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Anti-fascist Rally Against Racist Provocation in Vancouver

The racists did not show at the time and place that they had indicated for a rally on March 21st, 2010 in New Westminster that was to be the jump-off point for an intercity march to downtown Vancouver. An unverified rumour that surfaced at a gathering of 150 to 200 people who stand up for ethnic and minority rights did show up as a counter demo. The rumour indicated that the fascists showed up and an alternate assembly point to begin their march. Meanwhile the group of human rights supporters and anti-discrimination did gather and prepared to face off against the fascists who didn't show up. The group of rights supporters consisted of several organizations as follows.

The Communist Party of Canada

The Trotskyist League of Canada (ICL)

Gay rights Activists


An East Indian organization

An Asian organization

First Nations representatives


The police

The media were on hand to gather information and to film any occurrences that might happen, which were absent due to the no-show of the fascist provocateurs. The police which there were eight showed up to monitor the assembly busied themselves stopping and searching the anarchists and some others. They particularly targeted any anarchist who was dressed in all black with bandanas and sunglasses as they were searching for some who had held a violent protest in downtown Vancouver the day after the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics on Feb. 13th and had made their escape. As and activity, these few have done damage by alienating well intentioned people and many others who might have been recruited to human rights causes and issues like anti-poverty. One result of the anarchists violence was to reduce the size of anti-poverty rallies by 90 percent. Their act of vandalism to peoples' cars and buildings in the downtown core during the Olympics received much media coverage while those representing genuine causes went ignored as a result.

The police maintained a vigil and filmed those who attended the human rights cause. We wonder if the same attention was given to the fascist contingent.

The assembled groups sang songs and held up banners protesting fascist provocateurs and supporting the gamut of human rights causes, immigration rights. The several dozen Communists sang the Internationale while all stood by to intercept and stop the fascists in their tracks. However, due to a ploy, ether by way of an intentional misdirect or a back-up assembly area, the fascists managed to dodge the protesters and marched anyway in a bid to reach the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver.

Many of us present have dealt with the neo-Nazis, the Ku Klus Klan and other right wing extremists in the past, who are constantly attempting to establish a foothold in western Canada. They have had a lot of success. Meanwhile, in the east, Halifax minorities had to endure cross burnings on their front lawns which succeeded in frightening a lot of people. Vancouver has had its share of cross burnings as well as assaults against minorities, some of which have been crippling and deadly.

In Vancouver, the police are on record for profiling and harassing construction labourers who “looked like drug addicts” because they were dirty and unkempt, having tasered Robert Dziekanski to death at YVR and assaulting Firoz Khan while he was doing his job delivering newspapers among a host of other crimes against minorities, the poor and working people. As a result of these incidents, it is easy to say that the police are on the side of the fascists. The record of the past and in many cities in the world, the police have been notorious in their protection of fascists and attacking the left and rights activists. These are all a matter of record and detailed in many a press including leading newspapers.

We stand fore-square for human rights no matter what minority is in need of having these rights enforced. We recognize that the standing class divided structure of the world creates divisions between us in many ways so that this distraction keeps us from addressing real and serious issues. We recognize that the existing political parties that represent the monied interests will never stand behind real human rights issues beyond public relations. The real support will have to come from a united humanity in a united front that will address these issues head on.

Link to the video of human right supporters united against hatred and fascist provocations.

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Comment by William Prest on March 28, 2010 at 8:37pm
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