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UK: First it was Immigrants. Now it's the Poor

There is an election fever building in Britain during this time of economic stress brought about first in the US with the Sub-prime crisis of the
fall of 2008 and now it is the shut down of the economy brought to us
by nature in the form of a volcano in Iceland. The British have just
been going through a hysterical anti immigrant phase due to a strong
downturn of the economy. The consensus is “British jobs for British
people”. Immigrants have been under increasing attack and
encouraged to “Go home”. Now Britain is entering a pre-election
fervour between the conservatives and the Labour government
contenders. The word on the street is that unemployed will have to
work, even though there is an acute shortage of jobs, or starve.
There is a call to end welfare. This sounds all too familiar.

During the late 1990's Clinton called for “the end of welfare as we know it”. Clinton and Bush then went about to bring into reality. In the
US, this thinly veiled tactic against the black and Hispanic
communities was a pretext to throwing them on the streets and then
into prisons if they tried to live outside of prescribed norms
defined by the establishment. State after state followed the lead of
the feds. In states that didn't end welfare, eliminated lunch for
hungry kids programs and food stamps and sharply reduced benefits. An
then there was the economic collapse of 2008. There was another round
of impoverishment as millions lost jobs while big banks and business
got trillions in bailouts and foreclosed real estate in the welfare
for the rich scam.

Canada had a program in place by the same time to get “employable people” off the roles though there were not enough jobs for all. After the
crash of 2008, the roles started to balloon again even though the
government attempted to hide the facts. Once this was found out, they
began to slash benefits, while at the same time raising costs for
government-public services. At the same time, homelessness
mushroomed, particularly the hidden homeless like couch surfers. Form
this we can see where the masses are being led by the British
parliament hopefuls. The politicians mean to “recover the economy”
on the backs of immigrants and the poor. They would rather spend the
billions of politicking, election ads and spin doctoring than to tell
the truth about the real state of capitalism. They hope to cow the
people as if they were a stupid as bovines.

By an large the people are going for it, hoping that they won't be next. However, history has something else to say about this and this is
that one group is picked off after another until there is no one left
to defend whoever is left. We are still engaged in the manipulative
lies of the capitalist bosses in a class divided society and class
war that so far has been very one sided. We should not be fooled by
another round of this after endless rounds of what has gone on before

The proletariat has to break with all capitalist parties and overthrow the whole rotten system, replacing it with a planned economy under
the dictatorship of the proletariat!

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