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Socialism for the Elite; Slavery & Death for the Masses

The elite, the rich, the CEOs of big companies like Private bank CEOs, Wal-Mart, Google, Microsoft, Shell Oil, Exxon, GM et al already live in an international society where they are free to go anywhere and do anything at any time without risk to their safety. They live in an international socialist paradise that provides for all their needs from cradle to grave that is not shared out to the people they exploit in order to have it. All their needs are taken care of while those on the bottom of society have nothing and only a scant existence scrapped up against all odds. The rest of humanity is not so blessed despite all the wealth they created from anything useful found in the natural world. Their lives by contrast are a daily struggle as they grind their various ways to a collective death in a world divided into a prison-house of nations complete with private for profit prisons within the context of prisons. This then is the summary and hopefully will clear up why ideas that were to benefit humanity such as egalitarianism, socialism and communism have gotten such a terrible rap and condemnation.


The original ideas of socialism as conceived by its adherents, consider that the producer, the working person should have control of the full product of their labour and that governments are appointed from the level of the productive forces which decide among themselves in the context of various production centers. They appoint those who will represent them in the greater society of many production centers be they farms, mines, factories, offices, administration and what ever else they do. The worker appointed government, subject to immediate recall, in this context, would be directly answerable to the producers and workers and would administrate and organize large scale projects like infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports, railways, shipping, defence and the like. But this structure exists now for the elite in a bipartisan manner, with the elite as the beneficiaries and the people excluded from this socialism only for the elite. The private banks stand at the forefront as the chief directors of government policy and work in collaboration with big businesses that have an international global outreach. The government in its part provides the manpower via recruitment of large numbers of candidates from the real producers into the armed forces of the state to project its power in order to obtain resources.


But the resources so robbed from the producers of various prison nation enclaves are not shared out. They are controlled by the international elite to the end of profit. Even intangible resources like knowledge are tightly controlled and the majority of the people who toil are taught what the elite require them to know and deliberately kept ignorant of the rest, even to the point of misinformation. This reality can be seen in the light that everything falls into the category of a controlled substance. The people all around the world are encouraged to be nationalistic and patriotic and hence opposed to each other, encouraged to war, which in itself is tapped for profit. Wars are highly profitable for the banker elites who invest in both sides and are responsible for the mass death of hundreds of millions. The toilers and producers do not share in any of these spoils of war, but are in themselves spoiled by war in being tortured, maimed and killed. Though the elite have all their needs looked after in an elite only club of international socialism, these benefits are kept from the people who are told that socialism and communism are evils; that capitalism is good. Capitalism is sold on the free market ideal that anyone can become rich and president too. Just enough shills make it in order to enforce the seeming veracity of this myth. Capitalism is the devise used by the elite socialist to exploit the people who are convinced by them that capitalism is good and socialism is evil. Periodically in history, this is driven home with various nationalist socialist schemes like Nazism.


The elite have spent a long time getting to world dominance with all the games they play at the cost of the lives of hundreds of millions over the centuries. World dominance was not achieved overnight and those who achieved it, played a large part in financing it. They have toppled kings and queens one after another, destroyed entire civilizations and even put entire peoples to extinction. This continues into the current era, especially in Africa and the Middle East. Genocide is nothing new to them and they encourage it. They have financed and manipulated every war since their early bid for power. The current elite have their modern roots with the bourgeoisie, that entrepreneur of the French Revolution era that first began to achieve power for the new class of rulers who would go on to depose monarchies one after another. They also had their rise to power in the “New World” during the American Revolution when the colonies broke away from British royal domination and taxation. The war began in 1776 was to have a temporary resolution in the Peace of Paris in 1783 less than a decade before the French Revolution. In the meantime, Many First Nations peoples forfeited their lives in various armed struggles between the invading French, English and Spanish and many of them during the American Revolutionary wars. But British involvement in American affairs would not remain absent for long. There were developments in Britain that would impact the whole world. The pivotal events would occur in Britain at the time of the Battle of Waterloo where the father of the modern Rothschild clan would make an overnight fortune and would thereafter run the affairs of Britain. The other even was the US civil war that would end up bankrupting the colonies. Britain was both involved in the civil war and managed to financially control the US from 1871 on. From that year on, the US became a British corporation under the Rothschild banking clan. By 1913, the whole deal was strengthened with the establishment of the private Federal Reserve bank, which then became the monetarist locus of power over everything else in the country. Democracy such as it was became increasingly subjugated to financial manipulation from abroad by an elite that owed nothing to US patriotism. As a footnote, the Rothschild empire spans the banking control of over 170 nations.


We often encounter rants against the New World Order that isn't so new as the idea has been bandied about for several decades. Even Hitler had a vision of a New World Order under the Nazis. The Nazis, also known as the NSDAP loosely translated, the National Socialist German Workers' Party. This is one of the sources for the bad rap against socialism. But Hitler was a nationalist and eventually turned against socialist ideas in favour of tyranny. At the end of the 1,000 year Reich of just 12 years, many Nazis were smuggled into the US, Canada and S. America via the US government program called Operation Paperclip that the US elite considered useful. Then there is Stalin, who participated in the Russian Revolution alongside of Lenin and Trotsky. Stalin ended up killing virtually every member of the Comintern and ran the USSR as its de-facto Tsar. In fact, Stalin is often called the Red Tsar. It is from these sources that we get a bad rap for socialism. Still we hear things like Obama is a socialist, Marxist, communist terrorist. But Obama, nor for that matter, any other president since the take over of the big banks, is a member of the socialism for the rich cartel. They are in fact employees of that cartel. In what can be described as a legendary contradiction, we have oligarchs and bank CEO as well as big company bosses as members of a socialist elite. For the rest of humanity as history will verify, it's slavery and death with decreasing benefits under a universal austerity managed by the socialism for the elite.


This elite socialist cabal has an agenda. That agenda is known as Agenda 21 where these mighty oligarchs intend to make a sustainable world via the elimination of between 90 to 97 percent of humanity. There are guide stones set in a classic medicine wheel alignment to the heavens in Georgia that proclaim their desire in four languages. The world's population of producers is to be lowered and maintained at 500 million people who will be concentrated in production and service centers. The needs of the elite will continue to be serviced through increasing robotics.


Socialism has been sold from time to time to the producers, but it has seldom been delivered in its entirety, due to the intervention of oligarchs at every turn and sometime with the collaboration of the leaders of nationalist socialist regimes, deformed workers' states and political deformed bureaucracies. Socialism is a good idea, but at this time it is being controlled by the elite and propagandized as inappropriate for the people by word and deed. We have to understand what socialism really is and how it is currently being misused against the people who have been made misinformed and thus turned against the idea. The elite maintains their hegemony by various means overt and hidden. The elite have learned from history while the people have been kept deliberately in the dark. The people repeat history, while the elite advance thereby.

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