


In the current period of world economic upheaval and capitalist anarchy, workers in the millions face the constant threat of being “laid off”, fired, terminated and put out on the street. With the current attitude of the rulers concerning austerity and paying down the debt incurred in large measure on military adventurism in the third world over a resource looting, the social safety net has been virtually eliminated with one exception. That exception is eternally called workfare, where a social assistance recipient has to work for their measly support, One of the big sell jobs prior to the economic meltdown of Sept-Oct 2008-09 was security hired to observe and report on crimes against property and the life and limb of the owners. Thus they at least in some parts of the world, reacquired special training including first aid. These same bosses are feeling the economic pinch as less and less people can afford to buy their ill gotten use values made by the working class. As a result, security forces are being pared back. The governments, those agencies of the CEOs and the Oligarchs, have been drafted into a program to force many social assistance recipients into volunteer scabbing. They end up doing the same work for far less income than they received while being under direct employ of CEO clients.


Many wonder how these people who had trouble making ends meet outside of piling up massive credit card debt while receiving a “full wage” can do the same with about a quarter of the bottom level income on workfare. The answers become increasingly clear when we look at the Obama regimes long term answer for the government plan to liquidate almost 7 million government related jobs in the near future. Missouri recently went bankrupt as of July 1st, 2011 and immediately laid of 20,000 people with far more cuts to come. Obama is far from alone in this as Greece, Britain, France, Canada and many other countries are doing likewise under austerity measures and cuts. The short answer is FEMA camps, which constitute a form of emergency relocation housing set up to deal with a large mass of displaced people who have been impacted by natural and man made disasters. At last count, there are some 800 of these camps strategically located throughout the US. Canada also has such camps that have been used throughout history from the era of the Indian Wars, the “dirty 30's” work camps, internment camps for the Japanese during WWII and now being used to house “illegal aliens” and other undesirables. Among them are people who suffered the effects of Katrina and the BP oil spill. There are of course, “other resources” to house and feed displaced persons. Meanwhile, the bulk of the collective wealth is concentrated on the “war against terrorism”.


Food when available is the most basic and not the most nutritious. Moving food from growing areas to population centers has always been a large impact on the environment and this will not change significantly. Unless part of the work in these centers is farming, food by the trainload will have to be brought in daily.


Brown shirts to red shirts


During the 1920's, 30's and 40's, the Nazi regime had its own security forces known as the brown shirts, the SA and the SS. These were distinguished from the state military and police forces and comprised a private army, police and security of Adolph Hitler and his top echelons. We learned from history as to how brutal the SA and SS were, especially under the Nazi's 12 year tenure of power over Germany and much of Nazi dominated Europe. The vision of Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels was to create a terror state that would rule the world with an iron fist. This model failed when Germany overextended itself, but the chief engineers were emigrated to the western hemisphere under Operation Paperclip via Pope Pius XII's Rat Line. What developed in Germany was to be used in the rest of the world via programs such as the Chicago School of Economics guided by Milton Friedman. It was first projected into South and Central America, then into the Middle East and now it is being implemented post 2008-09 economic crisis in N. America and Europe. For the local region of BC, it is the red shirts that are doing the jobs that the SA originally did for the state prior to their displacement by the SS. The SA began in large as volunteers for the Nazi Party. When the Nazis gained power in 1933, the SA were displaced and replaced with the more professional and loyal SS.


Government “paid” security forces drawn from the lumpen proletariat


There are plenty of ignorant and angry people to draft a force from if you have either the money or the means to do so. Being ignorant of just about everything except what is pumped into their heads by corporate media, violent sports and a superficial understanding of economy, they form a ready cadre from which to draw forces to a specific end. That end is increasingly toward crowd control and the crowd they are to control are the masses dumped into the streets due to a rising tsunami of poverty as capitalism spins down locally for culling profits. The job of these recruits is to initially intimidate the disaffected and to keep them moving and disoriented in a continued state of psychic shock. Some of them come from those recently made unemployed in part due to a sagging influx of cash to pay security and in part due to the existence of a volunteer paramilitary force that has the support of the government and the Catholic Church. Many of these now “volunteered” security forces already had a lumpen mindset before being recruited and have no interest in working toward a revolution for a world wide egalitarian society where a planned economy would serve all of humanity. They are convinced for the most part that communists are terrorists and seek to enslave humanity and that capitalism is the best system there is. To listen to their rants in this direction is to receive the antithesis of an education. They do not realize that they have been gradually and inexorably pushed into slavery by the very system and bosses they so willingly and enthusiastically support. That is how effective the propaganda has been. They have an impeccable knowledge of violent sports, but almost nothing on how the capitalist system really works for the profit of the few at the collective expense and misery of everyone else. They are apt to believe in the story of 9-11 as dictated to them by the corporate media without questioning even in the face of overwhelming public evidence against the testimony. They do not want to lose what they perceive they have to a revolutionary change and cling to the vestiges of a rotting corpse of capitalism in its death agonies.


