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Milton Friedman is the economic and political philosopher behind the shock doctrine that serves as the contemporary tool of the capitalist exploiter in the form of absolute capitalism. Milton Friedman created the so-called “Chicago School” of followers that was first used in South America when Allende was overthrown by Pinochet on Sept 11th, 1973. Pinochet was convinced more than many others to use the full shock doctrine in order to give capitalism “absolute free reign”. Among the various shocks was the near total abolition of social programs such as welfare, daycare, pensions, medical insurance, unemployment benefits, unions and the like. In addition, all national and government programs and banks were privatized, so there were private oil, private banks, private power, private infrastructure and so on. Anyone who “stood in the way” was subject to being “disappeared”, tortured and executed in a public display. This included many teachers, union organizers, those who complained of any policy of lowering wages in a period of hyperinflation and were seen as opposition to the junta in any way. The torture was conducted in sports arenas, hospitals and in many other areas. People hearing the screams of victims were driven from many public places in fear. The dead by torture were dropped by plane in the oceans, but they washed up, sometimes several at a time. Bodies were seen washing down the rivers. Some bodies even landed in farmers fields from the planes. Eventually, Augusto Pinochet woke to the fact that the Friedman approach to absolute capitalism was disastrous, but by then it was too late. He was left to rule a country where 30 percent were unemployed and inflation was almost 400 percent a year. Under Allende, unemployment was ten times less and inflation was almost non existent. The Chicago School went on to take over all the southernmost countries and bringing untold misery and poverty to tens of millions, while a handful of people got super rich locally and in the US. The Shock Doctrine next emerged under the Clinton regime in Iraq, where millions died, were plunged into the stone age, had to adapt to a radioactive wasteland and ruined economy, privatized and held by foreign CEOs.

But the Friedmanite philosophy could only arise in North America itself only after Ronald Reagan deregulated the economy in 1984, allowing for the complete privatization of the US and Canada, while getting the working people to pay the tab. The collapse that came from the sub-prime mortgage crisis of Sept.-Oct. 2008 that led to the destruction of Bear-Stern, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, J P. Morgan and many banks was built on the earlier deregulation of the economy. The loss of industry such as Ford Motors and GM with the tacit approval of labour faking union bosses who discouragement any form of meaningful intervention grew out of the same collapse. The fix was to bail out the big banks and CEOs to the tune of 1.6 trillion dollars and export industry to China and India, the only two economies to grow when all other economies shrank. Obama who won on the promise of change, turned out to hold the course of Bush, his predecessor. Now he is promising a further 3.8 billion in bailout. This serves to devalue the dollar and raise cost of living for some 60 million new poor in the US. Much of this stems from the Friedmanite philosophy of the Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism. This is a home grown exercise of what was done in South America and Iraq.

From there we turn to Canada, that has been undergoing an experiment in the Shock Doctrine in British Columbia since the Liberals won a near absolute rule in 2001. For four years, BC lived under the dictatorship of Gordon Campbell. He won in 2005 and again in 2009 with majority governments, demonstrating the ignorance of the working poor and their faith in this heartless Friedmanite. In months, Campbell had managed to roll back several decades of social programs, eliminated protections to tenants, tore up the NDP land settlements for the First Nations, froze the minimum wage for a decade, created a sub standard “training wage”, raised taxes, privatized power and infrastructure and deregulated the provincial economy. At the same time, there has been no increase in minimum wage for a decade and few changes to benefit any social programs. The paramedics in BC have been on strike for over a year over issues of service and benefits. The government has chosen to ignore them and the safety of the working people of BC. Wait times for ambulance response in outlying areas is dangerously long and deadly for most who have heart or breathing problems. Campbell does not care and would like to see all medical practice privatized. This means if you're poor, you're dead. The same government has openly lied and betrayed promises. Gordon Campbell et al have at least in one occasion, censored free speech and backed another NDP enacted censorship in order to create a positive atmosphere for the 2010 Winter Olympics that the poor will have to shoulder to the tune of 6 billion and counting. The province has become militarized and functions as a de facto police state with virtually random street beatings and executions. And now we learn of the strange disappearance of the Facebook No HST protest page with over 130,000 members. Recently another protest page disappeared. No HST has been reinstated as mysteriously as it disappeared. A former BC Premier, Van Der Zalm, in the former the Socred party has come out to create a petition that protests the HST, but this is the same man who single handed, sent the Socred party the way of the dinosaurs due to his corruption and conflict of interest. During his reign, he enacted some barbaric legislation against the poor and the working class. He cannot be trusted due to his record.

