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The Necessity of Dual Power A Step to World Transformation: Toward Proletarian Rule

Of all the important and necessary steps to save the planet and humanity, is the establishment of dual power based on the combined efforts of an organized working class. This is the first and necessary step away from the imperialist capitalist rape of the planet and humanity, toward a collectivist and egalitarian society where economic democracy is the norm as opposed to the rule of oligarchs who hog almost the sum of all that is produced by the toilers of the world. There is a very simple way to effect this, and all it takes is the simultaneous co-operation of the worlds toilers, farmers, peasants and the dispossessed. That way is to occupy all factories, all businesses, communication, military installations, all mines, all distribution centers like malls, banks, all fields, all residences and all transport networks and shut out the bosses, the CEOs, the bankers and the swindlers of humanity who identify themselves as the so called owners of the means of production and landlords; meaning they claim ownership of all the land. The occupation must be total and unflinching. It must be done by the majority of the toilers the world over without respect to nationality or state sponsored borders. What is to be done is as follows;


  • Organization of workers on each and all shop, factory and office floors from the bottom up

  • A general and international wildcat strike.

  • Occupation of all production and useful facilities.

  • A support network functioning inside and out.

  • Securing and locking out of all of this from meddling by the ousted bourgeoisie and their appointed supporters.

  • Winning and using the support of the military rank and file and workers; armed militias.

  • Refusal to negotiate terms with the bourgeoisie, their appointees and insisting on unconditional surrender.


In order to begin the whole process, we require an informed working class on the nature of the way capitalist society works and what they must do in order to engage a long standing class war that it against their individual and combined interests. They must be educated one on one by those of the working class that are knowledgeable on how the capitalist profit making system works and what they can do about it. They must be made aware of how their education works against them to make them servile to their own exploitation. They must be awakened to the fact with reference to unfolding events, how the oligarchs manipulate the value they produce out their hands and into the bank accounts of a handful of rich plutocrats, the real behind the scenes masters and manipulators of society as we know it. In short, the facade of the “Disney World” democratic lie must be torn off and the real monsters behind that be revealed for what they really are; the toilers enemies and parasites. They cannot trust the corrupt organizations that are in place to deflect genuine action and to confuse those that are ignorant. They must question everything that is told to them and demand proof. Individual members of the working people must learn how to function like a precision military force in teamwork without being a member of the armed forces. Most of all, they need to function in a truly democratic fashion and choose among themselves, those who would be capable of administration and interacting with multiple workers' councils, level by level of genuine representation, subject to immediate recall, to the top levels of workers' based government.


Once so organized and informed, the strike to achieve dual power is the bid to depose the existing world order and replace it with worker or proletarian power and to do this, the stage of dual power must be initiated and maintained until the old order collapses. This strike must be a general wild cat strike, free from the meddling manipulations of the orchestrated ineffectual choreographed strikes of the existing powers, bosses, lawyers, courts, police, politicians, corrupt union bureaucrats and anyone appointed and representing their cause against the toilers.


Occupation of all useful facilities means just as it sounds; a take over of all useful facilities and infrastructure and a unilateral lock out of all bosses, self declared landlords and owners of the means of production and bankers over the entire face of the planet. Occupation means living in the facilities with an armed and defensive cadre on a continual basis to the end that the self proclaimed owners of the collected stolen property is unconditionally surrendered to the toilers and real producers. The self proclaimed owners must surrender all they have stolen and handed down by heredity to their offspring who perpetrate this terrible injustice; an injustice where the self proclaimed owners take almost everything and leave billions with nothing. Occupation also includes winning over the rank and file cadre of the armed forces who will enforce the will of the toilers at the point of a gun. Make not mistake, the rulers of the world have defended their ill gotten gains with all the violence we have seen throughout history, so an armed proletariat is absolutely necessary.


