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Nostradamus Predicts: The Workers' Shall Inherit the Earth (Dictatorship of the Proletariat)

This is the link to an article co-written by W. F. Raymond and myself on the prophecies of Nostradamus concerning the USSR and the important figures of history who shaped the 20th century and have a profound influence on all thinking on the left today.

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Street Cent$ - Two Edged Sword Volum 1 Issue 22 is availaable.

Here is the link for the current issue:

Due to the costs of putting this out, we are requesting supportive donations made payable to Paypal via e-mail Indicate Street Cent$ donation. If the donation is $10.00 CDN then you will get a 1 year sub of a PDF e-mailed… Continue

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This weeks PDF of Two Edged Sword/Street Cent$

new pdf format of Street Cent$/Two Edged Sword available at;

This link does nor appear to work, request a copy by sending an enail and one will be sent.

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21:12:2012: A Crossroad: Barbarism or Communism

A mountain of speculation exists as to the meaning of Dec. 21St, 2012. There are as many ideas seemingly as there are people. Popularly, the date centers on the Mayan calendar that indicates that this date is the end of the current cycle of the long count that extends for 5,125 years that commenced on August 13th, 3114 BC. Many people have taken this date and suggested that it points to the end…


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Quantifying Evil

“The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” Jeremiah 17:3

There are many on the left who would deny that such a thing as ethics exists and that we need concern ourselves with noting else but the struggle for who controls surplus value that is created by the producers of the world in a strict materialist sense alone. They relegate the struggle between good and evil to the realm of myth, superstition and lies. To a great extent, we can understand what has caused… Continue

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Theory of Manufactured Deficits

In order to manufacture a deficit, everything must become a controlled substance. This fact has emerged as a result of the invention and use of a universal commodity; money that acts as a surrogate for the desired item that can be traded directly. Today, if one does not have this universal commodity, they cannot trade for a real commodity, unless in the rare circumstance, they can arrange a direct barter. Otherwise, they must hunt for “free commodities” in the wild. This fact of a controlled… Continue

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