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And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Revelation 13:16-18, James 2:14-20


By now, the oligarchs who rule the world through the economy, have organized their money changing system, the banks, that no one can exercise alternatives to debt living without intervention on the part of the powerful money changers. The established “standard” banks as they are called will not allow for those who use prepaid credit cards or other devices to function. They must have what is called a “standard credit card” in order to buy, sell of trade. These alternatives are often tools issued by small banks, credit unions and loan companies like Western Union. Instead at every turn people seeking alternatives are forced to take the debt “solution” and become an indebted slave and protocriminal. The money changers and oligarchs want it this way because of the interest payments that create wealth out of thin air.. But wealth can never be created out of thin air, except through deception. The interest is a device to extract more and more real wealth out of the producers. It is a way to get the masses to give up more and more of their limited energy in order that a few can luxuriate in indolence at ever increasing measure. Interest is the device that contributes to the double evil of inflation - devaluation. There is only so much real value in the world, but factitious value can be manufactured at the scratch of a pen enforced by law with an armed state. What is going on is an exchange, involuntary in reality, but an exchange nonetheless where fictitious value is exchanged for real value. The medium of this exchange that has been pushed into ever larger numbers of hands, is the credit card.


The entire capitalist system has been organized as a hierarchy with the CEO on top of a pyramid structure of subordinates arranged on tiers all the way down to the level of the real producers on the bottom. The ones at the base of this pyramid create all the real value or wealth, while all the straw bosses and their bosses all the way to the top manage this production and expropriate the lions share for themselves, leaving a survival stipend for the producers. The top manager or “owner of the means of production” gets the most per capita and the bottom level the least. All of this is managed through massive loans on the most part that are provided by the banks that have legal possession of the collateral in the form of the means of production, until the loan is paid in full with interest. Capitalists take loans to expand or increase production via innovation and become “clients” of the bank owned in private by the oligarchs.


Bankers are forever seeking ways to gather more of the real wealth and have developed some tricks to do this. The oldest one is interest, also known as usury in the past. When banks function on what is called fractional reserve lending, they want to get the money back with a handling fee called interest. For the most part, the one who takes a loan under these conditions, would like to pay it off, so they can gain complete ownership and title to what they want, whether production machinery, real estate, tools, vehicles or anything else of real use value. In some cases, the lender defaults and cannot pay back the loan in in scheduled payment or in full when it is called. These bankruptcies can be absorbed by the bank because in good economic times, they are rare. In bad economic times, the banks get into trouble because there are too many called loans that won't be paid and must be written off. There are some choices here. The bank can lend out to riskier ventures and clients in order to forestall the inevitable. One of these solutions has been the development of the credit card. Needless to say, the most powerful lending institutions, like the CEO, has the most influence and can prevent competition, either by absorbing the competitor in a hostile take over, or a buy out. Laws can be constructed to limit the manoeuvrability of the smaller competitor and thus forcing people into the standard debt mode. This unfortunately is standard operating procedure and is used against entire countries. It is enforced by and armed and aggressive state. It's been used on Cuba for the last half century. Cubans objected to the casino and prostitution economy and when Fidel Castro, then a bourgeois reformer said otherwise, the US took objection. The result is that Cuba was driven into the sphere of the USSR and an economic and physical embargo was established that is still in place. Cuba is by no means isolated in this as the history of the 20th and now 21st century demonstrates through Iran, N. Korea, and many others. This is mediated via the world bank and international monetary fund and enforced by wars.


There is no doubt that they want absolute control and they use devices like ignorance and xenophobia as instruments to that end. The people are to be distracted and kept as cattle for the ends of profit and power. Our own natural instincts are used as tools against us. In ever spiralling desperation over and over in never ending cycles, the stranglehold placed on collective humanity; and for that matter, the rest of nature too, gets tighter and tighter. Over and over we are warned, but so far the trend has remained the same and almost unchallenged at the heart of the beast.


RFID chips and implanted “branding” of human cattle


There are some who consider ownership of everything as the central focus of life. This includes the ownership by legal definition of people. At one time, this was the legal definition of slavery, but new loopholes now allow for the virtual and real return to chattel slavery. We arrive at the point of this control with the legalized institution of the control of electronic branding of human cattle in the form of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Over the last several years, this has been introduced gradually through smart ID cards that can be tracked within a few meters via global positioning satellites (GPS). But this is not enough, for total control. Yes, they can cut off your credit and you ability at this time to buy and sell internationally, even if you have an alternate credit card that is not the “standard” credit card approved by the big banks. But with a little ingenuity, you can still function locally with cash or even barter. Implanted RFID chips will end even this though, and this was quietly passed into law by fiat behind our backs without a referendum or vote on May 11, 2011 in the US house and senate. It applies to the entire north American union. It is to be totally in place by the end of 2013. Everyone is to be thus branded from the new born babe to the bed ridden near death geriatric. The implants will be placed usually in the forearm as has been done experimentally over the last few decades. Implants of RFID are already standard in cattle raised for the meat industry. They are soon to be used on human cattle. No one will have any privacy of any sort whatsoever, every move tracked in real time. Trends will be recorded as to what a person's thinking is about, what they read in the library or on line, what they do and with whom they associate. It will be like attempting to have illicit sex on stage with your mother watching every move. Anything not approved of by the state, and there is one massive amount of infractions from smoking a joint, to growing medicinal herbs and organic produce, parking ticket violations and volumes more, will be met with the clubbing billies and taser firings of an armed police state.


The devices will contain the sum of what we are to the system concerning economics, buying and selling trends through life, medical, work, consumption habits, credit and debt. There will be no secrets from the security scanning software ever on the lookout for the tiniest “terrorist” threat. The devices are programmable, so that new information can be added on a day to day basis. In the new future, there will be no plastic cards. You will be read by sensors equipped to read RFID information. RFID devices can be programmed, but they can also be deprogrammed and thus shut off. Thus we have the actualization of the “Mark of the Beast”. The beast can now do anything it wants to anyone at any time. From this moment to the end of 2013 when the program is to be fully implemented is 18 and a half months. Anyone not found compliant to the desire of the beast will be dispatched; i.e., put to a tortured death or sent to one of the massive prison enclaves to be put to hard labour such as in Peenemunde of Mittlewerk in days gone by.


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