This becomes increasingly important now that the rulers have robot soldiers at their command, which were also manufactured from raw resources by the proletariat. As the human rank and file of the military is drawn out of the toilers, the appeal is to not shoot their own mothers and families, but to overturn their commanding officers instead. The military and proletariat must be united to fight against the parasites including the expropriated drones and robots that they use to kill anyone seen as a “terrorist threat” in their definition. The truth is that the ruling oligarchs and their monopoly on all that is useful, are the real terrorists, turning each of us against all others and now employ machines to carry out their dirty terrorist murderous intentions. What is worse, they profit on both sides of the struggle of a divided working class.


A support network means a linkage between all occupied resources and an active trade is conducted so that everyone is feed and given medical treatment by need and on demand. It follows that the brigades running these networks will have to take self defensive measures. Brigades will be formed from those occupying and will serve as runners between productive facilities. During the stage of dual power, they will have to run a gauntlet of hostile fire from the class enemy until the collapse of the old order.


The enemy is insidious and full of lying promises that encompass the entire breadth of all their political henchmen. Though they all claim to support the people, their actions always prove the lie of this. They have an appeal, even when thy have lost all power, because of the programming of the people who will relent to their system of thievery and oppression if they are not led by a strong and informed workers based corps to prevent such a tendency. The bourgeoisie is not above training “Trojans” to penetrate the ranks of the toilers to misdirect them as has been proven in countless one issue reform issues that serve to tire and burn out people seeking justice. These Trojans are spies and police informants if not police themselves who penetrate to spread confusion and dissension and to scare of potential supporters. If such a person is found, the council of toilers must collectively decide their fate. In a theatre of war, this usually means a firing squad. Sometimes these Trojans will lie quietly awaiting the right opportunity to allow the enemy outside to penetrate and destroy. Each and every member must be subject to intense ongoing scrutiny to avoid such a possibility.


If the military is not on side, one of the highest priorities is to win over the support of the rank and file of the military; and as they are drawn from the ranks of the proletariat. The appeal to override the orders of their self appointed masters must be used to turn them on the side of their own birth source and right and against their tyrannical masters who serve only the oligarchs and the profit that comes from mass slaughter and the shock doctrine of disaster capitalism. To effect this end, we include the idea of doing what the oligarchs do by way of a fifth column, which is to infiltrate the military to turn the rank and file on the side of the toilers from which most of them come. The person must either already be in the military, join as an officer, or infiltrate with the idea of turning the military against our collective real oppressors. In addition, the workers must form armed militias as the rulers are armed to the teeth and that force must be countered at least by being equal or preferably superior in strength. In a world where the rulers have access to WMD, this means that the workers who are in such facilities must commander these weapons and point them at the bourgeoisie. The rulers will not relinquish the stolen wealth of the producers willingly without a power struggle of extreme violence and the producers of this world will not relinquish their lives willingly at the command and wish of the elite. A violent armed insurrection is thus inevitable as shown by past history as classes vied for control and access to the surplus value. Peaceful protest has proven futile as the police state handles peaceful protests with extreme violence. A violent revolution is thus necessitated by default if for no other reason than self preservation.


Finally, the only condition for peace is the unconditional surrender of the bourgeoisie and the relinquishment of all claims that they make for their own benefit. Subsequently they must be handed over to councils of the proletariat in order to be tried and judged for all crimes against humanity, animals and nature, the punishment of which shall be decided in common by the toilers.


