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Bankers vs the Producers of the world

Bankers are in competition for your money, which is something of a misnomer as the script in circulation is made up by them by "pulling value out of thin air". The real values are what the working people and their support network produce. We require a worker centered economy and value exchange system independent of the banks and their competitors, the credit unions. The credit unions are tied into the big private banks, so choosing them is just removing ones self a mere step further from the…


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Support & Build the Occupations of NY and Dozens of Other Cities

Extend Occupations to Takeovers: Arrest the Oligarchs, Try Them in Peoples' Tribunals


Since September 17th, 2011, people began an occupation of Wall Street that has been building ever since and has extended to…


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Flash Mob: A Scenario

Modern smart phones are providing a means to create sudden and unexpected change. One of the most interesting thing about the flash mob is the rapidity in which it can develop, deploy, complete its agenda and then disperse. The flash mob originated by a corporate CEO as an advertizing stunt. Flash mobs then started appearing for things like a street occupying dance, pillow fights, music, art and other expressions.…


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