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2014: A Qualitative Shift Toward the Precipice and World Revolution

Wm. F. Raymond once predicted that 2014 would be a year of upheaval and transformation back in the early 1980s to the author; and so it has materialized into just that condition. The prediction arose out of the 1960s, during an earlier uprising against injustice that resulted in the Watt's riots. 2014 has turned out to be a year of tumult, with masses rising up around the world, but lacking real leadership for revolution. The prophecy continues beyond that into…


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Revolutionary Liberation Gospel is NOT About Aspiring Capitalists in MLM type Schemes!

To all new members,

You may wonder why your posts are being deleted. The reason is simple. This platform is about serious political and economic issues and is not about the latest MLM money making craze. We welcome anyone who wishes to address the serious issues of the day of which there are many. I understand that many people are in difficult economic straights, but the solutions presented here are about the transformation of society via a working class revolution, which we can back…


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Science and Mysticism

True science always seeks answers to the natural phenomena that we find around us. Further, the answers and hypotheses thus discovered must be able to stand up to rigorous and independent testing to become fact and established theory. These facts and theories can then serve as a guide for further enlightenment. Science must be unbiased and objective. Unfortunately, with economy at the base of everything, science can be prejudiced by subjective, interest oriented factors. We have even witnessed… Continue

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Reform and/or Revolution

There is a divide between reformers who support and fight for various single issue causes and revolutionaries who want to change the political order of the entire world including all the singular issues that various reformists support. Real revolutionaries want to replace the capitalist imperialist world order with one that has a planned economy that provides for all in a socialist society. Chief among the reform issues for the last decade has been the environment and global warming due to… Continue

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