Today we see the action of a lot of causes that have a large rank and file of followers and their leaders. The leaders almost without exception, think that they can obtain their goals within the context of capitalist economy and the bourgeois politic. These groups are ones like environmentalist activist, animal rights popular fronts, protests and demonstrations for the right of using marijuana, the various critics of the Sept., 11th, 2001 attack on the world trade center, housing rights issues, unemployment and welfare demos, First Nations rights, anti-racist demos, anti-poverty demos, gay rights, woman's rights, abortion on demand rights, walk-outs, lock-outs, choreographed strikes and many more seemingly ad infinitum. Most of these battles have raged on for decade after decade with little progress. This is due to the fact that capitalists stands fore-square against a lot of these issues as they will eat into profits. Misleaders of these various single cause issues are either plants to burn out good intentioned and ignorant people by marching them into the face of an armed police strike force, or they are ignorant of what is really required or they are opportunists seeking to be bought off or rewarded by the capitalists for a job well done on the people. They also march the people down the streets out of harms way and increasingly with the licenced permission of the capitalist state. As of 2009, with the collapse of the economy that saw the de-industrialization of America and Europe, a shameful demonstration of the total weakness and intellectuality of the union brass was aired on the big media. With the closure of a GM plant, the bosses were refusing to give severance pay and were openly removing the means of production in broad daylight in full view out of the plant to the new off-shore factory. There was no picket line to even slow the move-out. The union rank and file was completely missing, likely standing in an unemployment line at the union bosses suggestion. The union brass whined to the bosses for severance benefits while this was going on right in front of everyone's face on the mass media. The bosses offered a small fraction and while the union brass whined, even this slipped out of their grasp. Now imagine what would have happened if the factory was occupied and none of the machinery of production got out. Few demonstration wind up inside the legislature, the factories, mines, fields, offices or the very center of the various oppositions to these movements or the targets of their protests. A few workers spontaneously come to the awareness and wildcat occupy a factory or mine to the consternation of the state, the armed police and state sponsored media. These situations are dealt with violently by the state. What is lacking is a united front against a common enemy and a decisive action that will turn the oligarchs and their supporters out onto the streets, into the councils of the proletariat for judgement and sentencing for crimes against humanity and nature.


To obtain the goal of world egalitarianism will require the force of dual power. The establishment in existence recognizes no authority other than their own and they must be forced into submission by the entire world proletariat. There is no peaceful co-existence as born out by history. It is either a world of economic democracy for all humanity according to need, or slavery dominated and controlled by a handful of oligarchs for individual profit to the loss of humanity and nature as is the dangerous trend is now. There is no middle path and to think there is, is nothing more than mere illusion and self deception! The toilers of the world must take their destiny by the method outlined above. Marx said it best at the close of the Communist Manifesto; “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.”


Let us now look at a recent example in history that ended in failure due to misleadership and listening to the wrong authorities that we covered in past issues of $treet Cents. The struggle started and built to a level where dual power was a reality, but there were a couple of problems that we will analyze later.


France Pension Protest Numbers almost 3 Million in Dispute

The French Working class are currently pointing the direction that the international proletariat should join in support and action toward international socialism. French unions have reported a turnout of nearly three million people at rallies against pension reform but police figures are much lower. The CFDT federation said 2.9 million had joined events across France, exceeding the turnout of 2.5 million on September 7th, 2010 showing that the movement is building. The propaganda of the police put turnout in Paris at less than a quarter of the unions' figures. Marches and rallies were held as strikes closed down much of the country's public transport and the media played up the frustration of the tourists, middle class and the rich. Anyone who was on the strike-march was not frustrated, except for the governments capitulation to austerity imposed by the IMF.

The pension reform bill, which raises the retirement age from 60 to 62, has already been passed by France's lower house of parliament. This is thus a forced fait-du-complait on the toilers and what some including we say is going to be paid the most by the working poor who will have to carry most of the burden. We call for an international general strike and rally against austerity that was dropped on us as a result of the casino economic speculation by the international bourgeoisie.

The pension reform bill will be debated from October 5th, 2010 by the upper house, the Senate, where it is expected to pass comfortably. President Nicolas Sarkozy says the reforms are needed to tackle France's budget deficit, and to help support an ageing population. How does raising the retiring age help the ageing population? In an age of mechanization, the rewards should go to the toilers and not the exploiters and expropriators.

We're hearing strike numbers are down. That might be understandable as unions were aware it was a lot to ask people to sacrifice two days' pay in one month in this economic climate. It is also unfair that the French workers have to bear this alone. They need the support of the world's proletariat and the direction of an informed vanguard of the proletariat.

