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The Renegade Left

A Mass Move to Confusion and Loss of the Real Marxist Vision

The lessons of history have either been forgotten or by and large ignored. From leftists in Germany taking a turn to support Zionist Israel against the Muslim world and leftists supporting bourgeois reforms and parties to groups secreted away on campuses that do not become involved in worker and student uprisings in the form of…


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All self professed Christians need to consider this!

Here is a post from a controversy swirling in Tennessee. The Christian left appears to be growing. Bear in mind that humane changes must be founded on material needs and in line with secular issues of great importance. Mere pie in the sky by and by is not enough and a lie.…


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Twice in July the state has moved against their "domestic enemies". Iranians were first to be attacked, and beginning on the 25th, the FBI and agents of the anti-terrorist security moved in, rounding up anarchists, occupy leaders and environmentalists, and sequestered them in a grand jury with no access to a lawyer or habeus corpus. Since then, round ups have continued with the seizure of literature, computers, black clothing, masks and other items. We just learned about it from…


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Issue resolved, latest iss is available

You can find an html version of vol 1 iss 19 at;

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This weeks PDF of Two Edged Sword/Street Cent$

new pdf format of Street Cent$/Two Edged Sword available at;

This link does nor appear to work, request a copy by sending an enail and one will be sent.

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Issues of Street Cent$ avialable

For those who are interested, issues of Street Cent$ are available as are subs. The upcoming issue deals with the summit in Toronto

back PDF issues available on request.

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