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A great deception has been going on and continues to the present day. It affects the gamut of politics, religion and economy and is of every persuasion, knowing no limits of belief. Such lies are the fuel of propaganda and the drive to world dominance. False flags are not limited to those who are on the “other side”. Everyone knows that Hitler pulled off a false flag operation in order to solidify his power and create the pretext for the invasion of Poland on Sept 1, 1939. This presumably triggered WWII but this too had roots mired in deception and propaganda., But we know this today because he lost his struggle for world dominance. It is declared that history is written by the winners. But winners also have a sordid history as we shall now set out to prove. There is a dark side of history hidden from view by manipulation of facts and outright censorship. The 911 Truth organization makes a case for a recent false flag operation involving the former world trade centre and many of their claims hold good insight and unanswered questions covered up by lies, censorship and the elimination of civil liberties. We will look at an older cover up and false flag op that is home grown and worked to shape history as we know it. This false flag op covers the period from 1911 through to December 7th, 1941 when the US entered the Pacific theatre war against Japan. As this is now far enough in the past, certain incriminating evidence and facts have emerged that demonstrate that Pearl Harbour was a false flag operation that motivated millions into the slaughterhouse of modern war. Most of the war criminals involved in the whole event are now dead along with the millions of victims, so it is considered safe to reveal certain facts.

The facts that have emerged over the last decade or two are facts such as;

1.The fact that for the years and months before, there were embargoes and trade wars between the US and Japan.

2.The fact that the US cracked the Japanese encryption and knew well in advance that the attack on Pearl Harbour was imminent. Some say foreknowledge existed by about two weeks, more than enough time to pull out the best ships and planes and to park relics.

3.The fact that the ships docked at Pearl Harbour were in all cases with one exception, WWI relics, some of which were due for retirement, demolition and recycling. The exception was a ship built in 1921 and was used in campaigns against the fledgeling USSR. One was built as early as 1911 and was more properly of the British dreadnaught design than the type of construction that was later adopted.

4.Thousands of sailors died needlessly because the upper echelons deliberately failed to warn them of imminent attack. They were not even told that it was possible. Many innocent civilians died in the air attacks as well. In the early morning of Sunday December 7th, 1941, “The day that will live in infamy” was sprung on most by surprise, but some knew well in advance and are as guilty of atrocities as Hitler. The day of infamy has thus two sides to it and both are equally complicit in crimes against humanity.

5.This pretext with propaganda caused a huge response and a “justification” for a massive war effort that cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars and eventually led to the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Prior to Dec. 7Th, 1941, the US served only in a background effort of support in WWII. The war was extremely profitable and revived a depressed economy.

6.The war against Hitler only took on significance when it became apparent that the Soviets were crushing Hitler instead of Hitler crushing the Soviets. Thus in 1942-43, a rush was in to prevent the Communization of Europe. Hitler was OK, but Stalin was not. Friendship and support was feigned to Stalin to crush Hitler and to win some of the spoils of war such as the rockets at Peenemunde.

We begin our investigation by looking at all of the ships that were parked at Pearl Harbour on the day they were struck from the air.

1.The USS California (BB-44): This battleship was actually refloated in an operation that was well ahead of its time. It began construction in Oct. 1916 and was launched on 20th November 1919. It came late on the question of WWI, but was used in the embargo on the USSR.

2.2.USS Maryland (BB-46): This battleship was laid down in 1917, the year of the Russian Revolution and was launched on 20th, March 1920.
3.USS Oklahoma (BB-37): This battleship was launched on 23rd March 1914 just prior to the start of WWI.

4.USS Tennessee (BB-43): This was a new class of battleship launched on 30th April 1919 and served as the lead ship for this “mothball” fleet.

5.5. USS West Virginia (BB-48): This battleship was launched on 17th November of 1921. this ship was described as one of the “super dreadnaughts”, a design the was born in the British age of steam.

6.USS Arizona (BB-39): This super sized battleship was launched 19th June 1916, saw service in WWI when the US joined after another false flag op; the sinking of the Lusitania off the coast of Britain.

7.USS Nevada (BB-36): This battleship was launched on 11th July 1914. It also served in WWI.

8.USS Pennsylvania (BB-38): This battleship was launched on 16th, March 1915 and also saw service in WWI.

t is interesting to note that all of the ships in this “battle group” were battleships. Where were the destroyers, the cruiser escorts, the mine sweepers, the submarine hunters, the aircraft carriers and other support ships than normally had only one large cannon battleship in a battle group? This alone is a glaring and suspicious fact. The rest of the battle groups had left, leaving only a “mothball fleet” of early battleships and dreadnaughts that were still in service, but a mere couple of years from retirement in some cases. The battleships were obsolete and abandoned in favour of the air craft carrier. Most of the destroyed fleet was sold into scrap after the war, leaving only the Arizona as a memorial at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.

According to an article in Wikipedia; “The CVBG (Carrier Battle Group) was first used in , primarily in conflicts between the United States and in the . CVBGs at the time consisted of a far larger number of ships than current CVBGs, and this marked the only time CVBGs have fought each other, notably at the for the first time and then at the epic sea battle one month later. In the battle group, the carrier replaced the battleship (emphasis ours) as the measure of and relative strength. The U.S. eventually put over 100 carriers of varying sizes to sea and employed the carrier battle groups in large formations under its and .
During the , the main role of the CVBG in case of conflict with the would have been to protect Atlantic supply routes between the United States and Europe, while the role of the would have been to interrupt these sea lanes, a fundamentally easier task. Because the Soviet Union had no large carriers of its own, a situation of dueling aircraft carriers would have been unlikely. However, a primary mission of the Soviet Navy's was to shadow every CVBG and, on the outbreak of hostilities, sink the carriers. Understanding this threat, the CVBG expended enormous resources in its own mission.