Many people seem resigned to the fact they're going to have to work longer. Several years ago, Canada's pension age was raised from 60 to 65 with little more than a whimper. At least in France, they are up in arms. France is a country that's hugely fond of its social provisions and believes that the government has to pay for it, so that is why there's such anger around the country.

Officials also said the number of government workers on strike was down. A statement from the president's office said this showed that "either the French feel that all this is behind them or they're more in favour of the reform, or both". The unions said the number of demonstrations was higher than two weeks ago, showing there was "a bigger support base throughout the country". The fact remains, is that there is a large enough group of people in protest that disrupts all the major sectors of the economy. Disruption to transport services began on Wednesday night. By early Thursday, only half of all trains were running, and the Paris Metro was down to about 3/4s of normal service. About half the flights at Orly airport outside Paris were expected be cancelled, as well as 40% at the capital's Charles de Gaulle airport and at other airports throughout the country, the country's civil aviation authority said. Most international air and rail links were not affected, however. In addition, one in four teachers was on strike and some schools were closed, the government said.

There is a threat from some unions of open-ended action and, if this gains support, it will certainly apply pressure to an already embattled president. Mr Sarkozy is under attack from the EU for deporting foreign Roma gypsies en-masse and from the media over a lingering financial scandal, says he will press on with the reforms regardless.

In a sales job, French workers were told they can expect to spend more of their life in retirement than those in any other country, according to figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This is an attempt to buy off one section of the working class and thus pitting them against others. Under current rules, both men and women in France can retire at 60, providing they have paid social security contributions for 40.5 years. However they are not entitled to a full pension until they are 65. The French government says it will save 70 billion euros by raising the retirement age to 62 by 2018 and the qualification to 41.5 years work, and the full pension age to 67. Unions and opposition politicians say the plan puts an unfair burden on workers, particularly women, part-timers and the former unemployed who may struggle to hit the 41.5 year requirement. They have made counter proposals, including calls for taxes on certain bonuses and on the highest incomes to help fund the pension system.

These are reform issues within a corrupt capitalist system and as such, will be unfair to those who fall through the cracks. The solution is firmly based in the installation of an international collectivist socialist economy that will look after the needs of all toilers. The call of communism is “each according to need and each according to ability”.

France Heats Up Again!


Austerities, Cut Backs to Pensions Leading to Travel Chaos


In the last issue we speculated that the working people might be losing their resolve to stick to the program of dual power to take down the bourgeois order and their US backed austerity program against pensioners and the working poor. Now we have learned that the program has not fizzled as we were led to think as possible by the main stream media. Indeed, it is still in progress and we commend the tenacity of the French workers in staying the course against austerity when the oligarchs get bailouts and breaks. In addition, we call upon the French workers to hang on, because the news from none other than Time-Warner News in the US is openly publishing that the US itself is in a position where a similar situation can unfold there due to austerities that force seniors and poor to starve to death. The Time News piece suggests that the US is at risk of a social revolution as early as the spring of 2011. We cannot say that this will be so, but we encourage and fully support this direction as we can unite with the people in Europe to build a world wide collectivist socialist planned economy. The toilers can for the first time in a long period consider the possibility of an international communist world where the toilers get the full product of their labours. And if it should be that the machines do all the work, then the labourers who built this system of labour saving devices should benefit totally from this instead of seeing all their efforts disappear into the hands of the likes of the Rothschild clan.

Travellers to France once more face air and rail misery on Tuesday Nov. 9th, as hundreds of thousands of French workers begin a strike in protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy's now passed pension reforms. Air France's unions have called for a 24 hour strike starting at midnight on Monday while a third of flights to and from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais airports and half of those to and from Orly are to be cancelled. Air France said all long haul flights would be maintained. A third of national rail services will be running while Paris' bus and metro transport face severe disruption, but Eurostar trains between London and Paris should run normally.

Teachers, truckers and postal workers will also take to the streets again. Three mass protests in the past month have only forced minor government concessions, but unions hope that their rolling strike call will force Mr Sarkozy into calling off a reform that will raise the legal retirement age from 60 to 62. They have called for a further day of demonstrations on Saturday. All unions at the state railway company SNCF have called for renewable strikes, along with the main union in the major gas and energy utilities.

