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2014: A Qualitative Shift Toward the Precipice and World Revolution

Wm. F. Raymond once predicted that 2014 would be a year of upheaval and transformation back in the early 1980s to the author; and so it has materialized into just that condition. The prediction arose out of the 1960s, during an earlier uprising against injustice that resulted in the Watt's riots. 2014 has turned out to be a year of tumult, with masses rising up around the world, but lacking real leadership for revolution. The prophecy continues beyond that into 2015 and beyond, with the suggestion that in the years following will decide the fate of humanity, either through global revolution, or the almost total genocide of the worlds poor, peasants and working class. If revolution comes, it will not stabilize until around 2028-30. 2014 began with literally a bang, when a coup orchestrated by the US via Victoria Nuland, toppled the Ukrainian government and installed a fascist regime with promises of joining NATO and financial help to the bankrupt region. So far, those promises have not materialized, but there is military aid being given. Once the coup was established, the cold war between the US and Russia. There followed many other instances that demonstrate that 2014 was the beginning of major changes in the world. These include, but are not restricted to;

  • The emergence of open fascism due to the coup in Ukraine and the split into four autonomous regions; Crimea to Russia, Lugansk and Donansk peoples' republics and fascist Kiev managed by oligarchs

  • War on Russia's doorstep

  • Sanctions imposed on Russia by US-EU that raised austerity and destabilized Europe, collapsed the rouble

  • The crash of oil prices due to OPEC to lows not seen in several years

  • Record high in NYSE

  • The failed vote of Scottish separation and outlawed Catalonia separation referendum in Spain

  • Detroit goes bankrupt and is not bailed out, though GM is by several times the debt of Detroit, pensions not paid and seniors go destitute, water shut off to those who can't pay, demonstrations get the water back on

  • The shooting down of MH17 blamed on Russia, but carried out by the Ukraine fascists

  • The latest war between Israel and Palestine with horrible atrocities committed by Israel including making 40% of the Gaza inhabitants homeless and the use of white phosphorous against civilians

  • The public announcement of the birth of ISIS/ISIL, a split off of Al Queada and rapid expansion to create a so called “Islamic caliphate” over large parts of Iraq and Syria

  • The emergence of the $15/hour minimum wage movement with major strikes, sit-downs and marches, two states pass $15/hour wage.

  • The climate change protest marches around the world protesting the ruination of the earth

  • Canadian (Harper) government fires most government scientists working on environmental projects and consigns decades of research to the flames – scientists demonstrate on parliament hill

  • Anti-Keystone-XL, Kinder Morgan pipeline rallies and the blockade on Burnaby Mnt

  • The economic joining of Russia and China with alignments to India and Iran

  • The revelation of a comprehensive torture program conducted world wide by the CIA involving millions of victims in a horrible and gruesome program, Obama admits “We tortured some folk”

  • The public exposure of the NSA mining everyone's data, cell calls, computer use and that nothing has been done about it despite the exposures of Edward Snowden

  • Google, Facebook Cell phones and home computers used to spy on users

  • Fracking banned in NY state due to protest pressure

  • The emergence of the worst ebola epidemic in NW Africa that has the GMO markings of the US bio-war dept

  • Burkino Faso people, 2 million strong, overthrow their corrupt government

  • The long ongoing secret war in the Central African Republic reveals that over 10 million have been killed

  • The emergence of an anti-police brutality movement triggered by the police killing of Micheal Brown in Ferguson MO and the cop Darin Wilson was exonerated by a grand jury

  • The revelation of the militarization of the police and an endless stream of brutality and extortion

  • The two second judgement and killing of a 12 year old boy with a toy gun in a playground by the NYPD

  • The strangling death of Eric Garner by the NYPD that fuels anti-police brutality months long demos, some looting and occupations of the DC grand mall

  • Obama's proclamation of “American Exceptionalism”

  • America is exposed and regarded by outside nations as the chief terrorist in the world and the population is uniformed in the US

  • The announcement of the emergence of autonomous drones and that they have been used domestically for years

  • The collapse of humanitarian aid due to a $65 million shortfall to the 22 million internally displaced persons in Syria and more than 200,000 mainly civilians killed while Assad still rules

  • The refurbishing of nuclear weapons by the US and Russia; US positions nukes in Poland, Latvia and some say, the Ukraine

  • The so called “peoples'” democratic demonstration in Hong Kong, managed by US moles and oligarchs, while live war games are conducted by the US navy off China's south coast

  • British oligarchs destroy the social safety net impacting on the poor, seniors and handicapped, followed by the news that people are starving to death in the nation

  • Cuban five are exchanged for a US prisoner of war and Obama announces “normalization of relations with Cuba”, which covers the new assault on Russia and sinister designs on Cuba

  • A covert program ($30 billion) for regime change in Russia becomes public knowledge

  • Fascists in Kiev cancel many social programs and pensions resulting in millions starving

  • Open corruption in all arenas becomes obvious as does the militarized police state

Humanity stands at a pivotal moment, where we fall off the precipice into chaos, or remake a world that is egalitarian and economic democracy prevails. Though there are people who would qualify to lead a mass movement of the working class into a new world for all of the producers and nature, they have so far, failed to acknowledge the potential of the mass movements across the breadth of expression against injustice and greed. Thus the various movements in action everywhere are without effective leadership and many have been routed, such as occupy, now a shell of its former self. The current movements after this such as the “Black lives matter” movement, anti-auterity movements, anti-pipeline/tar sands movements, anti-war and anti-occupations are currently still in struggle. Also, the current attraction of some to ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) betrays the lack of effective struggle back at home under the yoke of imperialist capitalism that favours the elite and ignores the rest, exposes the lack of effective leadership at home. With an effective and knowledgeable leadership, some of these currently rudderless mass movements could be directed into more effective regime change at home to rid the world of corruption, lies, brutality and economic hijinks.

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Comment by William Prest on December 30, 2014 at 9:20pm

Here is another two occurrences of 2014 that was overlooked in the article.

The Sochi Olympics becomes a focus as a result of the nearby Ukraine civil war and fascist coup and a move against gay rights

Passing of the death penalty against gay people in Uganda as pressured and sponsored by a US evangelical group

Comment by William Prest on January 26, 2015 at 10:37pm

Early 2015 sees a dramatic shift in Greek politics with the rise of an anti-austerity , left wing party; Syriza. This will see plenty if reverberations in Europe with other locations following the lead of Greece. Another prophetic fulfillment of W. Raymond.


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