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Re, the question of peace and violence

I am all for peace. I fact it is a major desire for almost all of us. The trouble is, is that we are plagued world wide by a host of competing states that are armed and using us to battle it out. An armed state has a military and a standing police state that is not peaceful by any means. The news is flooded with their actions daily. What they allow for themselves, they do not allow for the people that they draw their life from like some great vampire. If you want to know more, I strongly suggest that you check out;

and the associated sites. Order and view their videos or attend their booth in your city/region on the 11th of each month and obtain a wealth of information thereat. Then you will learn who the real warmongers are and what they are doing. It is horrific and it must end. There is a proletarian program to do just this and we have to put a stop to this pogrom against innocent people and creatures.

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