Mr Sarkozy sees the reform's success as key to him being re-elected in 2012 and he has vowed not to back down. "He can't give in, otherwise he will become a one-term president," one of his close aides told Le Monde, the daily newspaper, on Monday. Union leaders are hoping for a repeat of 1995, when massive national strikes forced Jacques Chirac, the former president, to revoke his pension reforms and fatally weakened his government. The rest of the world is watching and this can be an important encouragement to the US proletariat. "This is one of the last chances to make the government retreat," said Francois Chérèque, head of the CFDT, one of France's main unions.

Mr Sarkozy has predicted that the strikes will fizzle out when parliament approves the entire bill by the end of the month. The Senate has already voted in the clause increasing the minimum retirement age to 62, and was last night due to push through another key change, raising the full pension entitlement age from 65 to 67. However, a CSA poll published yesterday said 69 per cent of French people still back Tuesday's strike, with 61 per cent in favour of more open-ended industrial action. The Elysée, and to a lesser extent the unions, are concerned that the enlistment of students in the protests could lead to a radicalization of the conflict that neither camp could control. This is the direction that we say should be taken as we can't reform a rotting and corrupt capitalist order and expect it to do anything but cut the throats of the workers. In 2006, students managed to force the government to withdraw a reform in the employment law introducing more flexible short-term work contracts after paralysing the country. They have vowed to do the same today with "operation dead university day".

The French riot police clashed with students as gas stations run dry. This one act has demonstrated that capitalism needs to keep the gas pumps going to keep the profits flowing. French riot police and students fired tear gas and Molotov cocktails at each other while truckers blocked roads and almost 3,000 gas stations ran dry, as nationwide protests intensified. Despite claims that it had gas provisions “under control”, the government said it had activated an emergency crisis cell charged with maintaining fuel supplies. The opposition Socialists criticized François Fillon, the prime minister, for failing to speak to the unions over proposed pension reforms, which would raise minimum and full retirement ages to 62 and 67.

We have a prime minister who thinks he is Churchill but who is only Thatcher,” said Harlem Désir, the Socialists’ deputy leader. “He is trying to make us think he is carrying out great reforms to save our economy but in fact he is smashing our social model.” The Socialists, like the unions, want to allow the French to continue to retire at 60 despite rising life expectancy, saying the shortfall could be filled by increasing tax on capital and the number of years a person paid into the system. Mr Fillon said his government has already made concessions but would not back down on the two most contentious changes. President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday that the reform would pass despite the strikes.

All 12 of France’s oil refineries remained closed because of strike action and many fuel depots were blocked by pickets. About 1,500 gas stations in the French malls and supermarkets ran out of fuel, according to their industry association. Taking into account all other gas stations, over 2,600 had run dry. The UFIP oil industry lobby has warned that France may see serious fuel supply problems by midweek, obliging the government to look at tapping some of the country’s emergency reserves. A spokesman for Exxon Mobil described the situation as “critical”, while Leclerc, one of France’s biggest supermarket chains, said its filling stations would “all run dry by the end of the week”.

According to reports, youth protests turned violent in Paris and a string of major cities on Monday November 8th, (2010). Molotov cocktails flew outside a school in the Paris suburb of Combes-la-Ville, and police said they were even briefly threatened with a rifle-toting protester. Police also used tear gas to quell protests in the eastern towns of Mulhouse and Montbeliard and clashed with youths in Lyon who smashed a bus shelter, looted a fast-food cafe and burned several cars. We cannot directly verify such accounts but can refer to the police false flag “Black Bloc” attacks during the G8-G20 protests in Toronto in June of this year. Students briefly blocked traffic at Paris town hall and police hemmed in a group of 400 protesters on the Champs-Elysées. Truck drivers increased pressure on the government to revoke its bill, which the Senate is due to approve tomorrow, by staging “snail operations” on motorways.

