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Greece and the Emerging Left: Syriza and What Must Be Done

After the economic meltdown that began from the sub-prime crisis of 2007-09, the rest of the world economy went into a depression with huge implications for the working class and poor. The “solution” imposed by the IMF was austerity for the masses in order for various countries to gain loans and bailouts for banks and corporations. Over the years, austerity tightened deeper and deep until youth unemployment reached a staggering 60%. This gave rise to Syriza and other left and right wing movements. The Golden Dawn (neo-Nazi) movement made early gains, but that has now been supplanted by a left leaning party in the recent Jan. 26Th, 2015 elections that placed Syriza in power. Already, the new government plans to;

  • Create 300,000 new jobs and raise wages by 10%

  • Restore collective bargaining rights to unions

  • Abolish the property tax ns stop banks from foreclosing on homes

  • Reverse bank Bailouts

  • Close tax havens abused by corporations and the wealthy

  • Refuse to back sanctions and Russia bashing with EU

What Syriza needs to do is to nationalize the banks and all resources and take the course of Iceland that set the proper tone in the very year the crash unfolded. where bankers were hunted down, arrested and jailed for fraud. Other countries, primarily in the Latin American quarter, have already severed ties with the IMF, US hegemony and have nationalized resources and banks. This is particularly true in Venezuela and Bolivia. Further, the impossible to pay IMF loans should be suspended. Forgiveness of debts should be paramount and the people bailed out instead of the greedy banksters. Failure to do this will mean that they will have to capitulate to the wishes of the European Union in the many points of dispute. This will further anger the disenfranchised of Greece and drive them to either move to the right or have a full blown revolution where the working class takes over the ruler-ship of the country.

The immediate watershed of the left move in Greece is a reemergence of like movements in Spain, Italy, Scotland and Ireland. All of these regions have also suffered under the austerity that was engaged after the crash of 2008. In Scotland and Spain, movements organized to separate into autonomous regions. All of this has the EU parliament and authorities worried and already there is a hue and cry against the proposals of the new Greek government. This is clearly a situation to watch and to see how this unfolds in the days to come. As it is now, The pop front against Russia is now broken and this can serve to slow down or stop the US and EU wishes for a hot war against Russia, which is now being prepared, especially with recent events of sanctions and political exclusions. The reigniting of the civil war in Ukraine, also blamed on Russia, the move to war is accelerating. The recent change in Greece has broken the unity in the EU and Germany is furious.

The Syriza party must stand firm in its declarations and act on them as well as nationalize all banks, resources and production. Further, thus must be managed from the bottom up with the will of the working class and unemployed youth who have been particularly hard hit by the austerity that was designed to enrich the oligarchs and bankers at their expense. They might acquire help from and unite with the BRICS nations that stand as a counter to the US, EU, Israel, NATO bloc. This would create a thorn in the underbelly of the EU and encourage other nations like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Scotland to move in a similar direction, away from IMF, US hegemony.

Ultimately, an international working class revolution is required to end the threat to the world the US capitalism represents.

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Comment by William Prest on February 22, 2015 at 9:30pm

Banks have not been nationalized and deals are being cut with the Troika! The masses have been faked out! Break with Syriza and forward with a grass roots revolution.

Comment by William Prest on February 23, 2015 at 9:28pm

When the masses finally wake up to the real situation, they will turn against Syriza and move toward Golden Dawn. We are at extreme risk of repeating the worsat of history.


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