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A Mass Move to Confusion and Loss of the Real Marxist Vision

The lessons of history have either been forgotten or by and large ignored. From leftists in Germany taking a turn to support Zionist Israel against the Muslim world and leftists supporting bourgeois reforms and parties to groups secreted away on campuses that do not become involved in worker and student uprisings in the form of revolts in entire countries, occupy, casseroles, Idle No More and international movements against corporate giants like the military industrial complex and Monsanto, they are absent. Where many do show up is in “safe” demonstrations approved by the state and police and not in those where police and demonstrators are matched one to one; where arrests are made, demonstrators tortured or disappeared. Since 2010-2011, this has been the noticeable trend on the left. Where the right is highly organized, the left appears to have left the scene, leaving behind the leftovers in their wake.

It is remarkable at the same time, that a long established organization has taken to flooding the streets to observe and recruit the mass of workers and students present. That organization is the Jehovah's Witnesses who who are shamming the renegade left that has appeared to have engaged in duck and cover strategy while the whole world is teetering between moving toward total revolution or descending into chaos or to world fascism with the help of capitalist imperialism and organized religion. The Jehovah's Witnesses are in no way shape or form, any kind of vanguard to a workers' revolution. They have their own corporatist agenda. There has been a tremendous failure of leadership on the left as the masses grope their way to a new world in a bid to get rid of imperialists, corruption in high places and detours wrangled by shills, corporate and government plants and misleaders. Whole new organizations have sprung up to create a morass of confusion. The vision of Marx has been lost over the last century from the emergence of Stalin to the Crypto left that behaves more like bourgeois nationalistic right wingers. This has caused a mass move away from the left due to disenchantment as a result of continued betrayals of the likes of Stalinist communists, Social democrats, The New Democratic Party and like that repeatedly betray both their expressed ideals and the working class whom they claim to represent. In the end, they appear little different from the mainline capitalist parties and wind up being the custodians for the elite once in power. The minor parties and organizations are also at fault, hiding away in campuses and removed from real working class struggles. They often are highly critical of each other and some actually raid other parties meetings to disrupt them. This one fact alone is totally counterproductive. Though the tone of their papers is often excellent, this belies the real situation with their relationship to all of those they claim to be fighting for, They are noticeably absent during the really hot struggles and wild cat and general strikes where the masses are in combat with the police state. They show on state and police approved rallies that are orchestrated to frustrate activism. The minorities they claim to support see very little real support beyond the printed word of their chief organs and propaganda. Unless you are prepared to sit down and shut up, it is almost impossible to formerly join them within their organizations. Thus, support can only exist on the fringes. As an activist who has touched on all of this, it can be stated that this is what experience has revealed.

Trotsky once stated “Ultraleftism is concealed reaction.” What we have today are Stalinists calling themselves something else and behaving in an ultra left fashion, excluding potentially good co-activists from their inner circles and thus they remain small, ineffectual and almost unknown in the main. It is almost as if they who loudly beat the drums for revolution from capitalism to socialism are deliberately sabotaging the revolution by staying out of real class struggles like the attempts by Occupy and Casseroles along with movements like the Arab Spring, allowing them to be captured by misleaders and organized religious groups like the Islamist and the more “down to earth” fascists like the Golden Dawn. By doing this, they are reactionary and wittingly or unwittingly, serve the capitalist master of the world. Instead if leading the working class to revolution to socialism, their neglect allows capitalism to maintain and strengthen its world hegemony. The world is moving to one world corporation making the earth a company planet where the boss/owner/CEO decides all matters including life and death in a massive eugenics program. It also allows for the opposition on the right to gain strength. This has gone on for decade after decade. Instead of growing, as would be expected in a turbulent period of global economic malaise, endless wars and proxy wars against terror, mass starvation and super exploitation, they are in fact shrinking.

Marxism has lost its luster in the eyes of the working class due to a history of misleadership and betrayals. Variously, they seek answers by groping in the intellectual darkness themselves or through some other messianic figure. Many turn to religion, which itself has a long and sordid history of its own.

The real Marxist vision was a vision of hope for a just, free, democratic and equitable world borrowed from a long line of free thinkers and truth seekers all the way back to the Egyptian dynasties and Biblical times. Yesterday's and today's liberation theologists draw their inspiration from the Bible and from genuine Marxism. Marx himself borrowed all the ten points of communism of 1848 from Adam Weishaupt, who founded the original Illuminati in 1776. No doubt Adam Weishaupt had his sources from even earlier free thinkers such as in the early Freemasons. This is the continuity through history. But today's Marxists have separated themselves from the mainstream and make it difficult for the average person from the working class to join. They in essence have become a type of secret society like the Illuminati and Freemasons that have become an anathema because they lost their first love. Turning away from the real inspirations such as from Daniel De Leon and Leon Trotsky, they became Stalinist in thinking and action, with the mask of tolerance, free thinking and democratic norms. The Renegade left has betrayed the working class, hoping that they might become the cherished commissar that will be the dictatorship over the proletariat instead of building the dictatorship of the proletariat. Here we see a recapitulation by type of the declaration of independence of the US where two constitutions developed; one for the individual peoples of the US and the other of the corporate individual of the state and capital managed by bankers in a company country for profit. The renegade left for many has turned toward the concept of being custodians for the world corporation rather than for the working class, whom they desire to rule. Stalin has been and continues to be the ruin of the left, all too many have fallen into line. One notable example today stands out and that is the allegiance of the German left to Zionist Israel that is owned in the major part by the Rothschild banking family, the proven enemy of the working class and humanity. The class struggle exists only in leaderless masses protesting government, banker and corporate austerity and corruption around the world, hoping to effect change through a representational democracy, which repeatedly fails in this context. How is it that the left can align with the Rothschilds? Indeed; the grand vision has been lost, leaving the rudderless working class in confusion to find their own way through the morass of misleaders, shills and trolls that always work to derail any mass movement counter to the agenda of the elite. Bank profiteering has nothing in common with the working class struggle except to oppose it, and a revolution lead by a real vanguard is required to overturn this corrupt and super exploitative regime.

That vanguard exists in name only. The vanguard must be part of the activism wherever it erupts into historical development. The vanguard needs to align with cause driven movements often critiqued by them and educate a cadre to form the spearhead of a revolution already in the world streets. The masses are in motion, but the vanguard and left is noticeably absent. A new vanguard is emerging, but they are tiny to the point of a few individuals. A Vanguard is needed to ride the tsunami of working class revolution and direct it to the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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