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Posting to RLG, Some requirements and Why are my posts being deleted?

A large number of posts have been put forward to be approved of late and not many are getting past peer review. There are several reasons for this. 1. Some are overly promotional in nature and boarder on being spam. 2. Some articles are desultory in nature, meaning that they either do not follow what the title indicates they are about, or that they ramble in content almost to the point ob being gibberish. 3. Some do not relate in any way to this site, such as promos for insurance, gaming or gambling. 4. There is a need to review your articles before posting for grammar and poor sentence structure. We are attempting to have high quality content here that deals with real issues and not just space filling.

RLG is a site that addresses real social issues of which there is plenty to comment on either locally or internationally. This site also deals with the history of class struggle from ancient times to now and the lineage of that struggle in all the forms it takes. We sincerely encourage everyone to work to creating content that is in accord with the thrust of this site, which is about class struggle. There are no shortage of issues out there and I'm sure you can come up with some newsworthy posts and analysis. We also welcome your own videos of local events such as protests and rallies for various causes. We also welcome art that is of this character. If you do this, then you might even find some commentary on an approved article, either from myself or someone else.

Do attempt to create content that is oriented to the objectives of this site. 1. Comment on local issues concerning injustice, corporatism, confrontations and the like. Videos are welcome. 2. search out and comment on issues and reference your pieces as much as possible. 3. Relate issues to those occurrences of like type in history or from the Bible and other scriptural writing with cited references.

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