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In the early hours of the morning when a humanitarian flotilla of six
ships from Turkey was still in international waters, the Israelis
boarded them from helicopters from a nearby naval group. Footage
taken by both Israelis and Turks show the descent of a helicopter
assault squad clearly are evidence of Israeli provocation. Israel is
bound and determined to starve the Palestinians into oblivion so they
can effect a takeover of the small amount of territory that is left
from decades of conflict. While on board the ship, the Israelis
claimed that the crew attacked with clubs and knives. The captain of
the ship was clearly heard to say calm down and not to attack while
the Israeli helicopter soldier fired with live ammunition from
assault rifles into the ships crew, consisting of Turks and
humanitarian representatives from around the world. By some
estimates, some nine of the unarmed humanitarians were killed and
dozens others injured. Israel has attacked and shot at and killed
those who are attempting to provide humanitarian help others, just as
the Nazis attacked the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in late 1940 and are
thus just as criminally insane as the xenophobic Nazis in their
eugenic ethic cleansing. In the eyes of the Israeli terror state, it
is against the law, punishable by summary execution without trial, to
help people in need that are under a siege by the same terrorists.
Ships do not even have access to Gaza's shoreline, under an Israeli
ban against any maritime activity, including humanitarian. Israel
claims that they were attacked, but the Israelis were the ones that
repelled onto the lead ship from helicopters and the crew on the ship
defended themselves with sticks and whatever else they could grab in
the predawn dark, against automatic rifle fire from the invaders.
Some of the ships crew dived overboard to keep from getting shot.

Turkey was the only Islamic friend that Israel had, but now the nation is
protesting this terror attack on humanitarian ships en route to
provide badly needed supplies to a nation that has been under siege
for the last two years. Although Israel claims to be providing aid,
the UN states that this is less than a quarter than what is needed
just to survive. Thus Israel has been enforcing a policy of
starvation and genocide against mostly innocent people. Premier
Binyamin Netanyahu, last seen with Stephen Harper, had to cut short
his visit and abandon his planned meeting with Barack Obama because
of the provocative international incident in international waters. He
is flying back to deal with the crisis. He will not be meeting with
Obama who expressed “deep regret” but refrained from outright

Israel claims that they gave the humanitarian flotilla plenty of notice not
to land at Gaza, which should be recognized as a sovereign nation
with its own rights including access from the sea and air. But Israel
has placed the nation under a starvation siege and intends to drive
the Gaza people into the sea and expropriate their meager lands and
holdings. However, the international community wanted to help
innocent people to acquire enough to eat and drink, medical supplies
to help the sick and malnourished and building supplies to fix
damaged homes. Israel charges the flotilla as being a conduit for
terror supplies and Hamas and responded by using terror from the
skies in international waters. There are those in Israel who are also
protesting this atrocity, so we stand foursquare behind those
Israelis who are against such acts and firmly against the terrorists.

Once the ships had been boarded and the humanitarians

`contained`, the six boat humanitarian flotilla was then given an

Israeli naval escort not to Gaza but to a port just north in Israeli

territory, at the port city of Ashkelon, where the ships were impounded

and some of the humanitarians arrested. Israel claims that the injured

are being looked after and that the supplies will be delivered, but if

acts of the past have anything to say, the supplies will be confiscated

and the prisoners tortured and held in solitary confinement in a

maximum security prisons where they keep other alleged terrorists

like the nuclear physicist, Mordechai Vanunu, who spilled his guts on

the Israeli nuclear program and was held for decades in solitary
confinement. Israel has attacked both the Syrian and Iranian nuclear
facilities as well as waging the war of 2008-09 against Gaza. We have
no faith based on past actions that the Israeli state will do the
right thing.

The predawn commando style assault raid on unarmed people in
international waters is a provocative act of Israels war on Islamic
people with the backing of the US in their collective policy to
dominate and expropriate the natural resources and strategic regions
of the world for the interest of the personal gain and profit of a
few while people in the tens of millions are sentenced to die of
starvation and poisoned with depleted uranium as was used against the
Palestinians in Gaze in 2008-09. Many nations are critical of Israel,
but this has not always been the case. Covertly, Israel has been
supported as the point state against the Islamic world and a staging
ground for assaults on Iraq, Afghanistan and potentially Iran which
they have assaulted by air in the past. Israel has also fought in the
1967 war against Egypt and Syria and nearly triggered WWIII between
the US and the former USSR. They are also responsible for the
unprovoked terror attack on Lebanon in the Golan heights. Israel has
also been on an active campaign to censor the net and delete any
critical articles and videos that show them in their true light. As
the author was writing this piece, a covert campaign scanning the net
found the article and attempted to crash delete it.

We say; Israel out of Palestine! End the Israeli terror now! Netanyahu,
tear down the wall being built around Gaza! Round up and try the
guilty parties by an international peoples' tribunal for war crimes
and crimes against the people!

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