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Obama and the Unofficial Declaration of WWIII

The failed attempt of a terrorist, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab to bring down an air flight with 300 US passengers over the US on Christmas day of 2009 has lead to a huge tightening of security around the world. This means that airports are rushing to install body scanners that can read through clothes in a virtual strip search of all travellers in a bid to stop a lone terrorist with ostensible and yet to be proven contacts with Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Ladin or other terror connections. The recent attack in a Texas military base, Fort Hood, by a Muslim psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who was scheduled for active duty on the war front, has also caused concern and a thorough security screening of all US military personal for connections with Islam and terrorists. Hardly a day after the declaration by Obama that “We are at war!” after these attacks, than a prominent professor and nuclear scientist, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, was assassinated in Tehran Iran by a remote control bomb thought by Iranian authorities to be of US-Israeli origin. The Iranian government thus accused the US and Israel of assassinating the scientist. Obama also declared in the same speech that he is now firmly behind the Bush program; his predecessor. At the same time, domestic Muslims drafted and presented a Fatwah against terrorism.

Ever since the summer election of 2009, the US has been covertly involved in the civil war that is now tearing Iran apart and causing instability in the region. This is due to three reasons. Iran has oil and uranium. Iran is close by some speculation of having a nuclear bomb. Thus the US and its point nation, Israel want Iran “out of the way”. This can mean only one thing; an expansion of the Christian-Muslim war into Iran for ideological purposes based on the false take of both religions. The real reason is to soften up Iran for a take over aka Iraq fashion so bidding can begin on the oil and uranium fields and any WMD can be dismantled.

After 9-11, Bush destroyed civil rights via the Patriot Act, Homeland Securities Act and eliminated Habeus Corpus. He essentially tore up the US Constitution and turned the US into a fascist dictatorship run by bankers and oligarchs. Since then, Bush and co. Have been able to extradite people from other countries to serve time in US jails or to be covertly shipped off-shore to be tortured. This has occurred numerous times since 9-11. Obama won an election on the promise that he would end the war in the middle east, but now he has reversed course. He intends to extent the program of extradition and off-shore torture; although it is now called intensive interrogation, where the practice of water-boarding and crushing or severing of limbs is considered valid persuasion technique. These are ideas straight out of the Milton Friedman school of thought; aka, the Shock Doctrine, where every shock technique possible is used simultaneously to deconstruct people and terrorize both the domestic and foreign populations into passivity when they witness these practices on the nightly mass media news. During the Bush senior and Clinton era, the use of an EMP device put Baghdad into the stone age. Subsequently, sonic guns were used to control crowds rioting for food and water under the food for oil program.

Make no mistake, we are in World War III and have been for some time. Typical of modern war, it is highly profitable and non-declared. The declaration “We are at war” is merely a confirmation of a long standing fact that has existed since Dessert Storm that began in all earnest early in 1991. Thus, when 9-11 occurred, it was after more than a year and a half of the war already in progress. 9-11 a decade later, whether by terrorist attack or home grown false flag op, served the singular purpose to galvanize the domestic population behind a hugely expensive and highly profitable WWIII, even in a time of world wide economic collapse driven by over speculation. This war, like under the Nazi Lebensraum (growing space), is about imperialist expansion into resource rich regions of the planet at the cost of the local population. It is also the rule by terror of the whole world. WWIII begun under Bush senior and was carried forward by Bill Clinton who escalated the war in Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Sudan, Kosovo and into Afghanistan (and was the think tank behind “welfare reform” into wealth care). Every time there was a problem with a sexual scandal, primarily with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton escalated bombing runs in Iraq. Clinton was the one who claimed that Saddam Hussein had WMD in Iraq. The threat to Iran was maintained throughout into the Bush Junior years starting in 2001 and continues under Obama since 2009.

