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Revolutionary Liberation Gospel is NOT About Aspiring Capitalists in MLM type Schemes!

To all new members,

You may wonder why your posts are being deleted. The reason is simple. This platform is about serious political and economic issues and is not about the latest MLM money making craze. We welcome anyone who wishes to address the serious issues of the day of which there are many. I understand that many people are in difficult economic straights, but the solutions presented here are about the transformation of society via a working class revolution, which we can back up from the pages of the Bible. It is not about exploiting the misery of others for presumed economic gain via Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Ponzi schemes. The leading economists, banksters and capitalist corporations are already doing a "fine job" in running the casino economy which has put most of us in dire straights. I suggest that you research and post relevant material as any sales promotions will continue to be deleted. Let's work together to promote the well being of all without resorting to MLM get rich quick scams and without relying on anything beyond what nature has graciously provided. It can be said that cannabis, a natural product of hemp can address many ills instead of relying on chemical substitutes provided by big pharmaceutical industries that form the second most profitable industry on the planet that relies on the maintenance of illness rather than a once and for all cure.

That being stated, can we please address real issues instead of attempting to cash in on a dying regime and the misery of the oppressed?

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Comment by William Prest on April 6, 2012 at 10:47am

Some of us have lost sight as to the purpose of this group. In the coming days, the draft of the purpose of this site will be posted consisting of a preamble, the rules of the group and hopefully, a better understanding of the goals and purpose of the group. For starters, this group stands on longstanding traditions of equity and freedom for the real producers and workers on the planet. It is not about profiting at the expense of others. This and other issues will be developed in a draft program of the group.


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