The street demonstrations came ahead of mass strikes and nationwide rallies planned for this day, the sixth in a little over a month. Half of flights to and from Paris Orly airport and a third of flights at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and elsewhere in France will be cancelled as strikers plan to rally at airports. About half of France’s high-speed TGV trains were in operation on Monday. Traffic on the Eurostar between Paris and London was normal, although Eurostar services between London and Brussels were hit by a 24-hour strike by Belgian rail workers.

We can only say that the French workers and students should keep up the pressure regardless of what the union leaders might ultimately say and decide. A real leadership needs to be forged from the ranks to stay the course and to set an example for US and Canadian workers who are in line for more austerity if Ben Bernanke forges ahead with plans to mass print more script, devaluing the US dollar even more. If everything stays on course, then the expected resistance from the US and Canada can join the ranks of the French proletariat by fighting and staying the course here.”

What happened? First of all, this was not international so it operated in isolation and the media circus turned the world against the genuine concerns of the French workers and vicariously against their own interest ultimately in the rest of the world. Secondly, there are entrenched organizations that serve as lieutenants of capital in all sectors of of society around the world including France. These misleaders defused the situation and dual power collapsed in favour of the ruling elite. Those considered to be leaders and agents provocateurs were arrested and thrown into prison as a result of martial law that was enacted as a counter to dual power. Punishment for the crimes against the nation were severe. It is unknown how many were arrested and what means of “correction” were ultimately used, but if S. America in the 1980's serves as any reference, we can guess what happened. Make no mistake; the task ahead has no room for error or misdirection!

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Comment by William Prest on April 30, 2012 at 8:49pm

What needs to be done!

It is not enough to demonstrate and protest endlessly while the police riot on the protesters, gassing, beating, maiming, torturing and killing unarmed protestors. As the mass movement to end the tyranny of capitalism around the world has met with stiff armed resistance and the removal of what rights are left by the elite, then the mass movement has to be at least defensive. Within the US Constitution, which should be the right of every person, is the right to bear arms, and further to use this in the event that the government becomes corrupt. This is not true in most countries, but should be a given right in the event of tyranny arising anywhere. The Occupation and protest movements have attempted to end tyranny only to face a gauntlet of trickery and the same old tyranny creeping back into power and withdrawing even further from the working people. Thus, based on the failure of past unarmed demonstrations around the world to eliminate tyranny and,

Whereas the response to sensible requests has gone unaddressed and further met with the retraction of more rights of assembly, free speech and free association as the state moves away from the working people with legislation and injunctions backed by courts, police terror and harassment and,

Whereas the state has responded by acts of armed violence against unarmed workers, protestors and marchers against austerity measures, homelessness, unemployment and abandonment of even basic life support and,

Whereas the state has bailed out big corporations and banks in the trillions of dollars while letting millions be foreclosed onto the streets and starvation and,

The bankers have been given a 'carte blanche' of continuing to gain by the use of the casino economy and,

Whereas the same state endorses and spends hundreds of billions on warlike assaults as foreign policy ending in genocide in order to acquire resources for their own profit and,

Whereas the same state enacts impossible austerity measures upon their own working people who support them with involuntary taxes and,

Whereas the state employs secret methods for controlling the working people via sophisticated drones and other devices as covert weapons of war against the working people in the domestic and foreign spheres of the world and,

Whereas the state threatens to employ the use of or employs the use of snooping and spying technology to see who they consider to be a threat against their continued parasitism of the world and,

Whereas the same state as a front for the corporation and banks, continues to ruin nature and the world, making living on earth more and more difficult, be it resolved;

A call for all workers involved in demonstrations, occupations, general strikes and such related activity to bear arms as a demonstration only and not for use, except in the circumstance where they are fired upon first by the military, the police, bullies and other allies of the state no matter how they be defined. At such time, the armed workers will be required to take up defensive positions and overthrow the tyranny by an united front of workers armed insurrection as guaranteed at least as an enshrined right in the US Constitution, which should apply everywhere where violent suppression is the norm. In this way, the workers of the world have to move to occupy all means of production and resources and flush out the parasites of mankind and nature.

