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Street Cent$ - Two Edged Sword Volum 1 Issue 22 is availaable.

Here is the link for the current issue:

Due to the costs of putting this out, we are requesting supportive donations made payable to Paypal via e-mail Indicate Street Cent$ donation. If the donation is $10.00 CDN then you will get a 1 year sub of a PDF e-mailed directly to you. Donations of $50.00 CDN or more will get you a years snail mail sub to Street Cent$. For single issue art covers that include Two Edged Sword covering theoretical issues, poetry, art and a host of other subjects; a $10.00 CDN donation is needed to the same source and indicate art cover version of Street Cent$ - Two Edged Sword. Back issues are available in a variety of formats as well for a $2.00 CDN for Street Cent$ and $10.00 CDN for art covers including Two Edged Sword.

You may want to get a trial issue and you can inquire about this. Bulk issues are also available and you will need to inquire about this too. Finally, we are requesting that you get subs and contribute articles that may be subject to inclusion once peer reviewed and corrected where necessary for spelling and grammar. We take this opportunity to thank you in advance.

By now, you should be aware of the times and the necessity to spread the ideas and organize. For the upcoming period, this is essential! We cannot stress this enough.

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