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On the morning of May 13th, 2010, the BBC news let slip out and later covered their tracks, that US planes were seen spreading a
white powder over suspected crops of opium poppies as an operation
against the Taliban. The result was a virulent mould or fungus that
killed 80 percent of the crop before it could be used to harvest the
sap for opiates. There was another result. All food plants were
similarly affected, severely reducing the crops for harvest. This was
later countered by concentrating of the disease. However. This would
not be the first time biological war was used to target an enemy. It
was done in Columbia to destroy and/or contaminate cocaine sources
and foo crops suffered as well. In the early 1960's Cuba's food
supply was directly targeted by spreading swine flue ti kill off all
the pigs. During the Vietnam war, a herbicide was used to defoliate
large tracts of wild forest in order to expose the combatants. Then
there is the speculation that AIDS was developed in order to target
the African people to clear the way for resource harvesting by
non-Africans, primarily, US military-industrial interests.

This is nothing new, as the conquering Europeans used smallpox, TB, influenza, measles and even the common cold to eliminate people of
the First Nations. As Europeans had resistance to some of these
diseases and the Indians did not, they could let the disease do the
dirty work of clearing the land ahead of their advance. Most of this
was a covert war carried out before the Indian Clearing Act was
drafted as legislation and made into a US born genocidal law that was
carried out and completed by 1870. There is a history of doing this
sort of thing in conquest and warfare.

What we have now is an increasing reliance on biological agents to do any number of things, primarily to destroy the economy of an enemy. What
does this have to do with us? First of all, it increases the price of
imports like bananas, which are destroyed in the attacks on cocaine
plantations. Secondly, it opens the door to attacks on other
perceived enemy economies like local underground economies that rely
on cannabis production anywhere, even for medicinal use, as well as
threatening other crops and wild growth.

With the extradition of Marc Emery by the US violating Canadian sovereignty, the door is open for the US to intervene in any way they
see fit, just as they do in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Central and
South America, Pakistan, Iran and elsewhere. Canada is not immune
from the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and anyone extradited
for any reason can be arrested without charge, held indefinitely and
not have access to a hearing.

According to the US State Dept., the CIA and FBI, Canada harbours terrorists, who can then enter the US from Canada by walking over the border,
whether foreign or domestic and the US would like to get their hands
on them as in past and ship them to off-shore torture contractors to
extract information on their covert war against humanity. These are
the excuses as to why Canadian sovereignty can be disregarded, and
so, if Canada is also supplying illegal substances like Afghanistan
and Columbia, we can expect to have our marijuana, crops and forests
destroyed by some GMO biological agent.

It is unknown, what if any effects these GMO biological agents will have on people who breath them, but if the post 9-11 attacks with GMO
enhanced anthrax made in US labs are any indication, then we can
expect sickness and death among people as well. Curiously, as we
write, a new fungus is spreading in the Pacific North West that is
known to kill in a few days. The excuse for this one is that global
warming is spreading a known fungus, but who knows? We cannot rely on
the corporate media to tell us the truth, nor can we rely on the US
imperialist to have our best interests at heart when it is profitable
to do otherwise.

With all the current market manipulations to extract value from the world's people in exchange for fictitious value, we can see that this
works in conjunction with other facets of the mega-swindle now
unfolding across the planet. This problem as it is unfolding and
expanding has only one solution that must come from the world's
oppressed and that is a revolution that leads to a planned economy
managed by the dictatorship of the proletariat. It will be the
proletariat in the end who will decide who gets to east and what
crops can be legitimately grown for the use of everyone; not a
handful of world oligarchs who dictate what can and cannot be done
for maximizing profit.

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