Comment by William Prest on August 27, 2012 at 6:08pm

Qué hay que hacer!

No es suficiente para manifestarse y protestar sin parar mientras la policía antidisturbios contra los manifestantes, gasear, golpear, mutilar, torturar y matar a manifestantes desarmados. A medida que el movimiento de masas para acabar con la tiranía del capitalismo en todo el mundo se ha encontrado con una fuerte resistencia armada y la eliminación de los derechos que son dejados por la élite, entonces el movimiento de masas tiene que ser por lo menos defensiva. Dentro de la Constitución de los EE.UU., lo que debería ser un derecho de cada persona, es el derecho a portar armas y, además de utilizar esto en el caso de que el gobierno se convierte en corrupto. Esto no es cierto en la mayoría de los países, sino que debería ser un derecho otorgado en caso de que surja cualquier tiranía. Los movimientos de protesta y ocupación han tratado de acabar con la tiranía sólo para enfrentar un reto de los engaños y la tiranía de siempre arrastra de nuevo al poder y retirarse aún más de los trabajadores. Así, con base en el incumplimiento de las anteriores manifestaciones no armados en todo el mundo para eliminar la tiranía y,

Considerando que la respuesta a las solicitudes razonables sin resolver ha ido más lejos y se reunió con la retracción de más derechos de reunión, libertad de expresión y la libre asociación ya que el estado se aleja de la gente que trabaja con la legislación y las medidas cautelares respaldados por tribunales terror policial y el acoso y,

Considerando que el estado ha respondido con actos de violencia armada contra los obreros desarmados, manifestantes y manifestantes contra las medidas de austeridad, falta de vivienda, el desempleo y el abandono del soporte vital básico y, aún

Considerando que el Estado ha sacado de apuros a las grandes corporaciones y los bancos en los billones de dólares, mientras que dejar que se excluya a millones a las calles y el hambre y,

Los banqueros han dado un 'cheque en blanco' de seguir para obtener por el uso de la economía de casino y,

Considerando que el mismo estado apoya y gasta cientos de miles de millones en agresiones bélicas como la final de la política exterior en el genocidio con el fin de obtener recursos para su propio beneficio y,

Considerando que el mismo estado promulga medidas imposibles de austeridad a su propia gente de trabajo que los apoyan con los impuestos involuntarios y,

Considerando que el Estado emplea métodos secretos para el control de las personas que trabajan a través de sofisticados aviones no tripulados y otros dispositivos como las armas secretas de la guerra contra las personas que trabajan en los ámbitos nacionales y extranjeros de todo el mundo y,

Considerando que la situación amenaza con emplear el uso de, o emplea el uso de la tecnología husmeando y espiando a ver que ellos consideran que es una amenaza contra su parasitismo continuo del mundo y,
Considerando que el estado mismo como un frente de la corporación y de los bancos, sigue arruinar la naturaleza y el mundo, por lo que viven en la tierra cada vez más difícil, se resuelve;

Un llamado a todos los trabajadores que participan en las manifestaciones, ocupaciones, huelgas generales y la actividad relacionada, a llevar armas como una demostración solamente y no para su uso, excepto en la circunstancia en que se dispararon por primera vez por los militares, la policía, los matones y otros aliados del estado sin importar la forma en que se define. En ese momento, los obreros armados tendrán que tomar posiciones defensivas y derrocar a la tiranía de un frente único de los trabajadores de la insurrección armada, garantizado por lo menos como un derecho consagrado en la Constitución de los EE.UU., que debe aplicarse en todas partes donde la represión violenta es la norma . De esta manera, los trabajadores del mundo tienen que pasar a ocupar todos los medios de producción y los recursos y eliminar los parásitos de la humanidad y la naturaleza.

Comment by William Prest on May 4, 2014 at 11:30pm


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