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War is the most profitable industry on the planet. Many business and military people have known this for a long time and have profited tremendously. War is also the most polluting industry as well, with a good example being the Kuwait oil fires of 1991. War keeps the people in check by deflecting the anger accumulating against home grown swindlers and profiteers and redirects it to other autonomous regions.

International bourgeois interests divide the world into regions and limit everyone else to borders and countries in what V.I. Lenin described as "the prison house of nations". In the game of seeking all of the market or obtaining a monopoly over the means of production, wars with competitors become necessary and the people who do the fighting are the employees of the various warring factions. Variously they are found on the factor floor and mines and then on the battlefield. The bourgeoisie was and is international in scope, while workers are divided along a host of lines and that division is enforced by arms and the maintenance of the armed state. Domestically, the armed state manifests as the police state whether "soft" and "hard".

People among the proletariat generally desire peace, but the existence of necessity such as for water, food and shelter make them vulnerable to manipulation to the point of "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half" as stated by the British Financier, Jay Gould. Though we may desire peace, the fact remains is that sections of the working class are hired to function as the armed fist of the state to keep the rest down.

War is the single most profitable industry in the capitalist sphere of influence. War is about acquiring new markets and obtaining resources. It is also about using expensive resources and "value" in maiming, incapacitating and killing, creating terror in the working masses so that they are more compliant. Value here is often a one time shot, like a cruise missile armed with a nuclear warhead or an electromagnetic pulse device. It is expensive and can be used only once and then has to be replaced at great expense. The winner of the war gets the spoils of the conquered, hence war for the arms manufacturer is profitable in weapons and acquired value and use value from the conquered; labour capability and natural resources. War also destroys old markets which then have to be replaced with new ones. This is one way to renew a market so that there is a place to sell surplus value in commodities. Despite all the public relations and hand wringing over war, it is business as usual no matter how appalling the results, whether terrorism, torture and genocide. The calls for peace are drowned out in the explosions and machine gun rattle of the world’s wars.

Current Programs to Manufacture Armageddon

Every effort to control "the enemy" (read population control and/or divided proletariat) has been gleaned from all the efforts that have been made historically, from the destruction of the First Nations, the witch hunts, to the pogroms of the Nazis, the Cultural Revolution, and the Khmer Rouge to the spread of AIDS. The powers have a formidable arsenal of weapons by which to effect the changes they wish to make on the world. It has been a carefully orchestrated campaign done sometimes openly and often furtively. Most people are by and large ignorant of and oblivious to this. Over the centuries everything has been planned to create a society that can almost run itself by the existing technology. The people that built it have been atomized and specialized to the point of ignorance where they can no longer interrelate to one another. Nor can they function on their own in the context of a natural setting if necessary. We have reached the point where most people are no longer required to keep civilization going. Instead of an asset, they are now regarded as a liability and are targeted for “retirement". Exploration into methods where this can be achieved as efficiently as possible and without a high profile are being developed. The AIDS plague as suggested by some such as detailed in "Aids Ebola and Emerging Viruses" by Dr. Horowitz and Covert Action Magazine, is a manufactured plague with the intent to eliminate targeted populations. So far the plague has succeeded in collapsing some African countries by eliminating the working population but leaving only children and elders to starve to death. More are in eminent danger, despite the fact that treatments exist to control AIDS, but due to the profit motive, "there is no market" for the treatments because of all pervasive poverty maintained under the point of a gun in neo-apartheid societies where the natives are worked as virtual or actual slaves while the "owners" gain from all the generated wealth. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, erstwhile post collapse entrepreneurs were running air shipments of resources out of Africa and shipping munitions and weapons in that were distributed to various warring tribes and parties that were encouraged into warfare. The result is more die from war and a plague that can be controlled almost to the point of elimination. But these treatments are only for those can afford them. Meanwhile, war persists and Africa drifts toward being a nation of Genocides.

