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Cause Surveillance System Vital

Power Required: 12 voltsRetails from $162.99 - $527.99A wristwatch - I have solitary on my arm at almost most given time, along with most everyone attending else.This Consider Hidden Camera is a state linked the art person worn complete discover this. This wire-free wristwatch contains each of our latest in reduced in size video technology.They've squeezed a dyes camera, microphone, energy levels source, and a 4 GB Electrical Video Recorder (DVR) inside… Continue

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THE MILITARIZATION OF LABOUR: The Unionization of Security Guards (an article revived from the vaults of 2006)

Communists, Socialists, Leninists, Trotskyists and other left leaning organizations

and groups on the whole take a dim and negative view of security guards. The Security

Guard and Security professional is lumped in with the police, fascists, theocrats and right

wing extremists as enemies of the working class and the people, to be dealt with in harsh

terms and excluded from left organizations. Though one can certainly find fascist

elements within security organizations,…


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A “New” Security Order: Guardian Angels, Volunteer Scab Paramilitary

Security professionals look out! The Pope wants your jobs and has a volunteer paramilitary force called the Guardian Angels who volunteer to do patrols, safe walks, assisting people and performing basic first aid. They are currently going through a massive expansion with the goal of doubling their manpower by the fall of 2011. They began this expansion in June/July 2011. They are noted by their bright red tunics and…


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