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The Unspoken Contemporary American Genocide

It began as a counter to the gay rights movement that rang out in June of 1969 at Stonewall, New York. This opening shot in the contemporary gay rights movement had its resistance and opposition that intensified in mid 1981 with the emergence of AIDS. In the early days of AIDS, it was called the gay disease. The fundamentalist Christian right seized this moment to declare this as a punishment form God and that no research should be funded to find a treatment, a cure or a vaccine. Thus research was delayed for over a decade and AIDS became entrenched around the world affecting poor nations like Africa, where mostly heterosexuals are affected and in the gay community of the US Canada and Europe. Perhaps the most negatively impacted by the AIDS crisis is the black community as they form only 21 million people in the US, forming in effect only 16.7 percent of the whole population. African Americans therefore have a double impact against them. Being 1/6th of the population, a statistic of AIDS occurrence that is higher than that among the white population is testament to a double edged genocide against them. In all, there are around a million deaths due to AIDS in America alone, which is comparable to battle-field casualties in war and more than the Rwandan genocide. The figures from around the world are even far greater and some countries have collapsed due to the plague of AIDS. The statistics below breaks down by ethnicity how many people have died from AODS. It does not tell us how many are currently infected who are still alive.

Stats to 2007 from 1981 USA Alone

Native Indians 3,492

Asian 7,511

Black-African American 426,003

Hispanic 169,138

Hawaiian and Islands 721

Caucasian 404,465


In the beginning, most deaths from AIDS were of gay people. To this date about half of all AIDS related deaths are of gay males. Thus it earned the title of being a gay disease; of lifestylism; a curse from God. But AIDS was and is an opportunistic retro-virus and does not discriminate as to who it infects. The AIDS profile has expanded to include sex workers of all expressions, heterosexuals, injection drug users and haemophiliacs. Even now, many AIDS patients are gay oriented. The fact that research was delayed until the late 1980's, early 1990's tells us that a virulent hatred of gay people exists. Many innocent non-gay people suffered and died as a result. It would not be remiss to identify this as an American home made genocide, one that is not mentioned in any text in history. This home made American genocide has now expanded to engulf the planet and affects mainly the poor of all ethnicity and sexual orientations. So far some 25 million people have died from it in the world. Africa “boasts” 14 million AIDS orphans. 35 millions around the world are currently living with AIDS. So far, we are alone in making this accusation and the reasons for this are in the statistics, in how the disease was dealt with in history and an anti-gay attitude that prevails and is legislated in power to this very day and apparently for the foreseeable future. Those who are responsible for this horror against humanity who did nothing in a period that called for action must be held accountable for their inaction and hate mongering that now surpasses the Nazi atrocities in extent. This domestic genocide is a crime against humanity. The Nazis deliberately killed only 12 million by comparison, which included several hundred thousand gay people. The American genocide, we are told by way of implication, is the one that is “blessed by God”.

The foregoing does not to mention the possibility that AIDS is a manufactured crisis from another direction, the direction of biological warfare. This was detailed in Dr. Horowitz's book “AIDS, Ebola and Emerging Viruses”. Given that there are delays in starting research based on anti-gay Christian bias carried out by the power of the state is damning enough. Many of us know that church and state have formed an alliance to rule as a single entity under the direction of a shadow government of bankers and CEOs. If it is also true that this is a biological war as well, that includes the nation of Africa then we have a major international genocide that is not mentioned in the media or any other books outside of Dr. Horowitz's work. Nobody mentions that the US is currently involved in domestic genocide. Then again, most history texts fail to mention that the Americas are founded on genocide; the spilled oceans of blood and crushed the bones of the First Nations from 1492 to the present.

In a Puritanical Christian atmosphere that makes up the US power's body politic, the deliberate and calculated murder of about 470,000 gay people and 420,000 African Americans should be enough to drive these two minorities into a united front against their common oppressor. But the black community is in denial about gay people in their midst and wants nothing to do with a pariah identified by Neo-cons as enemies of God, “the people” and as demos; a target worthy of bashing, torturing and murder. Inaction even now to pass protection legislation for gay people speaks volumes of the moral bankruptcy concerning another great sin, violence and mass murder. By their inaction, they condone the atrocities suffered by the gay community that are also at battle field levels in non-AIDS related violence.

Stonewall erupted due to continual police violence and harassment on the gay community in New York. The gay rights movement that grew out of that. sought human rights protections for openly and closeted gays in America. This movement had impact that spread around the world, but it was sold out by the mid 1970's by the up and coming gay bourgeois element that sought to achieve privilege for themselves at the expense of every other gay person. These gay Neo-cons now hold state power and have given very little by way of support and protective anti-hate legislation. Thus, the bourgeois gays are complicit with a genocidal pogrom that is going on, not only in America, but largely in resource rich Africa as well. In effect they back a murderous enclave of Fundamentalist Christian bigots that rival the very worst atrocities of Fundamentalist Islam in the Middle east.

We must consider that these genocides open the door for more atrocities and there are plenty of emerging targets as well as currently existing ones. The Nazis did not focus on a single minority and neither do the Neo-cons in America. There are plenty of others in the cross-hairs targeted for elimination, such as the much and unjustly vilified Muslim minority, people who protest the agenda set by the Neo-cons for all of America and the rest of the world and the disaffected employees of de-industrialization. The construction of concentration camp like FEMA facilities around the US and the off-shore prisons and torture camps all testify to a sinister agenda. They should all take note of what has already occurred and consider the possibility that they are next. We cannot ignore this or we all will suffer peril at the hands of a greedy few.

As it was in the late 1960's and early 1970's we call again on gay people who are aware of these historical facts to join with an international proletarian movement to root out and end world wide imperialist capitalism as we know it. We seek to topple these misrepresentatives of the people who support only profit, the “sacred family” as promulgated in the Reaganite “family values” ethos that is not only based entirely on superstition, but riddled with irrationalism and fictitious value. The one man-one woman ideal has never worked in history, is usually disastrous for all involved and is a collective tyranny with but one goal, to maximize profit by breeding more slaves to create more soldiers to be slaughtered in wars to create now markers by destroying old ones. Gay people, African Americans, Hispanics, white proletarians; if you are aware of these truths, join with us so we can remake the world into a planned economy ruled by the collective power of the world proletariat of all ethnicity. By this method, and this alone we can effectively purge the world of AIDS and the genocidal maniacs that curse humanity with their instruments of evil torture!

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