Ratzinger's role and Papal backing of the Nazis in history


The Papacy has had many controversial popes in its history, beginning with the Borgia popes, the now infamous Pope Pius the 12th, who supported, saluted and helped the Nazis escape and now Pope Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). The last named in the foregoing served in the Hitler Youth and had to follow the orders of the Nazi leaders without dissent, or they would not survive. There are some indications that he was involved with war crimes as a result, related to the holocaust. After the war, he was involved with the Catholics as well as during the war and made his way up the ranks to become the head of the church organization that grew out of the Inquisition, that band of genocidal torturers that have left a screaming blood soaked path of many tens of millions through the extent of their history to nearly the present day. This is his background and this is why he is fore-square behind the current world imperialist adventurism of the US, Britain and Canada in the Middle East battle against the Muslim “hordes of Satan”. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union beginning in Feb. 1989 and culminating in 1992, a year after the start of the revived Crusades against Islam, the war between Christendom and Islam has reignited after a 72 year lapse. The current pope is still a tyrant through and through and is now the most dangerous churchman in history, eclipsing his earlier hero in Pope Pius the XII who served Hitler.


Peenemunde and Mittlewerk as the template for the future


Part of the curse bestowed upon humanity by the Nazis is the template for the new work force. This was set in the rocket experimental and building facilities of Peenemunde and the factory adjoining the rocket facility known as Mittlewerk. For a period of less than half a decade, all the rocket work of Werner Von Braun was conducted in this operation. Slave labour was used to manufacture the V-1 and V-2 rockets that rained terror on Britain. These slaves were drawn from the death damps such as the nearby Dora camp. They would be worked around the clock until they collapsed and died from exhaustion. They were not feed and the cold damp underground bunkers of the operation did them in too. They were not fed nor paid. For inspiration, several co-workers were hung in a public ceremony every day. In one year alone, Von Braun made 300,000 engineering changes in the rocket design. This was all effected by slave labour at the gunpoint of the SS guards. Dissenters or non-productive workers were shot. Often they were left where they were and the cold of the place somewhat preserved the piling corpses. After a period of around four years, the number of dead from daily hangings alone amounted to some 9,000 victims. This does not include the far more slaves who died from being worked to death. Werner Von Braun escaped to the US under operation Paperclip and was the “genius” behind the US space program that placed the US at the eventual head of the space race. His past was buried, but not forgotten, especially from victims who survived his hellish factory. What does this say for the future?


Considering the fact of Braun's background, the involvement of a former Nazi and head of the “Holy Inquisition” now Pope and the collapsing western economy, surplus workers now face the daunting prospect of being worked competitively with slaves in the third and developing world. This means relocation to prison factory camps designed for that purpose, but in the intervening time, they have to be organized and then shipped to their new jobs. There is little doubt that work will consist mainly in agricultural activity as well as making the implements of war and their own destruction. This has occurred before in history repeatedly, one of the most infamous detailed herein. The people who will enforce this will be the police, the national guard, the domestic military forces and the “volunteered” security force that will form the first responder ranks, backed in the rear by the rest. This is where the lumpenized Guardian Angels and forces like this come to play the role in the initial identification and herding or surplus populations to points or embarkation to their new destinations and roles. As in Peenemunde and Mittlewerk, examples will be made to intimidate and “placate” the more docile. A number of scenarios have been proposed, but whatever it is, the protestor, the complainer, the undesirable will be made a public example by way of execution to enforce compliance in more than 800 camps nation wide. These camps identified as the FEMA program, already have residents from natural disasters who have been there for years. They are fortified like prisons and hold people who have committed no crimes other than being victims of natural and economic disasters. There also exists evidence of a mandate to reduce the worlds population due to issues of sustainability. That number of reduction has been set as high as 97% of the world's people slated for termination by an unspecified time. It would seem on the face of the evidence of genocides now being conducted in Africa and the Middle East that this is not an unreasonable suggestion. Given the collapse of the food supply and increasing riots world wide, the elite find themselves under a very real threat. War goes on as usual for the looting of resources and a recent article suggests that the war in Libya is over issues of water and not oil.


This is clearly a time to wake up before it is too late. The world has to be wrested from the hemostatic grasp of the greedy and released to the needs of the people and nature. Sustainability is possible once censored and sequestered technology is liberated, put to use and replaces the unsound but profit oriented old ways. One of the worst polluters of all; war; will be ended with the final death rattle of capitalism. The working and producing people of the whole world must move forward to a planned economy of a collectivized society for the benefit of all. That model is based on ancient traditions and is call Christian Communism. Humanity can make a paradise world, but it cannot be done under the death grip of capitalism that fosters economic anarchy, total exploitation, tyranny, terror, torture, genocide and profiteering at the expense of all else.




How the Proletariat is Being Lumpenized


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Coauthored by W. J. Prest and W. F. Raymond


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