We wonder if this strange case that has occurred after the de-facto passing of the hated HST, the proroguing of the Federal government and just prior to the start of the 2010 Olympics fits in with the greater Chicago School of the Shock Doctrine philosophy. If this is the case, then the two groups that have been targeted for possible investigation, have created a hit list of some 140,000 BC residents that could be targeted for disappearance and outsourced to torture facilities. Consider the tasering of Robert Dziekanski and the beating death of a downtown east side resident by the police. Consider that an active anti-poverty advocate was “confused” with a criminal fleeing from a car B&E crime and shot dead. Consider the beating and crippling of Firoz Khan by off duty police because they didn't like brown people. The police have illegally profiled innocent people like construction labourers for the purpose of harassment because they “look like drug addicts”. These are just what is known in prominent cases and there are many more incidents. Consider the fact that BC has been militarized for the upcoming 2010 Olympic games with over a billion dollars on security alone consisting of private security, three police forces and the Armed forces with support from the US air force. Vancouver, Whistler and roads between them will be regulated with strict military protocol access control as if everyone is a terrorist. Most people of BC will have absolutely no access at all to the games, but they are encouraged to spend money on useless trinkets and souvenirs. These are all symptomatic of a greater problem. All of this has been confirmed and extended in other sources from the daily newspapers of Vancouver, to the internet and left papers. On the facts, they are in agreement if not in solution.

The hit list is by no means limited to strange goings on within the Facebook social network. All militant groups are under scrutiny. In another article we describe how the police have set up a front organization to stir up trouble and entrap legitimate protest over poverty issues, homelessness, First Nations concerns and hysterical anti-trust. It appears that fascists and anarchists are being organized for a possible false flag op. Recent news of the disappearance of two tonnes of ammonium nitrate has created concerns that there can be something horrific in the works that will lead to martial law and round-up of all undesirables and political opponents to the Friedmanite philosophy of shock capitalism and corporatist sponsored torture. Locals have had an eye out for what they considered the disappearance of the homeless, allegedly to mine shafts in Trail and Kamloops BC. To this writing, this part remains speculative and unproven, but not outside of the realm of possibility considering all else.

A large part of modern capitalism is disaster management such as seen in Malaysia, New Orleans and now Haiti. In Haiti alone, they now estimate ten years to rebuild, but who will pay? It could work if Haiti is privatized to rich tourist, gambling and prostitution interests, just as Cuba was once run by organized crime and Mr. Batista prior to its revolution. These arose from natural disasters. But there are manufactured ones as well as in the wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and by the looks of it, soon to be Iran now being torn apart by civil war and attacks by robot bombs against prominent nuclear scientists.

So how did BC rate a Friedmanite make over? In 2001, the Liberals took all but two seats in the entire legislature by vote. Gordon Campbell seized the moment and reversed several decades of reforms, proving once and for all that capitalism cannot sustain and maintain reforms. Campbell gutted social programs and privatized the province, paving the way and setting the example for the rest of Canada. Modern day capitalism is undergoing its own “revolution” begun under Reagan in 1984 that involves the use of the Shock Doctrine that uses every conceivable shock from economic, technological, social, warfare, false flags, public relations get togethers, misinformation, propaganda,censorship, corporatist sponsored torture and more. This revolution is against the entire working people and peasant farmers of the whole world. In addition, there is no regard for the destruction of nature. The goal of capitalists today is to privatize the entire planet and even outer space for personal profit of a few. Recent bids for Iraq oil companies attest to this fact. To counter such tactics will require the full might of the working people of the world. They will have to unite under an informed and dedicated leadership of liberation to remove the people of the world and nature from the oppressive yoke of the Friedmanite capitalist shock doctine.

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