There exists a book by Dr. Horowitz “AIDS, Ebola and Emerging Viruses” that suggests that HIV/AIDS was a product of warfare research into biological weapons of mass destruction. It’s no secret to some of us at least, that diseases like Smallpox, Marburg, Ebola, Anthrax and others are being developed into super weapons to fight against some enemy by anyone who can afford to develop such weapons. Bear in mind that the Americas were conquered by superior technology, deliberately spread diseases (smallpox and tuberculosis) and engineered famine. The genocide and annihilation of whole nations was actually accomplished, something Hitler tried to do and failed. Today, the reworked smallpox virus is actually more deadly than its natural counterpart. Here is the dark side of GMO research! I am sure with your insight that you can appreciate that the eradication of smallpox is now considered a huge mistake by the like of the FDA. It cut away a large market for disease managing drugs, as after all, drugging is about managing disease and not curing. There was once a chance to eradicate tuberculosis, but this was bungled, likely deliberately, as this was once the largest drug market, only recently surpassed by AIDS-HIV. Meanwhile, a tuberculosis super-bug is evolving in Russia’s prisons and this “incurable monster” is now afoot in the wider world. The drug companies have no effective cure, yet a natural product (Devil's Club) was shown a decade ago to be effective against this bacillus. As we stand now, infected people must be sequestered and managed using 19th century techniques, such are literally scooping out infected tissue. I’ve seen film of this and it’s as every bit a repulsive as “Night and Fog”, a Nazi film of medical experiments performed on their unwilling captives. HIV-AIDS according to Horowitz was developed from BIV (Bovine Immune-deficiency Virus) and FIV (Feline Immune-deficiency Virus), two naturally occurring diseases and cultured to live off human cells until they adapted to the new host cells. It is thought by some that cattle mutilations (banned in 1969 by Congress but still carried out) were involved in the research and development to create HIV. As we live much from cattle and cattle products, it at least makes sense that this was the desired species to jump a virus to a new, but different host. This makes sense in the light of bird flu jumping to humans that has become the concern of 2005 when this occurred in Asia.

There was a time when AIDS was considered “the homosexual disease” (1982) and a “punishment from God” for a sodomite lifestyle according to Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart. This rant was promulgated by fundamentalist religious misleaders and escalated an anti-gay fervor that resulted in battlefield casualties amongst the gay population up to this day. In all practicality, the gays of North America are lumped in with the El-Quida, Muslims and socialists, all of whom certain Christians war against. As a result, research was actually discouraged, because to interfere would be to acknowledge immorality in opposition to the will of God, allowing the scourge to gain a foothold and accomplish a strong presence. To accept this dogma as “God’s own truth” is to believe that homosexuality is a worse crime than genocide due to engineered famine and manufacturing Armageddon. Now we stand to witness the total annihilation of some African peoples by 2011 and the rest of the continent to follow soon after. After this, is the rest of the planet to follow? Bear in mind that most people infected by AIDS are not homosexual! As it stands today, some African economies have already collapsed due to the lack of a viable working and reproducing population. The entire viable and reproductive generation has died off, or will soon die. Many African countries now have almost half of the adult population infected. You can see where the arithmetic is going on this one. In the worst cases now, there are only seniors, babies and young children. The seniors are too frail to pass on experiences and practical skills and the children are too ignorant to do anything to survive. The result is a universal famine, simply because religious sycophants ranted against the excesses of the homosexual life-style and effectively blocked an early assault on the disease. Eventually the FDA stepped in because of the potential of enormous profits that rivals investment in war technology. It is now already too late for many peoples of the world. AIDS will die out when there is no longer a host for the parasite! This, the culmination of “compassionate” religious expression! The new wave is now a two tiered medicare-medicade system of all for one and none for all the rest.

M. K. Gandhi was horrific in how he handled British Imperialism and in one of the few instances in history, managed to do it peacefully. Had he dealt with the Nazi imperialist in place of the British, the results would have been far different with the immediate capture, torture and execution of Gandhi himself. Gandhi was assassinated anyway, but after the British ceded control to India and the split between the Hindus and Muslims that ended in war and his death. We have to face the fact that we live in a class divided world and that we are placed in opposing camps to war and control one another.

Cries for peace must be accompanied by a call for the unanimous disarming of all armed states, militarily and within the police, for it is a state that keeps control by force and threat of arms in the military juntas and police states world wide. Conversely; as in the American Constitution, the population must be armed. The birth of peace must come by no other route than international proletarian revolution, which in itself can be totally peaceful by occupation of all the means of production. It is the state response of violence that we will have to be prepared to deal with when they wake up to the sudden new reality. Having profited and lived in luxuriating indolence while people worked themselves to death or shot at each other, they will not accept the new paradigm willingly. History is a witness to it with oceans of spilled blood and roads made from the crushed bones of the masses.

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