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Facebook censorship of freedom of expression

We post here a link to a battle that is shaping up on an alternate Ning site of which I am a supporting member. Though our site has not yet come under Facebook censure, it is only a matter of time until it does. Here is the link to the brewhaha that is brewing with Facebook. You will fins respondent posts as well.…


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Our Private War: It has been going on for More than a Decade

We are on the warpath and here is a detailed account as to why. Today was the breaking point. The account sounds like something out of a movie plot, but every part of it is true!

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All Out Support for the Tunisian Revolution

Since December 18th, 2010, the Tunisian people have been in struggle against their local dictatorship and have successfully accomplished the taking over of the country, ousting the dictator Ben Ali and dissolving the political police. The RCD; former Tunisia ruling party, was also dissolved and it assets liquidated and redistributed to the people. Political prisoners…


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SHAME! Israel's State Terrorism

In the early hours of the morning when a humanitarian flotilla of six



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Corporate Olympics Meets the Big Fizzle: VANOC Descends like a Ton of Bricks for Alleged Infringement

It started off full of sound and fury, but after a long slow march from the Art Gallery on Georgia and Howe Streets to BC Place at Beatty and Cambie, it ended in a Mexican stand off between the RCMP, Vancouver Police and Olympic security, the Anti-Poverty Olympic front, various anarchists and left leaning reformists. Though the threat of violence was ever present, it never materialized. Meanwhile, just half a block away on Robson Street, a huge party with ten times more people… Continue

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