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Max Eastman (1), Trotsky's translator of “The History of the Russian Revolution” and other writing, is quoted as making the statement that Trotsky was the most Christ Like figure in history since Jesus Christ himself 2,000 years ago. Trotsky is also seen as a prophet in the eyes of Issac Duetcher who wrote a series of books on Trotsky titled “Trotsky, The Prophet Armed”, “Trotsky, the Prophet Unarmed” and “Trotsky, the Prophet in Exile”. These form the best biography of Trotsky thus far, even though written half a century ago in the late 1940s. A messiah according to the definition of the Meriam Webster Dictionary is, “1a: the expected king and deliverer of the Jews; b: Jesus Christ; or 2: a professed or accepted leader of some hope or cause (2). Trotsky falls easily into the latter definition as he espoused, supported, led along with V. I. Lenin, and defended the Russian Revolution of November 1917 (NC) and acted as the military leader of the Red Army in the new proletarian (working class) state. Trotsky himself had an interesting life. There are suggestions that this highly learned man was at one time interested in the Freemasons, was involved in the 1905 failed uprising in Russia, was a Menshevik before joining with Lenin in the Bolsheviks that solidified the Russian Revolution in 1917 by giving the new state solid leadership. Trotsky went on to become head of the Red Army that successfully put down the White Army that attempted to reinstate the Czarist regime just toppled. Trotsky along with Lenin, founded International Communism and Trotsky later founded the Fourth International.

Trotsky was thought by Lenin to be the most suitable leader of the Soviet Union to succeed Lenin himself, who was nearing death due to an earlier injury. History did not turn out that way as Stalin quietly worked in the background to usurp the leadership after Lenin's death. Ultimately, Stalin, like Judas of old, would take the state for himself, murdered the entire Comminturn and assassinate Trotsky half a world away after having expelled him from the Soviet Union. Stalin went on to broker deals with the western powers of Capitalism and with Adolph Hitler. The ultimate dismantling of the Soviet Union has to be placed on the shoulders of Stalin as in 1989 through 1992, the Soviet Union was broken apart and sold off to the Oligarchs and Russian Mafia.

Trotsky and Lenin had the concept that the revolution could not stop just in revolutionary Russia, but must spread out to the entire working class world wide from nation to nation until all nations were working class states where the business of the world was conducted from the bottom up like in the original Soviets. In other words, the revolution had to be international. The Bourgeois states and powers of the world, such as Germany, Britain and the US saw the threat and did everything to quell local revolutions, offering substitutes and countering them with fascism (Corporate state powers). Stalin ultimately cut deals with the capitalist imperialists. But programs to empower the working class emerged in the US anyway, specifically with the Milwaukee Strike of 1935 lead by Troskyists that succeeded in getting the union movement started and granting basic rights to organize unions, set working times, wages, health and safety conditions that did not exist prior. That gain came with struggle and loss of life. However, the revolution and the working class state was deformed because it did not succeed in turning the entire world, and all nations into one international working class based and run system, where the promise of the meek inheriting the earth was fulfilled. The process is still unfolding and only three small regions exist as a deformed workers' state in Cuba, N. Korea and Iran (subverted into an Islamist dictatorship). These three are not dominated by the World Bank system as founded in the ideas of the Rothschild financial empire.

Trotsky himself was an atheist, which would seem to disqualify him as the messiah in some peoples minds, but consider the definition of the dictionary (2). A spiritual person is not necessarily a believer in an anthropomorphic god as was Buddha who was not a believer. The Bible itself states that no man can know God's face (3,4,5), which seems to be preaching agnosticism. As far as we are concerned, agnosticism is the philosophical tenet we subscribe to. The Bible when examined closely, carries a message for the liberation of humanity from tyrants and oppressors who terrorize, torture, steal and kept in abject ignorance and poverty, humanity around the world ,while using them like pack animals to extract the resources thereof, ruining the planet in the process. Moreover, it declares that there are false leaders who will appear like the real thing, but their actions will expose them. The Bible states that a liberator will come to lead the way out of bondage to these self proclaimed gods of the world. For our day, that liberator was Leon Trotsky who is now seeing a revival.

A turn was made just a short week ago (form May 25th, 2013) when a member of the Canadian bourgeois parliament hurled the epithet “Troskyite” to his opposition. The Canadian state is in turmoil, caught up in a web of scandals centering on Prime Minister Harper, that threatens a change of political leadership. Newt Gingrich is also on the record of using Leon Trotsky's name. There are new references all over the internet about Trotsky, who has been somewhat buried until the recent resurrection of his name and ideas. Trotsky is undergoing a recent revival in the political sphere. It is our desire that the ideas carried into the modern international politic become universal and that a world wide workers' state is set up where, as expressed from ancient times, “The meek shall inherit the earth (6,7)”. Only then can we work together to end war and establish plenty for all with an end to the disease of world poverty. It cannot be done under the current imperialist regime of usury (interest) based finance driving the capitalist world war and terrorist regime for profit while the economic bubbles created by their Ponzi schemes threaten to end civilization as we know it.




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Comment by William Prest on May 28, 2013 at 11:50pm

There is a correction for the foregoing insofar as the strike happened in 1934, which was followed by the New Deal. Following is an excerpt about the incident.

"The Battle of Deputies Run took place during the Trotskyist led Minneapolis Teamsters strike of 1934. The strike escalated to a general strike and was victorious. Before 1934, the working class of the United States was getting pulverized, in part due to the ineffective tactics of the union bureaucracy. It was a situation very similar to today. In 1934 this all changed with three major strikes led by reds. These were the Minneapolis Teamsters strike, led by the Trotskyists of the Communist League of America, the San Francisco Longshoreman's strike, led by the Communist Party, and the Toledo Auto Lite strike, led by the left socialists of the Workers Party (which later joined the Trotskyists).

These three strikes were the beginning of a labor upsurge that greatly improved the lives of the working class of the United States through collective bargaining. It also forced the ruling class to begin giving us the New Deal in 1935 which included a minimum wage, an end to most child labor, Social Security, and jobs programs. While this was only a beginning to what we deserve, they were still victories, and those victories were won through militant industrial actions.

As the working class of the United States gets beaten down further and further, and even Social Security is being moved to the chopping block, the lessons of 1934 are still relevant to today. To learn those lessons, I strongly encourage people to read "Teamster Rebellion" by Farrell Dobbs and "The Big Strike", by Mike Quin. 

Forward to New 1934 Style Working Class Rebellions!"

Comment by William Prest on May 28, 2013 at 11:51pm

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