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The Real Struggle for Gay Rights Continues

The apparent acceptance of gay rights with the support of the LGBT Pride events and Pride Society is not based on anything solid or real. It is actually based on economic exploitation, nothing more and nothing less. This point was driven home recently like a coffin nail, when we learned that a struggling and poor gay person was evicted into the streets. The person's worldly possessions…


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Queer for Capitalism: Queering the Gay Pride Week

Gay rights are human rights and are not special rights. To say that gay rights are special rights means that human rights are special rights, which not one will accept as true. The gay community and gay rights struggle has been co-opted for something more capital friendly and that does not care for rights except the right to exploit for profit. Here is an article containing something of gay rights history since 1969 and how that got lost over the next several years. Now Gay Pride is more…


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Anti-fascist Rally Against Racist Provocation in Vancouver

The racists did not show at the time and place that they had indicated for a rally on March 21st, 2010 in New Westminster that was to be the jump-off point for an intercity march to downtown Vancouver. An unverified rumour that surfaced at a gathering of 150 to 200 people who stand up for ethnic and minority rights did show up as a counter demo. The rumour indicated that the fascists showed up and an alternate assembly point to begin their march. Meanwhile the group of… Continue

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The Unspoken Contemporary American Genocide

It began as a counter to the gay rights movement that rang out in June of 1969 at Stonewall, New York. This opening shot in the contemporary gay rights movement had its resistance and opposition that intensified in mid 1981 with the emergence of AIDS. In the early days of AIDS, it was called the gay disease. The fundamentalist Christian right seized this moment to declare this as a punishment form God and that no…


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