Thus further proof exists that the battleship was “mothballed” and was a decoy used to provoke the US citizenry into a warlike mood, prepared to sacrifice their very lives for a perceived attack against the “innocent US”. Wars are hugely profitable, to the point of taking the US out of the 30's depression and reviving the whole economy. The tactic worked and millions went to the recruiting offices in order to sign up for active military duty. Another artifact of this attack, was the rounding up and internment of US born Japanese people into concentration camps after seizing all their property. These responses also occurred in Canada.

A typical contemporary naval battle group consists of around twenty ships including the air craft carrier. There are destroyers, escorts, mine sweepers, sub hunters and fueling ships, In the past, the centrepiece of the battle group was the battleship, which is why during the transitional years leading up to WWII, the battleships were found in abundance and inactive, docked at Pearl Harbour during the so called surprise strike. They were in effect patsies in triggering the needed conflict to stimulate the capitalist market.

The early battleships were of the dreadnaught design that used a steam turbine fueled by coal to generate propulsion as opposed to the later development and use of the massive diesel engines that propelled later vessels. Steam powered naval ships could typically cruise at 30km/h. The US dreadnaughts employed the use of triple expansion steam propulsion as opposed to the steam turbine. Today, nuclear powered air craft carriers, submarines and ships have returned to the steam turbine, but powered by a nuclear reactor instead of coal. Most naval ships are still powered by diesel engines that can use diesel fuel in liquid form and is much more convenient than the coal fired steam ships of old.

When war took to the air in all seriousness and could be ship launched, then the battleship that could project destruction for a distance of about 30 miles was obsoleted by the air craft carrier that could project destruction over hundreds of miles in all directions. The battleship had to be within firing range and often within sight of the enemy fleet or shore in order to inflict damage. Destruction was effected by massive howitzer type cannons mounted on turrets of two or three guns. The explosive shells had to strike the target to effect damage, a tricky manoeuvre, especially on choppy seas and/or fog. With the air craft carrier, dozens of planes loaded up with bombs could do far more and accurate damage individually than a battleship. It is easy to see why the air craft carrier became the focus of naval battle groups, replacing the more inefficient battleship.

Today, the battle fleet is changing once more with the advent of stealth technology, computerized tactics and the accuracy of rockets that can strike halfway around the world launched, primarily from nuclear powered subs.

The Gulf of Tonkin

On May 4th, 1964, a trade embargo was enforced upon N. Vietnam due to the fact that it was considered a rogue Communist state. On August 4th, 1964, two American Destroyers engaged three Vietnamese torpedo boats. The result was that a torpedo boat was sunk. Then there is an alleged second attack where the American ships were fired upon with automatic fire from the Vietnamese ships again. There is conflicting evidence and reporting, leaving much in doubt. At this time, there was a call to drive the Communists out of Vietnam. L. B. Johnston, then the president of the US used the Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the war in Vietnam. The Vietnam war never had the popularity of the Second World War and huge protests unfolded over the Vietnam War. Due to the nature of the facts concerning the Gulf of Tonkin, many see this as a false flag to whip up war fervour in order to drive the Communists out of Vietnam. Unfortunately, the tactic failed and the US was driven out of Vietnam with heavy casualties by the North Vietnam Communists in 1975. The US defeat began during the Tet Offensive of 1968 that saw huge casualties to the US. This resulted in an protracted air assault and the use of chemical agents to defoliate the Vietnam jungle and bomb from the air. Despite the escalation, the war ended in the defeat of the US. LBJ in his memoirs explained that the whole Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fabrication used to justify a wider war agains t Communist expansion.


For the seminal event of capitalism going to the New World Order of international totalitarian fascism and re-igniting the war between Christendom and Islam, we have to look to the events of September 11th, 2001. After this event, Civil liberties were suspended from October of that year to October 2006 with the Patriot Act, the Homeland Securities Act and the suspension of Habeas Corpus in that order and time line under president George Bush. Obama has stated that he intends to “stay the course” laid down by his predecessor. The US is no longer the defender of democracy except by word only and this as an instrument of international repression, to force people like the Muslims to toe the capitalist bankers line to their own loss and banker's profits. 9/11 was used to justify the war on the middle east, rich in oil and raw resources. No better source of information on the contradictions and misinformation concerning the attack on New York and the Pentagon exists than the 911 Truth organization, and the groups documents and videos bear at least a review and critical consideration.


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Comment by William Prest on February 11, 2010 at 9:37pm
Vancouver is now entering the 2010 Winter Olympic period. Some people think with good reason that the Olympics could be the target of a false flag operation in order to entrench the Friedman Shiock Doctrine. The very day before the Olympic opemomg cerepmoes there was a noticable diaappearance of street people that are normally everywhere. As for a false flag, this can be followed up at;

This is a thoroughly written analysis that needs to be considered. We are not saying that there will be a false flag, but the accumulating evidemce os surely suspicious. If it does come to pass, then BC can expect to see the shocl doctrine at the level of Pinochet's Chile or Iraw after the US invasion. Most suspicious of all is the existence of a po0lice front demo group that contains elements that could stir up serious trouble.


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