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The Red banner of Soviet Communism is not negated by the creation of the Green banner of Communism. We acknowledge and adhere to the principles of the Communist Manifesto, but recognize that capitalism has brought the world to the brink of destruction through pollution. This effects the world proletariat the most as we have to handle all the noxious chemicals they create and dump on the land, in the sea and in the air. We recognize that in addition to the demands made in the Communist Manifesto, we have an additional job of healing the planet for the benefit of all species and humanity. Healing the planet has become a humanist cause and a traditional demand that cannot be realized under capitalism. Thus our symbol of cause is the green banner of Communism in addition to the red banner of Communism, acknowledging our responsibility to one another in not only an economic democracy, but an earth responsible one as well. It is the earth after all that provides all the useful items humanity requires for life. We have to remove the capitalist order and install an egalitarian communist society in its place. Only then will we see action to heal the earth and ourselves that goes beyond mere hand wringing, platitudes and public relations, while the mad drive for endless profit continues to destroy the planet and the proletariat. Forward to revolution comrades!

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