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The Messiah Returns: TROTSKY LIVES!

Max Eastman (1), Trotsky's translator of “The History of the Russian Revolution” and other writing, is quoted as making the statement that Trotsky was the most Christ Like figure in history since Jesus Christ himself 2,000 years ago. Trotsky is also seen as a prophet in the eyes of Issac Duetcher who wrote a series of books on Trotsky titled “Trotsky, The Prophet Armed”, “Trotsky, the Prophet Unarmed” and “Trotsky, the Prophet in Exile”. These form the best…


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The World of CIA Intrigue has Revealed an International Cabal of Crimes Against Humanity via Extraordinary Rendition.

Follow the international trail to secret black sites where torture is conducted like any other business with some unexpected bed partners.

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Theory of Manufactured Deficits

In order to manufacture a deficit, everything must become a controlled substance. This fact has emerged as a result of the invention and use of a universal commodity; money that acts as a surrogate for the desired item that can be traded directly. Today, if one does not have this universal commodity, they cannot trade for a real commodity, unless in the rare circumstance, they can arrange a direct barter. Otherwise, they must hunt for “free commodities” in the wild. This fact of a controlled… Continue

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