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Boston Watershed: What the Outcome of the Boston Marathon Bombing and Aftermath Presages

No matter how one considers the events that occurred in Boston as the first runners crossed the finish line on Apr. 15Th, 2013, and bombs went off, the unfolding events, no matter how interpreted has led to a frightening conclusion that is a clear and present warning to all of us around the world of our collective drift into an Orwellian fascism. Whether one considers the events and the unfolding of history thereafter over the several days a false flag or a genuine terrorist event, the outcome is what the real story is. This then is what we have to focus on; not the multiple contradictory stories that led to this moment, but the moment of the outcome itself, which we will call the Boston watershed. And just what was the outcome? That outcome was the total lock-down of a major US city with the cooperation of the million plus population under a martial law and total curfew. During that almost 24 hour event, Boston became became a de-facto “ghost town” where all businesses, schools, workplaces, transit except for police and military and shopping centers were all shut down and locked up. No one but police and military could be seen anywhere in the city. The odd person that did stray out in contravention of the curfew, was violently addressed and taken down. The entire population was told to remain at home and to not come out until given the all clear. For the most part, the population of over a million followed orders. We know this story to be true because it was covered this way by the corporate media as well as the non-conventional media with almost identical coverage, which in itself is highly unusual and atypical. This was just the beginning.

Police and military personal then commenced a house by house search for the FBI identified terrorists and some people were dragged out of their beds at home in the wee hours of the morning totally naked. Weapons were confiscated in some cases. Most went along with it because they had been convinced that the terrorists had to be captured and face justice. Few people questioned the fact that an entire city had been instantly converted into a prison where all were guilty until proven innocent. This watershed is important for this reason in that the experiment succeeded and showed that this kind of event could be practised elsewhere given a similar scenario to prep the population. The scenario here follows a few clearly defined steps. First there is an unannounced and unexpected bombing that kills and maims a sufficient number of people where plenty of witnesses are present. The bomb detonation causes disorientation and confusion. The perpetrator(s) slip away. Evidence is collected and reviewed and suspects are identified, targeted and rounded up. By now, the population in a state of shock as “war has come home” and will accept any solution offered. When the manhunt begins, the region is placed in a state of military curfew under the articles of war and people comply to any order no matter how ridiculous and/or harmful.

The events leading up to the curfew and lock-down of an entire major city are confusing to say the least with many stories and theories. The stories break down into two main camps; that is, the false flag conspiracy and the account that most agree with, the presentation regarding a genuine terrorist attack. The fact in both cases, is the sudden and unexpected detonation of at least two bombs, death and injury, the fact that the area had been swept and declared safe just an hour before, and the presence of suspects. Some strange aspects of the day that may or may not be related, were a police and military drill being carried out in Boston in a simulated terrorist bombing, The sudden collapse of gold derivatives, a fire in the Boston library, the passage of CISPA in the house and the fact that it was Patriot's Day. Many people jumped in with their take and analysis. The FBI identified two suspects that later turned out to be naturalized citizens from Islamic Chechnya. One was allegedly killed while the other was captured live after hiding in a boat, by the police during a shoot out. But out of all this mayhem, stands one clear fact. Boston was turned into a prison while the police and military had their way with the entire population. Plenty of eyewitness film and accounts testify to the fact. In fact, the curfew was lifted when the situation was declared safe. Just after that, the shoot out with the two suspects commenced. Curfew was immediately reimposed. Hundreds of rounds were exchanged between the forces and the suspects who allegedly stole a vehicle and then used automatic weapons and grenades in their get away. How they got the cache of weapons is not explained. The older was killed, but the younger fled on foot, shooting as he went. He wound up hiding out in a boat and was captured in a gun fight. This conflicts with eyewitness film of the older being captured alive, naked and without injury, being forced into a police vehicle. This was one of the anomalies that showed how different the two stories were. There are plenty of other anomalies.

Islamic people around the world prayed that the suspects were not Muslim. However, the identified suspects were not only Muslim, but Russian. In another story we indicate that whenever there is an event involving Islamists, the Arabic people duck and cover and disappear until the dust settles. The Russians are now worried also, as this is a blow back to the days of the cold war hysteria of the US and former Soviet Union.

But the main story here that stands out loud and proud for all to see, was the conversion of a peaceful city into a massive prison house in lock-down. Relocation and processing FEMA camps are unnecessary if a whole city can be locked-down and turned into a massive military prison. Regardless of the cause and interpretations, the end result was this and almost everyone accepted it. This is at least mind conditioning in a psy-op on a massive scale, and as an experiment in such an event, it was an unqualified success for the police state. This is the first time in history that this has happened in the US where an entire city was shut down. The date is also significant. The curfew was in effect beginning on Apr. 19th, a date where the Oklahoma City Bombing and the burning of the Branch Dividians in Wako occurred. It extended into early hours of the 20th, a day many know as Hitler's birthday. This experiment shows the way that the state can now lock-down an entire region, bringing the entire population to willing heel. Given the size of the operation and the confusing stories, this tells us that someone is lying and it is profoundly significant in the negative.

So, here's what can be expected in the future with any other region of city anywhere on the planet. Some trigger event, like the Boston Marathon bombing plunges thousands of witnesses into shock, disorientation, confusion and distraction. A manhunt for suspects, actual or manufactured commences. In a seeming act of desperation, the authorities declare curfew and martial law. Almost everyone agrees and cooperates. The police and military do a house by house search, dragging out anyone they want at any time and confiscating any “evidence” they want. They also appear to have free license to do what they will with their captured prey. Neighbourhoods that are divided along a host of lines go along with it as those they disagree with are hauled away. No matter how this is expressed, most will go along with it. This is because the real preparatory work has been going on for decades. At the very least we can say that the majority has succumbed to a long running psy-op, have surrendered their rights and are even willing to see neighbours haled out naked in the middle of the night and shot execution style after an alleged shoot out that can be easily faked. In a good psy-op, there is plenty of preparatory groundwork on all fronts to assure success. We have seen this unfold primarily since the WTC attacks on 9-11-2001. The US has placed its own citizens and the rest of the world under a secretive martial law by way of the National Defence Authorization Act. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can be extradited and extraordinary renditioned by the FBI under the authority of the act as a preemptive “measure against terrorism”. They can be disappeared just as in the days of Pinochet in Chile, which curiously commenced on 9-11-1973.

We have been served as some say during the run off in a contest to the losers. As it stands now, the workers of the world, unemployed, the aged, the poor, the third world have been served and we had better watch out! Unless we get a bloody horrible grip on our collective selves, we're next! We have crossed the Rubicon and are wandering in unknown territory.

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Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 12:01am

The latest suggestion is that this whole fiasco will convince the masses of the "need for domestic drone surveillance". So it intensifies, as the class war ramps up.

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 12:12am

More grist for the mill in this viral Youtube. Watch before it gets censored!

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 12:15am

And yet more as this story continues to blossom in all its ugliness.

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 12:20am

Are these cities on the "next list" for a lock-down?

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 12:29am

This one suggests an inside corporate job and the two identified as the bombers are patsies.

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 1:01pm

An inside look at the police state in action, coming to a town near you.

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 11:30pm

Now Canada is involved with its own terror plot that was foiled by the RCMP that allege that the Al Queada linked with Iran was behind. Canada's track record for relations with Iran is abominable. Is there a plot here to trigger a war with Iran originating from Canada?

Comment by William Prest on April 22, 2013 at 11:34pm

The Iran-Al Queada-terrorist link was drawn on the CBC National for April 22, 2013.


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