“To weaken Saddam Hussein's grip of power, Clinton signed H.R. 4655 into law on October 31, 1998, which instituted a policy of "regime change" against Iraq, though it explicitly stated it did not speak to the use of American military forces.[74][75] The administration then launched a four-day bombing campaign named Operation Desert Fox, lasting from December 16 to December 19, 1998. For the last two years of Clinton's presidency U.S. aircraft routinely attacked hostile Iraqi anti-air installations inside the Iraqi no-fly zones.” Wikipedia

The invasion of Iran is now imminent in the context of WWIII. The population has endured “softening up” under a civil war and has seen a prominent physicist blown apart by a remote controlled bomb. This is the remote forcing of events in a sovereign country by imperialist expansionist ideologues at home in the US, Britain, Canada and Israel. This is a provocation that could lead to a trip wire event from Iran in retaliation to such provocation. Iran has recently, as we have been told, been found to be ramping up its nuclear production. Iran has missiles that can deliver bombs in every direction for a 1,000 kilometres. The war into Iraq, that has now settled into forced occupation and auctioning off its resources is set to expand into Iran with the full backing of Barrack Obama against his former promises to withdraw from the middle east. Obama has proven to be a betrayer of the people who voted him into power.

What is more, Obama was given power in order to subvert the anger of the black community that took the brunt of the economic crisis even before the crash of 2008. Obama's role was to deflect a possible revolutionary upsurge of one of the most militant sectors of the working people. What is needed is an awakening to the truth of the horror show that is being prepared for the masses and to overturn the oppressors by a mass world wide workers' and peasants revolution.

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Comment by William Prest on January 22, 2010 at 12:10am
Obama's Honeymoon Over

Jan 20, 2010,

The Republicans have taken over the house by storm and have left Obama in a minority position. There goes Health reform and withdrawal from the Middle East; not that withdrawal was underway to begin with with all the recent escalations. About the only reality that has manifested and that will stick, is sticking to the Bush agenda. This means no restoration of civil liberties, nor withdrawal from the Middle East, no closure of Guitanimo Bay, no improvement in medical insurance or any other changes except what we've seen from the fall of 2008. It appears that Obama will now spend the rest of his term as a lame duck president and will likely not find re-election.

Obama has served his purpose for the bourgeois order, and that is to keep the masses under control, especially in a time of a collapsing economy, massive unemployment and homelessness and the simultaneous expansion of the Chinese and Indian economies. He was about the only possibility to grant the bankers and CEOs their huge bailouts and allow more obscene profiteering in an era of accelerating poverty in the new American nightmare. The working class is paying for the whole mess with their lives, overseas and at home with massive unemployment and loss of everything that the supposed American dream was made of. Top union brass helped in the process of de-industrialization in a bid for off-shore profits for their bosses.

Obama now has many problems that he willingly took on as a hireling of his capitalist overseers. There have been several plots uncovered, suggesting that domestic terrorists or even foreign ones wanted to assassinate Obama. Now that he has declared his allegiance to Reagan and Bush, declared that he will stay their course and the Republicans have taken the house of representatives by storm, he is likely to become very unpopular.

Since the days of deregulation under Reagan in a bid to make even more profits for those at the head of capitalist society, the doctrine of choice has been the shock doctrine of the Chicago School of economics as conceived by Milton Friedman and spread by his students. First successfully deployed in the Pinochet takeover of Sept/ 11th, 1973, the doctrine has been extended to WWIII in the Middle East since the so called terror attack on the World Trade Centre of Sept. 11Th, 2001, exactly 28 year later. Shock Doctrine includes shock economics and disaster capitalism that profits hugely on disasters and the manufactured misery of humanity. It surfaced in the disaster management of New Orleans, in Malaysia to a lesser extent and now in Haiti. During each or these instances and in others, from the days of Pinochet, the left have been rounded up, tortured and disappeared.

Obama appeared left and much of the left raved over Obama, but now, the mask is torn off, just as we predicted and analyzed concerning the phony aspect of Obama's political face at the outset of the last electoral campaign. Obama has certainly proved to be a good choice for his bosses and managed to contain a highly explosive and volatile situation. But can the party go on? The wealthy who have stolen the wealth produced by the toilers of the world would like it to be so, but this has and is at the cost of enormous immiseration of the toilers of the world. People the world over are starting to awaken to the reality of the situation.

It is thus the task of the aware to be an effective instrument of education and leadership to organize the world proletariat into a world wide socialist revolution; to build an international planned economy that includes all the toilers and excludes the expropriators, capitalists, profiteers, criminals, bankers, money speculators, swindlers, cheats, genocidal maniacs, torturers and their obedient followers, such as the police state, prison guards, private guards and all the like. Toilers of the world must seize the machinery of production and smash the machinery of the state. The course to the future does not lie with Obama or any other capitalist appointee; that is the way to even greater woe. The future must be seized by the toilers of the world!


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