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America's 3rd Revolution: The Neo-Fundamentalist Tea Party (Must Read)

First there was 1776 when the fledgling 13 colonies revolted against

various taxes imposed by Britain including the tax on tea that caused

for starters, the Boston Tea Party, where bales of tea were dumped

into the ocean to protest against the various taxes being imposed on

the colonies from afar. Then in 1980 when Reagan got into power,

there was the revolution on the right as it was called when…

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UK: First it was Immigrants. Now it's the Poor

There is an election fever building in Britain during this time of economic stress brought about first in the US with the Sub-prime crisis of the

fall of 2008 and now it is the shut down of the economy brought to us

by nature in the form of a volcano in Iceland. The British have just

been going through a hysterical anti immigrant phase due to a strong

downturn of the economy. The consensus is…


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